Hinshaw apologizes for 'public debate' about teen's death | COVID-19 in Alberta 1

Hinshaw apologizes for ‘public debate’ about teen’s death | COVID-19 in Alberta


Dr. Deena Hinshaw is apologizing to the family of a 14-year-old who died, after her comments set off a public debate in the province.

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    1. I don’t see how the cause of death changes how I should view the person who has died. Can you explain to me why the idea of a child dying of COVID is inherently worse than dying of stage 4 cancer?

    1. She was obviously told to apologize, not because she was actually sincere about it. The entire time she spoke sounded like an emotionless robot relaying an automated message.

  1. At this point, if you still believe the government is “concerned” about your health, there is no hope for you

  2. She obviously got into trouble by someone higher up. This does not sound genuine-note where she promptly got to the subject of C Cases

  3. My favourite conspiracy theory is the government cares about our health !

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