Here’s why the Bill and Melinda Gates divorce will go down in history | Just the FAQs

With over $130 billion at stake, here's why the Bill and Melinda Gates divorce could be the most expensive settlement in history. RELATED:

Several philanthropic experts said Tuesday that the recently announced divorce of Bill and Melinda Gates likely will have no short-term effect on the world-renowned, Seattle-based foundation that bears their names.

The couple, who co-chair the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, announced their divorce on Twitter on Monday, after 27 years of marriage. The two said they would continue to work together at the foundation, which has given away more than $54 billion and raised $5.8 billion in 2019 alone, according to the organization's publicly available tax returns.

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  1. What makes you think they are parting ways? There’s a lot of benefits to dividing your assets by half

  2. the divorce of 2 rich people may be notable… but it will NEVER go down in history.
    nobody cares about these rich people’s personal drama.

  3. The reason for the divorce is the vaccine. Bill wants Melinda to get it and Melinda wants to live. Just sayin

  4. So Bill is single? I’m as straight as an arrow but for Bill I’ll make an offer exception. 🤣🤣🤣

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