Hinshaw warns that Alberta is 'not bending the curve back down' 1

Hinshaw warns that Alberta is ‘not bending the curve back down’


Alberta's chief medical officer of health Dr. Deena Hinshaw says the province is still experiencing very high transmission of COVID-19 and pushing the health care system to its limit.

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  1. There is a big different between “Recommendation” and “Rule” . That’s why Alberta is out of control, all Hinshaw gave are “Recommendation”.

    1. They do that to confuse you. They tell you it’s very serious but then tell you it’s basically optional that you stay home, but since it’s optional, you’ll go out. As you should. Then they’ll say it’s getting worse and then apply even more b.s rules. They’re not dumb, so it’s not like they don’t know what they’re doing. They want a reason so they can apply more “rules”. If it was severe, they’d force everyone to stay home, don’t you think? Canada is finished.

  2. hospitals finding excuse to make tik tok videos 16 deaths where o right at that chinatown senior center but we have lockdown to protect the elderly lol

  3. Are Doctors and Testing Stations getting a $$$ bonus for everybody that has Covid19?

    No wonder everybody that coughs is a “case”

  4. It’s your fault , you have to do more , and have less , Were going to extend your grounding . Go to your rooms and think about your actions , and because of that, you don’t get to have Christmas this year .

  5. Which curve
    The death curve has bottomed out
    The curve that doesn’t matter, the “cases” curve will do what it wants
    We can’t put the China virus back in the jar, time to get over it

  6. 166. That is the number of deaths outside of old age long term care facilities since the beginning until Nov 15th. Why are we allowing this to go on?

  7. How stupid are these health bureaucrats? Why is it so hard for them to figure out the collateral damage from their lockdowns.. suicides, financial ruin, drug overdoses, undiagnosed diseases, domestic violence.

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