Heroic mom saves terrified five-year-old from raccoon attack | USA TODAY #Shorts

A mother came to her five-year-old daughter's rescue after a raccoon bit her while waiting for the bus in Ashford, Connecticut.

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  1. Shout out to protecting not just her kid but however else was outside, before she launched it across the yard.

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    2. @Damian Bolton usually they are very aggressive and aren’t acting like normal. If you Google rabid raccoon you will find footage of actual rabid animals.
      The problem with trying to find out if wild animals are rabid is that you have to kill/trap the animal to have it tested. If you cannot provide the animal for testing the doctor/hospital is going to want you to have the shots as a precaution as rabies is fatal.

    1. @Nyemade Harmon exactly, like this argument it literally pointless. At the end of the day this YT reply argument changes nothing and the woman still saved her child

    2. @Youseph Karmow “fAtHeRs sAcRiFice mORe tHaN tHe mOtHerS🤡” bro do you even hear yourself? Like dude some mothers die trying to birth their children while the dad watches her in pain. Also, there have been way more stories of single mothers because the fathers are too afraid to group up and be a man. Check yourself before stating something 😁

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    2. @Vanessa Lumbra The term vegan can refer to many different things. Someone can be a vegan and eat all kinds of junk food. That’s not even related to organic whole foods plant based. No meat needed to be healthy n vibrant. You’re another clown showing your ignorance.

    3. @Vanessa Lumbra And yes- I’ve interacted with lotsa raccoons- never had a problem with any. The problem is stupid Americans ignorant of everything that’s natural.

    4. @ᑭᕼᑌᑎKᗩᗪEᒪᒪIᑕ Şᑌᑎ ᗯIᘔᘔᗩᖇᗪ Dude, the racoon is rabid. Look it up. I live in Vermont. Can’t get more country than that. When a wild animal attacks a person in broad daylight on there own steps, the animal needs to be put out if it’s misery. The racoon is very sick and now that poor child will need painful shots in her tummy for quite some time. Do your research. And stop hating on people you know nothing about. Americans feed more than half the world in needy, poor countries and also provide medical care from organizations in America. Don’t be so hateful!!!!

  2. How great she came so fast and handled it so well. She didn’t just protect her daughter over herself but the neighbors and near by people too. You can tell she was about to throw it and realized other people were outside so she kept holding it and waited for them to get inside. Not just heroic as a mom but a neighbor and general human being as well what an amazing person. She didn’t think twice before making sure everyone would be okay. I can’t begin to imagine how scary that was for you and everyone around to experience. The child also handled it well shaking it away and screaming for help not trying to grab it herself and I don’t know if the mom told her to but getting on her moms back gave the mom more room to pull it off her leg.
    Edit: She made it there pretty fast you can assume from the look of the outside of the house it’s 2 stories+ and she acted quickly not even trying to grab something to help other that herself and yes she had fear in her face don’t act like you wouldn’t yes she was scared but she still did all she could and the raccoon was holding on but it did the second time too she ripped it off and she looked over and seen people she didn’t stop because it was holding on it was the whole time and I explained because the video did not do the HEROIC act justice so shut up if you think she was just scared or wasn’t that fast she could have been across the house and probably panicked and took a sec to react that’s what happens

    1. She didn’t stop from throwing it because people were there, it was because the raccoon wouldn’t let go. It wasn’t her choice

    2. Yeah u must be overthinking bc the only reason the raccoon didn’t get thrown into the grass was cuz it was holding onto her…… but u can pretend she is heroic I only saw fear the whole time


  3. It was scary and serious until she threw the raccoon, the way she threw it literally got me dead he was doing flips. She threw him out like he was a garbage bag 😭😂💀

    1. @Michael Voorhees Do you hear yourself? So just let a raccoon attack her daughter and have her get shots the rest of her life because the mother didn’t want to be mean and protect her child that’s what you’re saying correct? Let’s hook one of your family members up with a raccoon then

    2. ​@Matteo Ben Today people be happier if the kid got tore up by a rabid racoon instead of doing what needed to be done to save your child ,What an idiot thing to say 🙄👎🤦

  4. I remember hearing the story of my mother saving me from tumbling head first off a sliding board while my dad stood frozen… Everyone on the playground applauded…

  5. I bet she was doing 2 loads of laundry & making her kid lunch too…. That’s a great mama right there! All in a days work. I hope your kid & you are doing well. ❤✌🏽

  6. That mom is truly a hero respect to all the mothers out there but when the racoon did a couple spins in the air I literally died 😂

  7. bruh even if i scream like dat, my mom would just ask from afar “what are you doing” and slowly walk over 😂

  8. When the mother first came out and said “NO” I knew as a mother she had hit beast mode and everything was going to be alright.

    1. Yea? It’s called adrenaline….
      Not really a choice when the body is in flight or attack mode, it just happens.

    2. ​@🐙 ɹɐǝᙠoʇɔO 🧸 the phrase is actually fight or flight mode. But it’s really, fight,flight,or freeze, so you either attack, run from it or freeze put if panic. All real possibilities at any given situation

  9. That scream!!! As a mom, I could imagine what was going threw her mind to get her child to safety. The way she snatched that raccoon up with one hand while protecting her baby with the other.. Much respect!!

  10. So freaking brave!!! We’ve caught 3 in our house! Have never seen one in the daytime! I know they got to get medical attention asap! Praying that her little girl will be okay!

  11. If anyone is wondering, Rylee (the little girl) and her mom have both been bitten by the raccoon, for the most part they are ok and will be receiving rabies shots in the next few days. Animal control has been searching for the raccoon but its nowhere to be found.

    Let’s all hope Rylee and her mom stay healthy and can recover from this attack.

    1. That was the kind of screaming that you don’t ignore, that’s the kind of scream that you’re scared for your life

  12. Glad she didn’t blame the child saying, “what did you do to this poor raccoon to make him so mad”!? THANK YOU MOM FOR YOUR PROTECTION 🙏💜🫂😇

  13. This brought tears to my eyes…I just love how that mom came to protect her daughter 🤍🤍🤍

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