Here's what you should know about the Chinese rocket falling back to Earth | Just the FAQs 1

Here’s what you should know about the Chinese rocket falling back to Earth | Just the FAQs


A Chinese rocket’s debris could be headed to an inhabited part of earth. Find out how space junk could impact our future. RELATED:

A section of a large Chinese rocket is falling back to Earth and is expected to crash sometime Saturday. It could strike an inhabited area, experts warn.

Where it will hit “cannot be pinpointed until within hours of its reentry,” the Pentagon said in a statement this week.

U.S. officials are watching the rocket's trajectory. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin is "aware and he knows the space command is tracking, literally tracking this rocket debris," Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said.

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  1. Imagine that you’re out fishing in some of the 70% water surface of the planet and boom boom out go the lights . Does a boat destroyed by fallen space debris make a noise if nobody else sees it ?

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  3. I bet every one of us is anxious that out of all the locations on earth it could land. It would land on your house.

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  4. Metaphor: China is like Bruce Lee and We(USA) are Chuck Norris, we already know the ending!

  5. This will only tell you what they’re told to tell and it’s not going to be the truth, their bosses won’t let th hem.

  6. Oh my god, this is it. I’ve had this recurring fear since I was 13 that I was going to die in my sleep with something falling in on me. Oh man. There is so much I wanted to do in life. Well if this is it this is it. Talk about foreshadowing. I hope I’m wrong.

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    And there’s nothing I can do…..( Space Oddity by David Bowie )

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