Hillary Clinton Slams Sen. Bernie Sanders In New Interview | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Hillary Clinton Slams Sen. Bernie Sanders In New Interview | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


    1. @Quốc Việt Đỗ Phú Biden = Hillary version 2!
      And all the Corporate media want this dumb guy!
      it’s ridiculous!

    2. Like him more and dislike her more. I cannot stand her at this point. I cannot believe people listen to that cant.

  1. Barnacle was asking obvious leading questions: “His anger seems to have grown. He’s an angry guy” lmao

    1. Hey Bernie Bros
      I think it’s obvious by now to everyone, Nancy Pelosi delayed sending the Articles to the Senate, to help tie up Bernie and help Biden😁

    2. And that’s the problem — he *should have* attacked these entitled crones who’ve done NOTHING to earn the presidency yet!

    1. Claire lost an election, so she expects us to listen to her political strategy/ opinion? She should concentrate how to win a reelection.

    2. I actually appreciated some of her outbursts in the Senate, but since joining MSNBC, her commentary has been seriously low-octane.

  2. The level of irony from Hillary saying ‘nobody likes’ Bernie is astronomical considering she lost the most winnable election in modern history because people disliked her so much.

    1. @Tessmage Tessera You are correct, but I was surprised when Warren bowed to their wishes. I didn’t think she would.

    2. @Sill Idill It’s been a weird week. Someone a little pile on by the establishment going on. They are worried.

  3. So people don’t like him because he isn’t social and he doesn’t cower to others. He consistent. So that’s the problem? Hmm

  4. When even Morning Joe can’t swallow this, you know Hillary served up something terrible.

    1. @Anthony Browne Oh B.S. “compromise since Reagan” where have you been pulling that out of? There has been compromise since Washington. Aka compromising is quite literally built in to our constitution and has always been a part of this nation. And guess what even if Bernie becomes president he wont have complete control and must work with other elected/appointed officals. Aka your talking nonsense because you dont understand the political systems and you have no interest in doing so. There is nothing nothing wrong with fighting for change, but your just shouting things without any real facta to back you up. Cuz its easy to throw and random comment out on the internet.

    2. @Anthony Browne excuse me, what are we even talking about? Since you seem to be wildly changing the subject out of nowhere. In Washington’s day there existed the federalists and the anti-federalists. They had to negotiate and compromise on how to run the nation. What you are now SUDDENLY talking about is equality and rights. Which while very important is an entirely irrelvant to the previous conversation. And even those subjects have required compromise to improve. Talking steps to improve the lives of minority groups.

    3. @Tai Y. The subject was compromise and it’s not irrelevant to me. We were not involved in a compromise. So you want to compromise with yourself. Not going to happen.

  5. His morality IS superior to most politicians.
    “he seems angrier though” What absolute pathetic attempts to smear Sanders.

  6. “His anger seems to have grown” The PEOPLE are angry. This country is built to benefit corporations and the rich. ANGER is the correct response.

    1. If you stay home trump wins! Doesn’t matter who wins the caucus do your duty and vote no metter who! This is what the Republicans want to divide and conquer! What Hillary Clinton says doesn’t metter she is not running, but I do believe that Bernie followers with their chants of Bernie or bust helped trump win the election and I hope they want do it this time around, unless they want to cut their nose to spite their faces ! 🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊💙🌊💙Go America blue wave all the way 👏🇦🇺

    2. Barbara, the Bernie movement is not to blame. More Bernie voters had voted for Clinton than Clinton voters had done for Obama. Also, Bernie did more rallies for her than she did for Obama. Plus she straight up cheated and still lost. She didn’t win because she stopped campaigning in the rustbelt. It is entirely her and her cronies’ fault.

    1. Exactly.. Are we suppose to be disappointed that all the crony capitalist politicians don’t want to work with him? They don’t like him and work with him because he is sticking to his beliefs and hasn’t been bought. Sorry Hillary that you can’t get over 2016, loser.

    2. Lars Frisk / One way to make sure crime doesn’t pay would be to let the government run it. – Ronald Reagan
      Imagine what he say about Hillary

  7. Bernie is a beautiful and enlightened human being. He is humble and wise and confident. Hillary is an example of someone who will never take responsibility for herself.

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