Hillary Clinton Says The Filibuster’s ‘Usefulness Has Passed Us By’ | The ReidOut | MSNBC

Asked about the congressional filibuster and how Republicans have threatened to use it to block voting rights, Hillary Clinton says ‘it should go.’
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    1. I bet she has opened a lot of champagne lately.
      Probably had a double when Rudy’s place was visited by the FBI. 🤓

  1. remember how angry republicans pretended to be when she called trumps devoted base a basket of deplorables?…. turns out she was being extremely polite.

    1. @CShield I guess he’s in troll training. I’ve seen some other Russian accounts do this crap. Have fun!

    2. She was absolutely right. Also remember she said that a certain percentage of people were just beyond redemption. No matter what 45 did, no matter what the GOP does, no matter how damaging or criminal their actions, there are people who will NOT see the light and NOT change their minds. Look at how 4 years and 1/6 vindicated her.

    1. Hillary is 73 and That’s Her At 73, Ppl live They Age or They Die!Her Family Is Probably Grateful She’s Alive as A Wife, Mom And Grandma.

    1. Not a fan of hers because you don’t think that Bernie Sanders was a sham candidate? Bernie Sanders was a sham candidate which is part of the scheme from the corrupt autocratic regime of Vladimir Putin in Russia in order to put Donald J. Trump in the White House. You did not see that?

  2. You know, what? I was seriously PO-ed at how you & the DNC treated Sanders. (Still voted for you vs 45), BUT thank you for saying this. Maybe Manchin & Synema will listen!

    1. That’s OK, I’m still really angry that a non-Democrat had the chutzpah to twice butt into the Democratic conventions, then be a complete asshat to the first female presidential candidate. His sexism was really disgusting! If it were not his demagogic ways and his delusional followers, Hillary would have won!

  3. This may be off topic, but Rudy Giuliani is being manipulated by the corrupt autocratic regime of Vladimir Putin in Russia.

    1. @CShield lol that is pretty sad to talk to with yourself with 2 accounts lol….anyways…..when you are ready let me know

  4. Mainstream media plays with the heads of people who are wired like children and act like a bunch of spoiled rotten bratts

  5. Their “new normal” proves they’re aware something changed. What they don’t seem to get is “where”, up or down which scale.

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