Holness in Agreement with Outrage Over Ganja Importation | TVJ News

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  1. My question is it happened under his government , if the public never outraged in it he wouldn’t say anything

  2. Jamaica IMPORTING GANJA FROM CANADA is like Saudi Arabia IMPORTING oil from CANADA. Saudi Arabia would not import oil from CANADA because they have billions of barrels of oil reserves.

  3. Jamaican people don’t think this guy care about youall , he knows what going on, he’s the leader of the country, but he also know Jamaican people can easily convince, because they short memory.

  4. Jamaica should have lead the way in legalising ganja and using it for medison. But rather for years we followed in criminalising it and its growers.

  5. How do you correct that Mr PM? He’s not going to send it back for sure….. did you check to see how tight that link is to the disrespectful Minister?

  6. Prime minister you know about it all along so you just don’t come living like you did not know and like you care

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