1. Sad to hear all this misery for common people. Europe and the US as well as the rest of the world should be more firm to stop this onslought

    1. @Russian power 🇷🇺 what’s there to understand? That they are stubborn drunken bullies that would rather take from others than build for themselves. And then lie about everything that doesn’t go their way!! Pretty easy to understand if you ask me!!

    2. Repent…believe in Jesus. John 3:16 KJV – For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
      Luke 13:3 KJV – I tell you nay: but except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish.
      2 Corinthians 5:17 KJV – Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.

  2. I really always like the way Fareed asks questions. – He always does it with decency, but also the necessary seriousness. – There are millions of lives affected by this war. This is no joke anymore.

    1. @T4nk83 Some people are just completely and totally clueless, not sure what else to say. As far as I am concerned the joke stopped the second the first shot was fired.

  3. The cold has come to Norway. European winter has arrived. Yet my support for Ukraine has only been strengthened; Like when liquid water freezes and becomes the hardest ice. Ukraine will win.

    1. @LIVE LIFE and they cant use nuclear power – otherwise they will lose china support and probably become world war 3 so not sure putin is that stupid

    2. @Svetlana Hernandez
      Drunkenness makes your brain loose. Sleep more for your brain become freshly good before you comment. Your comment is none-sense.

    3. What Russia hopes for is that Germany loses its resolve. And when it happens, entire EU will follow. USA is aware of it. Not sure how well-aware of it is the Germany itself alongside with countries such as Belgium or Austria which do depend for their energy supply and heat on Russian gas. Moldova which has been hit recently also is most likely to add some tension to the mix. This is why entire EU and its allies should better collaborate well in terms of group mechanism of gas supplying purchasing and other forms of fuel/ energy supply purchasing from other surces than Russia. Given the deal between Russia and Iran in terms of weapons supply it is also probably vital to reason with Iran to rethink it’s position in this regard. Given Russian marine and airforce activity countries such as Norway can help a lot keeping their eyes open to any suspicious acitivites regarding possibility of shooting marine version of s-300 that might be targeting critical energy supply land based infrastructure or under the sea communication infrastructure. After all Norway navy has some new fancy toys that could monitor the situation. Plus, if Germany is desperate to employ any IT expert, even Russian one, keeping eyes on who is who there and what thye are doing once in Germany might also help a lot. As for Sweden and Norway, keep your airforce and eyes on Visby guys. It’s critical outpost. You want to make sure nothing happens there without both Sweden and Norway knowing who and why and what for gains access to this location.

    4. @LIVE LIFE Many since we have already made contracts with various other countries! No problem! Even if we have to pax more – the main thing is that this Russian monster Purin fails and he will, that’s for sure!,

    5. I don’t think I ever heard a Norwegian complain about the cold 🤔 and the Finnish just sit in their saunas anyway. It’s almost as if the cold doesn’t scare us Scandinavians, weird huh.

    1. @BunzeeBear Unfortunately many modern European Properties cannot use fires or stoves as they are built without chimneys. You cannot install chimneys in blocks of flats. Those in rural areas will probably be OK but those in cities will struggle.

    2. @DDDSSDDDSSDDDSS What about what? How the hell does that in any way justify the targeting of Ukrainian infrastructure?

      Since you ask, I felt sorry for the Iraqis murdered and gassed by Saddam but guess you would be OK with that after Russia’s actions in Syria? However, I just love how you think air conditioning is essential or even that the coalition might have targeted electrical supplies. The subtlety is the coalition objectives were met by military means and they did not have to flounder around targeting the civilian population or infrastructure because the operation was properly planned.

    3. @Marquis de Moo where are you getting ur facts? Fox News from the 2000’s?

      Sadam only “gassed” the traitors that sided with the Iranians against their own country of Iraq. This is what you do to spies, rebels, and traitors.

      The US attacked Iraq for no reason and turned it into dust. The shock and awe in the first week reduced all government buildings to rubble. Then they went after power plants, financial institutions, and civilian bunkers. I kbow cause I’ve spoken to ppl that were there.

