1. Very sensible comments by the us general, I feel for the Ukrainian and Russian peoples being dragged into an unnecessary war

    1. Most Russians are supporting Putin
      How many protest …some thousands of people but there’s 140 million habitants in Russia so don’t say that Russians are victim

    2. @Dmytro Puzhay absolutely of course my post wasn’t meant to be taken that way basically putin doesn’t care for his own or Ukrainian people

    3. @Main who da fook is this guy? Nobody cares about your president. For jesus’s bleedin hands, it is true that education really is a joke in the states. I never thought it cannae be true that Americans are this gullible your off yer head mate

  2. Only way for Putin’s war to end is for him to go. Whoever makes that a reality will be heralded a hero!

    1. @Ghost Magic so, someone kidnaps your child and burns down your house, but to avoid violence, you just ignore and accept it?

    2. @Geoff Simpkins I will fight back in a way that I will win and avoid lose lose diminishing return Russia is being too too too tooooooooooo tooooooooooo toooooooo soft it’s time for biochem and nukks

  3. As a Veteran, always grateful for the sage commentary from our retired generals. Keeping it real & keeping me sane. Thank you. As for the wild cards like Flynn & Bolduc, they were discreetly despised and sidelined by their peers long before they weaseled their way into politics. Note – if their comrades don’t want to share a foxhole with them, neither do you.

    1. @Bryan Kirby it’s just something that a big smart army man like you should know. Especially after those alleged statistics that you were citing earlier. Don’t you think, pumpkin? 🤪😜

      Ps thank you for your service 😁😁

    2. Y’all got six months to put NATO and the US on a war footing like America did before entering WWII. Putin is all in and he’s staking his survival on it.

  4. Everything the General said is spot on. Putin is being pushed by the military and political hard-liners. We have what are called Drilling Reservists in our military structure or “weekend warriors.” They are far better trained than the Russian army reservists that do very little or no training but would still take time to fully integrate into active duty units. We also have an inactive reserve made up of people that are retired after 20 years of service or officers that graduated from an ROTC program. I was part of that component following my active duty service and received no follow-on training. There is no way these reservists can be integrated into a broken Russian military. Also notice, these reservists are from ages 18-60 years old. Males younger than 65 cannot leave the country under Putin’s new restrictions. This brings the war into just about every household in Russia. The Ukrainians could not have asked for more.

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  5. I love the permanent look of “I’ve had enough of this ****” on Don Lemon’s face when he talks about Trump or Putin.

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  6. Thank you, Sir for explaining at length everything that is happening. It definitely took more minutes than I’m used to for our generation of ADHD US reportage, but boy did you have me riveted to your words til the very end! Wonderful explanation. – particularly the part where he said all soldiers are humans and they’re not interchangeable.

  7. Why would you announce publicly a partial mobilization? Isn’t that counterproductive to a military strategy? Thanks for the heads up.

    1. The way things work in Russia, Putin had to announce that so people would know that the law in Russia had changed once again and that there would now be forced conscription.

    2. @Sonomacats Well that is interesting. I would have presumed Putin would just have “recruiters” show up at draftees’ doors unexpectedly and announce that they are now ground round, so pack your bags. Instead he’s given the chance do dodge and run. Nice of him.

  8. As a European, we rarely see our own generals speak on TV so its very refreshing and informative to hear from a US general with actual experience talk about the situation in Ukraine.

    1. Do you even have a general ? You’re a Swedish so your army is a soyboy punk dudes who run in front of migrants, how will they even face a real army 🤣🤣

    2. Find out where he works,probably for some yanks weapons manufacturers,ukraine will be annilated,anyone who thinks different is delusional! I say this as an ex British serviceman,people will wake up when the hunger&cold come.

  9. Many decades ago, back in 1962, the Chinese army sucessfully occupied much of northeast India in a border clash with India, but when the US announced that India would have the unwavering support of the US where the supply of weapons and ammunition was concerned, Mao withdrew his army back to the original line of actual control. Compared to the situation Russia is in right now, it must be said that although Mao was, like Putin, a dictator, he was a much more mature individual where war strategy was concerned.

    1. But the difference is that China’s actions at that time were to counter India’s invasion of Chinese territory, and did not intend to invade India. Russia’s military operations are motivated by international strategy, not military threats.

  10. There’s no reason for people to be fighting wars against each other when the true war should be against the climate disasters that are threatening millions of people.
    We must work TOGETHER for humanity!

  11. “Independence and freedom” : 1,300 arrests from people protesting against this mobilization 🤦🏻‍♂️

  12. “Partial” mobilization on account of a shortage of sufficiently mobile soldiers unless you’re referring to the ones heading to the borders?

  13. As a US Army vet, I was discharged at 24. I know for a fact that if I was mobilized for war at age 30, I would be physically ready. I may have to go through some refreshers but, other than that, it would not be difficult at all. American generals are always jingoistic and always underestimate our potential adversaries.

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