High school student awarded $9 million in college scholarships | USA TODAY

New Orleans high school student Dennis Barnes has been accepted to 170 colleges while earning $9 million in scholarships.

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Dennis Barnes is only 16, but as of Tuesday the New Orleans high school student had applied to 200 colleges and universities across the U.S.

He got into 170 of them. Most on a full ride.

Barnes, a senior at International High School of New Orleans, has received just over $9 million in academic scholarships from higher ed schools, his school said.

He said he plans to enroll in college this fall.

A New Orleans native, Barnes told USA TODAY he started submitted college applications in August.

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  1. Let’s be honest.. a non melanin enriched person with the same accolades wouldn’t get half as much in scholarship funds.

    1. @Sommerfeld Yeah, it does….
      You need to have the knowledge to complete the class….
      He clearly completed several college courses to get higher than 4.0
      He plans to study law and won’t pay a dime for college, and he’s only 16….
      Try Harder, Do Better…

    2. @Purdy Scary Not true. Standards are so low, and schools so poor, it does not, sadly, equate to learning. Try harder, son, but do try.

    3. @Sommerfeld I like that you are trying to paint this kid in a negative light. He’s got more of a future then you ever will, and that makes you bitter.
      Perhaps do some self inventory on why you are putting others down.

    4. @Purdy Scary LOL. Hardly. Eventually he will have to go into the real world, and succeed on his merit, not on race.

    5. @Sommerfeld His race had nothing to do with it. He’s planning to go into law, which I’ve heard pays pretty well…
      Once again, further than you…

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