Here’s what Trump’s letter didn’t mention | Anderson Cooper

CNN's Anderson Cooper reacts to President Donald Trump's letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi ahead of the House impeachment vote. #CNN #News


    1. Yes. Donnie Diapers wrote it with his big orange Sharpie [along with his lawyers and Steven “sycophant” Miller]. And NOW everyone can read it on-line or in Print in today’s NYTimes: Weds 18 Dec. 2019 Section A18

    1. @Wayne Riley It is quite surreal. I wonder if he has bullied, intimidated and blackmailed everyone into submission. Maybe when everything reaches critical mass and the house of cards starts to tumble properly. When everyone sees that their vote will kick him out and he won’t be able to to push them around the the Republicans will rebel. Or maybe the whole system is so corrupt that everyone is dancing to his tune, in fear of going to jail.

    2. Where do they get all this crap and hate from, l thought his letter was great he was not mad or angry he just wanted to get even with Pelosi. He is a modern President not like the old fashion speakers of the past what are they talking about he has no reason to say sorry at all they have been trying to do is impeach him for three years, and CNN came up with this bunch of lies, and crap. then calls the President a liar how strange is that.

    3. @Margo Thatcher Oh please, everyone but the follower faithful saw the evidence and this crook should not only be impeached, but removed also. You Rubes were all about corruption when you thought the Dems were involved but suddenly you don’t care about corruption as it is your white supremacist leader, doing it. This is exactly why i don’t have any stupid people in my life, they can’t do facts. Trump asked Russia to interfere on tv and since he got away with it he decided to try it again with Ukraine. If Repubs had any policies that were actually good for real Americans, not just the rich, then maybe they wouldn’t have to cheat and commit extortion to win elections.

  1. Let him tell it, he never watches anything but because he’s a emotional 16 year old girl. His Twitter account shows us that he’s lying.

    1. Why are you not talking about the FACT 3 U.S. Senators that are running for President in 2020 against the same person they are Voting for Impeachment against?
      Why are you not pointing out the bias & unfairness since you are about fair & balanced?

    2. @Caveman Tactics i think thats adequately offset by the GOP declaration that they won’t perform their duty to put country and Constitution ahead of party and Trump in accordance w their oaths.

  2. A rally? Of course, that is how he feels good with himself. I wonder if he will be talking about people fighting for him

  3. And if that poor letter is expected to leave his legacy, people for centuries to come will understand his ignorance and stupidity.

    1. They will shake their heads in horror, thinking, how could this person possibly be elected president???? What were the American people thinking?????

    2. @Barbara Watkins You do know that all GODLESS and evil demoncrats will be cast into hell. You do know that all GODLESS and evil demoncrats teach people lies that are contrary to the WORD of GOD and that GOD is a liar and that HIS WORD is a lie and wrong.

    3. @Fifer McGee All GODLESS and evil demoncrats will shake in horror when they are cast into hell for teaching people lies that are contrary to the WORD of GOD and teaching people that GOD is a liar and HIS WORD is a lie and wrong. All GODLESS and evil demoncrats are children of the devil and enemies of GOD.

    1. @ned hall Another closet homosexual over-compensating because you are mad you can’t come out without being ridiculed by your friends. Don’t project your desire for some pipe onto others, buddy.

  4. His taunts and rants ALWAYS describe his own behavior and crazy thinking and talking points. He’s a Projectionist, his ego can’t handle the truth about himself. His head would cave in if he truly saw what a deeply heinous humanzee he has become.

    1. @low key wow why so triggerd?
      All I did was make a statement, and hear you go just keep making assumptions. How is it up there in your ivory tower where you know everything lol. The sweeping baseless statements that you make. I have seen alot of accusations get rolled back on the liberal Democrats side of things. Before the facts were out. Not so much on the Republican side though. I am a independent now, I used to be a Democrat. But to see what they spout off at people who have a different view kinda ran me off. I like having a conversation instead of just going full smear. Kinda like what you do with the hurling insults. I don’t need to try and tell people I don’t know anything about that they are some how ignorant because they don’t agree with me politically. Well except for Socialists, they want big inefficient goverment incharge of everything. I would have thought Stalin, National Socialist party (Nazi party) Mao’s china, north Korea, Venezuela, former Yugoslavia…. Would be good examples of how that could go wrong. But that is another story.
      But you, I’m guessing you will spout more insults instead of having a actual conversation to try to make your self feel better about what ever shortcomings you might be experiencing.

      Oh and who brought up Trump?

    2. @low key I should have added I made a statement about libs, and you go off about how I assume everyone against Trump is a lib blahs blahs blahs. If it doesn’t apply let it fly my friend. Don’t get so worked up

    3. @identity7782 Triggered (or in your words, “triggerd”)? Worked up? :chuckles: You’re not very good at figuring out when people are laughing at you, sadly. If you like having conversations, consider starting them with something other than an attack, just for fun. Though perhaps for you an accusation of a predilection for ignoring evidence is just a polite hello.

  5. “More due process with the Salem Witch Trials.” Ok, let’s give him the same process and dunk him, hands tied, 87 times in a river and see if he sinks or floats.

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