1. I like my small regional bank, they have been credible for a long time and they don’t end up on the news for opening fake accounts, taking advantage of their customers, foreclosing people’s home cos they forgot to record homeowner payments, and I can go on and on.

  2. I live in Centtral Nebraska. I’m surrounded by millionaire farmers who use small banks. You wouldn’t know it but these small banks are responsible for millions of dollars..

    1. ​@STIIIZY JONES cool, to small businesses that employ most Americans not being able to get a loan is a death sentence.

  3. It’s sick how callous they are forgetting about people’s lives and safety like they are clowns carelessly juggling at the circus.

  4. We need to teach our children about money financing. It should be part of the curriculum in schools. So when they are adults they know what and how to do with their money.

    1. Children need to be taught how to build a fair society, where everyone will have equal free access to knowledge, where everyone will work not for money, but because it is interesting and useful for people.

    2. Starting with joe biden, hunter biden, karmala harris and Dems… Make them understand what and why inflation

    1. @Slothy nyc the most dense population in the country plus one of the wealthiest I mean why is Tiffany bergdoff Goodman has stores

    2. ​@Slothy people that want to have giant markets with tons of consumers and tons of labor. Like all companies.

    3. @Nerdboy because of population size and it’s GDP. Really shows how BIG the US compared to smaller countries.

  5. I thought he likes to competition. But calling for more consolidation. Now if chase goes bankrupt they be calling too big too fail and not the market to work itself out.

  6. O’Leary lives in a bubble. He thinks everyone should live in his bubble. I think he should move out of his bubble and into the real world.

  7. Someone remind Kevin oleahy about the trillion dollar bailout because the big banks were “to big to fail”. This individual wants to go back to the good ole days of the roaring 20’s unchecked and able to use the working class as they desire.

  8. Screw Kevin O’Leary, “Kevin O’Leary says 3.5 billion people living in poverty is ‘fantastic news'”

  9. I agree with “let the market be the market”, the point is: we all know that the government would likely save a J.P. Morgan, cause nobody wants a new 2008, so it makes sense to protect all the bank accounts (to a point) to have a fair competition.

    1. Let the government save the bank but charge interest against the bank because their downfall showed our downfall.

  10. Getting out every drop of wealth from ordinary people is a sign of disaster. Living expenses should be called for people to get out and skin the politicians and Corporations out of business. Consider people are in huge poverty due to Criminals in power which protected own self with their Police ( personal bodyguards ) from population they are robbing and depopulating. Choose them or your own family. Keep in mind their criminal activity is beyond everything you’ve ever seen… St.Thomas

  11. Please never let that guy ever run things. Soulless individual who would watch his next door neighbor burn and laugh

  12. No FDIC insurance for all accounts? That’s a recipe for bank run across the country. Which banks would be immune?

  13. Maybe if are government lived inside a budget that doesn’t allow raising of the debt ceiling, we could have it so much better. We’re played against each other so they can rob us why we’re preoccupied with really dumb stuff

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