      Get off ur hypocritical high horse buddy. You support cruelty and terrorism when it suits your agenda. Shame on you.

  4. Exactly! Force Putin to ASK for an off-ramp; as long as you’re just outright giving him one, he’ll perceive it as weakness.

    1. @flyboymb These Ukrainians have already escaped from Ukraine. Ukraine has already lost. The Russians are conquering new territories. Russia will liberate Ukraine from the NATO occupiers.

    2. @Jumping saucepan : Because it’s a war zone.

      Ukraine refuses to accept Russia’s annexation of Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporizhia, and prefers to continue the war until the Russian side backs down over their illegal (and incomplete) annexation.

      The only realistic solution to the conflict is for Russia to withdraw back to the 2021 frontiers, and for Ukraine to recognise that as the new border. That means Ukraine recognising the 2014 annexation of Crimea.

    3. So funny reading pathetic PRO-russian comments about how everything belongs to them hahaha 😛, the Pride and greed had gone to their heads. Totalitarianism is a plague usually found in corrupt communist states such as Russia, Iran and Northkorea. There is no free speech, no democracy, only total obedience to extremist political parties that by any means necessary erases any political resistance. Communism is good as long as it is true communism but the problem is that it always gets corrupted because 1 person gets power hungry. Really sad actually.🤣😆 that’s orwells 1984 for u!🦉🕸🐑🐑🐑🐑

    4. @Tom Miguel : Today’s Russia has more in common with Hitler’s Third Reich than it has with Gorbachev’s Soviet Union.

  5. “Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they’ve been given than to explore the power they have to change it. Impossible is not a fact. It’s an opinion. Impossible is not a declaration. It’s a dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary. Impossible is nothing.”

    – Muhammad Ali

    1. I’m more concerned about the soldiers who are actually fighting on the frontline and the devastated cities amid current onslaught.

  6. The harder they hit, the harder they fall, however “You can bend but never break them because it only serves to make them more determined to achieve the final goal”. SLAVA UKRAINI 🇺🇦🙏

  7. Freedom loving Americans who were worried that military aid to Ukraine will slow down have their answer: it will increase. Don’t pay attention to loud-mouthed nobodies like Marjorie Taylor Greene. The people who call the shots in military affairs are the president, national security advisor, the pentagon, secretary of defence, council of foreign relations and the leadership of both houses. The rest is basically noise seeking attention that’s always ignored. God bless 🇺🇸. Slava Ukraine 🇺🇦

  8. Create the conditions where Putin seeks an off ramp himself, don’t approach him with one. – Excellent advise and excellent interview!!

    1. “We should seek to challenge the global conflicts, not to an arms race, but to a peace race- -to advance together step by step, stage by stage, until general and complete disarmament has been achieved.” President John F. Kennedy, 1961.

    2. @mish maroof well, first of all Ukraine is not the aggressor, it’s trying to defend its land, which should be the first sign for anyone with some common sense to understand who’s right and who’s wrong here. secondly, Ukraine isn’t the one commuting an insane amount of war crimes and being the catalyst for one of the biggest humanitarian catastrophies of this decade. thirdly, Russia is a fully authoritarian state, controlled by the media propaganda, brute force and oligarchy. one the most backwards countries in the world that doesn’t understand the language of diplomacy and only speaks through power and domination. basically a typical dictatorship in which everyone lives in horrible conditions except the oligarchy that controls it. fourth, you cannot be on the right side of history if you’re launch missile strikes on residential areas and I dunno CONQUERING YOUR NEIGHBOURING COUNTRIES IN 21st CENTURY?!?!
      I cannot believe I have to explain who’s right in this war, this is plain obvious I don’t know how anyone can be so oblivious to it.

    1. Dead wrong. Art of War: When the enemy is superior, avoid him. Russia’s stronger now but the US refuses to see that. Russia’s going to nuke the US and win. The ground war has been partly to trick the US into thinking Russia’s weaker than it really is.

