Here’s what’s unusual about Trump’s attempted call to Jan.6 witness

Here's what's unusual about Trump's attempted call to Jan.6 witness 1


  1. Funny how he describes them as irrelevant, but relevant enough for a call. He’s feeling the heat already..

  2. Witness should have taken that call and recorded it. Then there would be no question what his intention was.

    1. @Dulce R-L Dude, how old is your phone? Geez, “record” is one of the options on my keypad and my phone’s a burner.

  3. Maybe, just maybe he should be in jail awaiting trial like everyone else would be if they weren’t rich or a politician.

    1. Omg I just posted the same thing. Great minds……but how true is that?! He’s a danger to himself and others.

    1. @Eh… LOL, it is a shame no one is watching this fair and impartial j6 committee. You guys need more attention. I have a suggestion.
      Put flat screen TV over top of ⛽. Because that is what all American are concerned about.
      Evertime an American goes to fill up, they pray, that ⛽ prices will go down.

    2. @james mooney If Americans were less ignorant about the world outside the US, they would know why gas and other commodity prices have risen. They would ‘t imagine that GOP has some magic wand to wave and fix it.

    3. @james mooney Are Americans aware that the cars designed in other countries routinely run on 30-40 miles per gallon? They could save themselves a lot of headaches as well as money if they got rid of oversized, underpowered US designs.

  4. The amount of “perfect calls” placed by Trump is staggering. “I would like you to do us a favor tho …” “All I need is 11,780 votes” “Make sure your testimony makes me look like a hero, or else I won’t be your friend anymore”

    1. @Jason Vegan  @Jason Vegan  Once youre given up against the Concept, the only way is to hang to Grammar!! Desparation…

    1. @John Bryson The entire point is show the facts. What economy would you rather be in build back better or make America great again? I know for a fact what I want to back in.

  5. So it’s clear why Trump makes these calls. I understand due process and blind justice, but come on now. Let’s stop saying “maybe Trump wasn’t trying to intimidate them because we don’t know what he said or why he called.”

    This the same guy who was actively harassing the former ambassador as she was testifying against him during a congressional hearing at the same time.

    1. @888strummer The virus he brought in was a killer.He left this country in divisive mode which will be his legacy because you’re only remembered for your last deed and that was a disaster. You have to hurt before you heal.

    1. @James
      Borscht biscuits and boshirovzzzz are hilarious aren’t they my fellow American democratic liberal warrior
      You’re doing great buddy
      Thank youuuuuu for supporting our great American democracy 🇺🇸👍🏻🇺🇸

  6. Damn if he left a blabbering voice-mail I seriously can’t wait to hear it leaked. I thought Trump thought this was a bogus committee..he seems kinda shook

    1. I can imagine how his voice mail would’ve started…

      DJT: Hey it’s president Donald Trump! Look… “inhales with his mouth closed and makes gestures with his tiny hands*

    2. The funniest part is they could do a mic grab fake vid/call for any part of this and nobody would believe trump at this point😊. It would be nice karma

  7. is this a surprise? Come on, Trump called the Georgia elections guy and ordered him to find the votes he needed to win.

    1. @5 Lots of Trump people have said that on the teleprompter as well. But only ONE person said Personwomanmancameratv

  8. “The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is”. – Winston Churchill

    1. But system that are ment for that part of society that lacks influence and resources won’t apply here. It’s like trying to fit a square object into that same size circle opening. If you haven’t noticed the obvious it’s time to walk away from the kool-aid!!!

    2. @M. E. I did not vote for Trump but you got to let it go Trump did not pull the trigger Trump was not there Trump did not escort up the stairwell
      to hell with Trump this woman was murdered. And again unarmed

  9. Should have ‘picked up’, recorded the call, asked “what do I get out of this deal”. More evidence.

  10. What is his business to contact witnesses at this time? To wish them a happy birthday or good luck? It is mind boggling to me that it is even allowed to CONTACT witnesses. Our justice system has to do better!

    1. This two tier system is working as intended. The portion of laws that get applied to those with resources and influence is keep the perception that no one is above the law going. Maybe he will get 10 hrs of community service with 9 hrs as served time for all the emotional distress he’s had to deal with.

  11. But the mob boss knows who he called so his thugs must know this person. It is hoped that adequate steps are taken to protect this witness.

  12. Ex45 thought the staff member/witness would be impressed and intimidated to receive a call directly from him. I have no clue why he would call this person up out of the blue. JK….he totally was tampering.

    1. @becky doesit Intimidating someone can be as simple as making a phone call. The sheer magnitude of the difference as their positions in the White House is key. Imagine if Elon Musk called a person who works in a Ford dealership. That person would flip out. Also, Cassidy H.’s testimony was already validated by Cippiloni…but nice try.

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