1. People get paid $7.25 and hour?? It makes me sick Hearing this!! That’s not enough to live on period!! Something needs to be done about this🤦‍♂️

    1. @1Drummer have you ever hired? Have you ever started a restaurant? Have you ever had rental increase? Have you ever had utilities increase? Business tax? Insurance? All these things add up to kill small businesses. And big corp like Amazon and Bezos wins. You want that?

      Let’s say I am mandated to pay 15 per hour. That means I have to get rid of one staff and have one staff do double the work. That means more people unemployed. See?

      Then when all small business die, big corp lobby their business partner, the gov, to set wages down to 7 again, maybe 6, maybe 5, it doesn’t matter then because there is no opposition.

    2. @Pete C I hired everyone one of them; paid them all above the prevailing wage and gave them all full health insurance. I could have paid them less and given them less benefits but I chose not to do that.

      The idea here is to ensure that full time workers earn a “living wage”. Pay scales need to be adjusted to ensure that full time workers earn a living wage based on cost of living. Otherwise, we’re saying it’s ok for a large segment of the American population to live teetering on the edge of desperation and homelessness.

      There aren’t enough high paying jobs to go around and the number of those type jobs per capita is shrinking and becoming more competitive.

  2. You didn’t mention how it would be cheaper for these companies to just go automated and not have to pay workers

  3. Customers decide the revenue of a business. Revenue is what wages are paid from. Service and product draw and satisfy customers at a demand point. Cost must stay at or below price to hire or keep an employee. Government must now set prices and demand if they want to keep workers above revenue and what customers want as service and product. If customers refused to buy at the increased price the business must end or lay off workers or profit or cost of goods must be reduced. Government can lower government workers pay and give bonus to private workers possibly.

  4. What do these people not understand about entry level jobs, this is where you don’t need any experience , you haven’t proven to have a work ethic , you are training and getting paid, you are not expected to stay very long because is just a steppingstone to better paying jobs , once you improve yourself thru education , work ethic and experience in a career then you can demand your pay for your worthy work

  5. In small towns people are paid, below minimum wage. Paid in cash and warned if they complain the company has two sets of books. Greed!

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  7. I agree 7.25 isn’t enough however at 15.00 there will be less jobs, times are different people don’t seem to want low paying jobs , by 19 yrs old I had already advanced to four jobs cause I started looking for a better job as soon as I got hired , made me versatile and my resume was impressive, I’ve never been unemployed for more then a couple of weeks

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