    1. @karl harrison No, that’s BS. China is with China and India is with India – they sell to Russia, but that’s as far as it goes. Everybody loves selling to Russia, bc everybody wants money. They are NOT for the overthrow of Ukraine – in fact, that would weaken both China and India, and they are not stupid. Ukraine isn’t corrupt and more than any other country, so stop with the BS on the whole end of that sentence. Utter crap.

    2. @Alexander Pepkin China and India are not totally neutral. China got Russia to hold off on the invasion, saying the Olympics were coming, and they have made it clear that they do not want the war, especially the Nuclear threat, since then. That’s why Putin shut his mouth on that. Both China and India sell a lot to Russia, and so does Europe and the USA, so they are trying to keep the peace. It is NOT at all good for China or India if Russia took over Ukraine, and they know that. It would definitely be detrimental to them.

    3. @Rebecca Henderson Ukraine is corrupt and when Joe Biden was vice President he told Ukraine it had to defeat the cancer of corruption and embrace democracy if it wanted to be a NATO member. Chinas foreign policy is now closely aligned to Russias and xi told Putin their bilateral relationship was unbreakable and limitless. India continues to trade, buy oil and abstain from U.N resolutions critical to Russia, there is a feeling of bravado in India that it has its way. And do not forget China and India are all members of BRICS which includes Russia.

    4. @karl harrison I am well aware of the Putin installed corruption & previous puppet leader in Ukraine. You don’t seem to know that the people voted him out and they have worked desperately to rid themselves of all of that. Ukraine wants to be a full -fledged honourable NATO member.
      Russia is a Fascist State and China is a Communist State, so I wouldn’t say they are closely aligned. There are always some items that differing countries agree on, and then people like you take it to be a full blanket of cooperation, when it certainly is NOT.
      India has been leaning Fascist, but neither China nor India benefits from a full scale war – nor from Russia taking all of Ukraine’s many significant assets.
      India feeling they have their own way will quickly be over run when they realize they only traded Imperialism for Fascism – neither of which is good for India.

    5. @Rebecca Henderson Russia for all its faults is not a fascist state Putin fits more in the illiberal democracy framework along with Orban of Hungary and Modi of India they do not seek to destroy the previous system but to hollow it out and use it. Ukraines military was NATO trained and equipped by the U.K and U.S for the specific purpose of fighting Russia in a proxy war to weaken them, the Rand corporation in America which is the Pentagons think tank came up with this plan. The U.S never had any intention of letting Ukraine into NATO. Unfortunately for the West the war is being lost and the sanctions have backfired, with Europe now facing an energy crisis and a deep recession. I would imagine unless this conflict is stopped and sanctions lifted on Russia the U.S will follow Europe in six months.

  9. That all adds up for me. A vice-like grip with the threat of it tightening 10-fold (which must both be very visible to Putin) seems to me to be about the only way to cause him to look for an off-ramp.

  10. I couldn’t agree more with Mr. Naftali. No off ramp for Putin, dictators understand diplomacy as weakness on the other part.

  11. We shouldn´t be searching for off-ramps for Putin. We should be maintaining pressure. Let him search for the off-ramps.
    Thank you very much for this statement.
    Regards from Germany

    1. I think Putin pass that Point… There was a hope for a peace before Russian mobilization but now with 300k more troops, i don’t think Putin give up before capturing east ukraine…

    2. Putin trying to put the Soviet Union back together and now want to bring his Missiles on to USA, times are different and if he thinks little Rocket Man will be helping both Shorty will get Huge Welcome Mat.🇺🇸🚀⌛

    3. If u intelligent , u would push for the off ramp, can u imagine jamming Putin’s powers in a corner and what he would , read the doctrine

  12. For those that don’t know: the reason the Russians removed their missiles was because US removed theirs from Turkey, which is why Russia installed their missiles in Cuba in the first place.

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