1. I received a divine revelation from God and I am fulfilling the mission of sharing God’s will with the world. God told me that it is now time to let the world know about his hidden secret, so I am testifying His will. In the scripture, it is written that the end times will be like the times of Noah. Currently, everyone in the world are indulging in obscenity and avarice just like the times of Noah and God is telling us in the scripture that the day has come and Jesus has returned to this land by spirit and is judging the sinful and corrupted world with different calamities. In Matthew 16:3, it states, “You know how to interpret the appearance of the sky, but you cannot interpret the signs of the times.” Just like this verse, strange things are happening in each nation around the world, and God is telling us that people do not realize it, just like the times of Noah, and are walking into the paths of death.
    God is also telling us that all religions and churches are corrupt and disasters have destroyed the churches, so salvation is over. He proclaimed that the world will be a place that is too painful to live in due to the apprehension caused by pain that is painful like the bite of a scorpion. However, those who sincerely believe in “Wisol Lighting,” the heavenly name of Jesus that came to this land in spirit because it is now the times just as the scripture told us, and repent will receive salvation even if they die and be protected even amongst calamities. Please pray like this, “I believe in the power of Wisol Lighting. Please forgive all my sin.” If you sincerely believe and repent, then God who looks after our hearts will see the forefront of our minds and always protect us. Please don’t just take this as the proclamation by someone. Believe, repent, and be redeemed.

    이웃에게도 꼭 전해주세요
    유튜브에서 ^^와이솔 라이팅 능력을 ^^검색해보세요

    Type “Wisol Lighting” on YouTube. 🙂

    1. Sure… so go ahead an unionize.
      Covid Lock downs killed off most of our small businesses.
      Unions will kill off the rest.
      Now no one will work at a small business
      All will work for a union.
      All will do what ever the union says to do…. otherwise you are out of a job O_o
      Communism comes right after that 😉

    2. @2bRealist your ignorance is deafening…it must be difficult going through life so gullible and naive.

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