1. Does it strike anyone else that she looks a bit like the young Dianna Rigg? (Who I used to have a mad crush on, back when I,was a kid, btw.)

    1. No matter how many times I post wow when I’m blown away at garbage

      I never saw another person text the same .
      High five.

    1. @jeff c is for coward. Bed wetter changes the subject to me? Tell me more about me, you hilarious ignoramus. Family is American since 1650. Syntax that, snowflake. Bring it, pu$$yhat.

    2. We are at war with the triad of evil. The Swamp critters, The Democrat Politicians, & the left entrenched Fake- News Media, the big 3 legacy networks + CNN. Good tome to review Sun Tsu, Clausowitz, & in reference to your chirping Distract the 7 ” D’s ” for ground warfare commanders outline in Lectures & historical case amnalysis following WW 2 By Sandhurst Professor & Author Liddell-Hart.

  1. I only want to hear subpoena witnesses testimony under OATH and documents requested. Lying in Washington DC is normal.

    1. @Dave Schultz LMAO, Dems don’t own hypocrisy. Rep are just as bad considering the speeches during the Clinton impeachment. All the presidents men including Clinton testified under oath. Hillary testified under oath and you call the Dems hypocrites. SMH (I) point of view

    2. There is no evidence coming from the work-product of the Congressional Democrats. Thus, the first ” Witnesses ” need to be interrogated by our fine military talent at GITMO. It may take weeks, Months even, & I am quite confident with that pack of accomplished liars, Extraordinary interrogation techniques will have to be employed…. Over, & Over, to assure we get to the truth. Arrest them for Sedition as Traitors & bag &tag them for the Cargo deck flight down to Cuba, Preferably arrested with video news coverage on New Years EVE! Happy New YEARS!!!!

    1. its because CNN is NOT actually “news ” — it has a Leftists and Globalists agenda = TRUMP exposed them , now they don’t even pretend to hide the Allegiance to the George Soros funded antiTrump agenda

    2. the Impeachment case against President TRUMP is weak and has Zero merit , examine the articles impartially and U will see how Democrats are Bambozzling Us , wake up and #WALKAWAY

  2. Pelosi: ” I might not hand these extremely urgent articles over to actually officially impeach the president..”
    Senate: ” lol don’t threaten us with a good time”

  3. Dem S-13 trying to bust in and steal the Presidency. We elected the Donald to fight these DC crooks and he’s keeping his promise, that’s all.

    1. Chuck is the Burgess Meredith Penguin from the Batman television series. Nadler is the Danny DeVito Penguin in the Batman movie.

  4. Crying Chuck is at it again,,,,lol Deranged Democrat thinks he can control everything,,, and make a Mockery of our Constitution!

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