Here’s why New Zealand’s Jacinda Ardern is resigning | CTV National News

Genevieve Beauchemin looks back at New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, her legacy, and why she’s resigning.

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    1. @Squidward’s House liberal paid troll! Why do you bother commenting, nobody cares or listens to any of your babble or misinformation! Just go away, you’re making a fool of yourself!

  1. Translation: She took life easy and coasted to the top on the back of others. She realized that actual hard work was required and quit.

  2. Yes it is truly empowering to see that public opinion forced this rookie out. I guess the experiment with having Karens in leadership positions didn’t work.

    1. There is something called civic duty that should have made stay at home orders redundant, yet so many were so self absorbedselfish we needed them imposed. What freedoms are gone now ? …. Looks around… Oh, right, NONE smh

    2. @Jeffrey Epstein Yes we needed them. Don’t mock vaccines just because you’re scared of losing your ‘awake tough guy’ image.
      Want to talk to the 6,741,575+ who died?

  3. She ran out of gas, and her solar panels won’t recharge fast enough to keep up with her duties. There comes a time when you just got to up and get out.

  4. Who would have thought that be a premier would be stressful? Quelle suprise! Perhaps she should have thought of that. We expect leaders to fight and not walk away when they were about to be humiliating. Not a leader.

  5. She has been sacked by her Maori caucus I’d say. I bet the Maori wouldn’t back down on Three waters and co governance, leaving her on a hiding to nowhere.
    It’s not because of what she said.

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