Here’s why Poilievre and Lewis are skipping tonight’s Conservative leadership debate

Here's why Poilievre and Lewis are skipping tonight's Conservative leadership debate 1


  1. What’s your favorite food?
    What’s your favorite color?
    Canadian debates are weak and pointless

  2. Having a debate this long after the ballots go out seems like a complete waist of time and money.

    1. @Derek You are right, there is no point, the conservatives will boot his butt out of office before the next election

    2. @Derek What’s the point of debating contrived questions and fielding non factual criticisms. Its more important to make your stand and show your intentions. They have done that on the last two debates very well.

  3. The debates were a waste of time to begin with. As soon as we heard Pierre was running the winner was already decided.

    1. If Poilièvre become leader of the Conservative Party, the Liberals will will yet another 4 year term.

  4. I’ll tell you why. the last party debate was atrocious. asking what netflix they like, what their favorite song is, making them hold up paddles to answer questions. the moderator scolded the audience when they cheered for pierre. I would’nt show up to the clown show either.

    1. It’s not a debate. They don’t get enough time to express their ideas. What can you say in 2 mins under pressure. It’s a joke and waste of more money.

    2. Turns out this was a better format. They gave them ore time to talk and asked real questions w/ the round table format. I agree last one was a total joke.

  5. Waste of time watching those 3 debate – smart move on the part of Pierre and Leslyn – as long as Jean (liberal) are in the debate – it’s not worth watching- as a conservative member my vote remains with Pierre

  6. Is there a fine for asking the candidates f*cking stupid ridiculous questions? “What Netflix series, have you just finished binge watching”? Ooooh! Now there’s a hard hitting question! By the way. The attacks that Charest has been taking from Polierve are very well earned!

  7. I simply can’t believe all of the liberal voters on this page bashing Pierre. They’re scared, folks. They’re scared shltless.

    1. Lol, liberal voter right here. You should know I’m voting for Pierre. I can no longer support the liberal party in its current state. Also realizing I’m more conservative then I thought.

  8. All this tells me is that Pierre doesn’t want to meaninglessly travel and leave less of a carbon footprint. Travel on necessity, not pressure.

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