Hillary Clinton Faints and Leaves Early Stumbling! 9/11/16

Hillary Clinton Faints and Leaves Early Stumbling! 9/11/16 1


Hillary Clinton Faints and Leaves Early Stumbling! 9/11/16

Hillary Clinton faints again showing she has medical and health issues. Hillary Clinton can't hide her medical problems anymore.

Fox News – Hillary Clinton faints and has a medical episode – September 11, 2016


40 Comments on "Hillary Clinton Faints and Leaves Early Stumbling! 9/11/16"

  1. Unfuckwithable Theophile | September 11, 2016 at 12:28 PM | Reply

    So she died, what difference, at this point, does it make?

  2. 9/11 just brought back those Benghazi images…

    • noone died at Benghazi according to Hillary, so noone died at the WTC
      either according to her logic (though a lot of the companies in the towers
      were no doubt donors to her slush fund, so who knows…)

    • +CaptainDuckman What difference does it make?…. Hillary Goddam Clinton


  4. B-Rad Jeezy from Malibu | September 11, 2016 at 2:29 PM | Reply

    The strength of patriotism near ground zero acted like an exorcism for
    Hillary…the power was too strong and it defeated the Hildebeast

  5. There is something wrong with her, that’s obvious. It’s also obvious
    they’re trying to cover it up. They had to bodily lift her into the van!
    She couldn’t walk on her own and would have fallen on her face if the
    secret service guys hadn’t caught her. They say she was ‘overheated’ but
    people said it wasn’t *that* hot. If she does have a moderate or serious
    medical issue, we, the people, deserve to know the truth of it.

  6. ALL HELL TO HITLERY, her reward for being such a Evil witch, reaping the
    plagues of the Bible,, YEA

  7. Healthy as a horse, right, lib media? Nada to see here, sheep, move along!

  8. I proudly stand as a 100% supporter of Mr.Donald Trump, and therefore am at
    the bottom of the “Deplorable Basket,” and very proud to be there! I also
    telecommute to the bottom of the “Fed Up” Basket!

    I would rather be in these two baskets any day – then to be an audiance
    member of the most corrupt, debased, treasonus, reprobate female snob of a
    politician – in America’s history to date!

    Mr. Donald Trump for Untied States President – 2016!

  9. Not a shoe. Its reported someone saw something metal fall out of her pant

  10. Her legs buckled just like the towers in the intense heat.

  11. If she was dehydrated, why take her away? Just give her a bottle of water!
    Unless . . . she can’t touch water.

  12. givem thefinger | September 11, 2016 at 9:46 PM | Reply

    notice how the libs are quiet.

  13. Someone please place her in a casket already. Burry that hole in the ground

  14. I like when something like this happens all the liberals go and hide and
    their no where to be found, but then a couple days later there gonna make
    up some bullshit excuse like ” she just tripped and fell”. Smh

    • No, we won’t go and hide.. Try keeping up with the news The woman has
      pneumonia. BTW, to correct your post, it’s “”they’re , not “their”

  15. she is on drugs

  16. If the mainstream media paints this as her being emotionally distraught
    because of the 9/11 event, I will just have to vomit.

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