Here’s What We Know About The Latest Coronavirus Aid Bill | The Day That Was | MSNBC 1

Here’s What We Know About The Latest Coronavirus Aid Bill | The Day That Was | MSNBC


The $2 trillion coronavirus relief bill passed unanimously by the Senate late Wednesday aims to provide economic relief to workers, small businesses and corporations. But legislators have had pitched disagreements over how much money should go to each group. Here’s what we know about the bill. Aired on 3/25/2020.
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Here’s What We Know About The Latest Coronavirus Aid Bill – Day That Was | MSNBC


  1. “When you have 15 people, and that 15 people is gonna be down to close to zero, uh… that’s a pretty good job you’ve done…”
    – President Liar

    1. keir farnum I didn’t realize trump was a doctor who tf do you think tells him his info ?? He’s not the one studying , moron.

    2. @Petey Pablo
      So, it’s everyone around Trump, but not Trump himself. It can never be Trump’s fault, right?

    1. Striker Maximus really we need to let all the poor and homeless die then the money worshipers can build a new summer home and fly their private jets to visit twice a year. My friend unless you are worth more than 3/4 million per year, you fall into the same category. Think about this when these money hungry preditors get rid of those on the bottom they will use the next social lever to get what they want. They already are. What catagory do you fall into?

  2. “it’s just like the flu”
    “it’ll be gone, in like a month. It’ll be like a miracle… trust me.”
    “Well the 3.4% is just false, and that’s just my uhhhm hunch…”

    Do I need to say more?

    1. @THE PHANTOM …theey con’t hellp itt. Theey muct corect othurs speling.

      All they know how to do is spell. That’s all they were tought. Not common sense or a trade.

    1. Debt will only be a _problem_ when the Republicants are voted out, and start squeaking about small government again.
      Strange how the Tea Party is nowhere, now a Republicant is the one running up debt like a drunken sailor.

    2. @Colin Cleveland please , which blue state doesn’t have a huge debt. Blue state Illinois is the worst for debt.

    3. @Troy Stocker Sad Troy knows that Republican states are the poorest, dumbest, and sickest states.
      Bottom ten states are Red through and through.
      Go pray that Jeezers makes you smarter…

    4. Only to those that must keep up with the Jones’s. Us poor people that must pay cash for our things will be just fine. Say bye bye to your fancy car. I love it.

      I’m sharpening my fish hooks and my knife. Sighting in my rifle, and hanging my skinning rack. What exactly are others doing…..I wonder.

  3. Countries are cutting off exports of medications due to world crisis caused by the U.S according to china news network.

  4. Omg omg Porter reminds me of Jacinta Hearn. She is just fab.
    Well read, clear, honest and has people at her heart!!
    Porter for president!

    1. If they’re going to insist on putting Biden on the ballot, they’d better offer her the VP slot if they want anyone to come out and vote for him.

  5. one band aid for, 500 billion for me…
    i feel ashamed for your country and how it treats its most vulnerable. but you should be.

    1. The poor in the US live better than a middle class European, they also eat far more protein than the Chinese

    2. @Troy Stocker And surely you can provide sources for those outrageous claims.
      Especially looking forward to see the studies of protein intake of low income populations.
      You have no clue what the middle class is, otherwise you’d be aware it has to do with disposable income.

  6. This is indeed far from a perfect solution. These guys need to focus on 2 areas… the PEOPLE and small business.

  7. It is so funny how the Senate wants to get credit for passing the new bill one day he drafted the first one they were drafting it to screw us now that there’s some oversight they thinking they should just take it as a good job in their part the only credit I’ll give them is that they stopped trying to mop the American people turn around and do the right thing a better

  8. In my freedom of speech and my most humble opinion this old First Nation’s Native American hopes and prey’s this new virus kill’s every one on Mother Earth accept my First Nation’s brother’s and Sister’s the world owe’s my people so much for creating this new Babylon …. It’s time to give back Mother Earth to her rightful Children …….

  9. I think it was a comedian who said, “Universal health care is so complicated, that only 38 out of the 39 most developed countries have been able to figure it out.”

    1. statesmanuel can you inform us in the low life states about why your system fails, thanks and can you be specific

    2. @statesmanuel I’m Canadian, that’s a big statement. From who? Were you a Canadian citizen. Have you an issue? And what is your reply on US being the odd ball in 38/39. All the world is wrong? I think you have a lot of homewok, cant wait

    3. @that norwegianguy Yes, I’m happy with our health care and I’m guessing you, if you’re in Norway, are also happy with yours!

  10. I’m curious, why is it that when the Democrats block a bill because its a corporate slush fund you all report it as democrats just blocking the aid package, but when republicans block it because it helps Americans you just say they are balking? Why the double standard. Shouldn’t it say “Republicans block bill to avoid supporting unemployed Americans?

  11. This another corporate handout that will throw some scraps to the people who actually need it. Which wouldn’t be as large if we had competent leadership.

  12. I was poor and it is a very hard road, no one knows this road, unless you been there. I would like to see the Senate trying to going threw the trash and garbage for food to feed your family. Try it sometime.

  13. In the Uk I won’t get, if any, financial support until June…. and I will have to ultimately pay for it in increased NI contributions.

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