Hostile Trump Mob Sends GOP Rep. Brooks Into Panicked Backpedal On Moving On From 2020 1

Hostile Trump Mob Sends GOP Rep. Brooks Into Panicked Backpedal On Moving On From 2020


Rachel Maddow shares video of Republican Congressman Mo Brooks being roundly booed by the audience at a Donald Trump rally in Alabama after Brooks suggested they move on from Trump's 2020 loss and focus on future elections. Afterward, Brooks posted assurances to Twitter than he has not lost faith in Trump's fictitious fraud claims. 
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    1. @Brandon West do you realize that the burden of proof is on the accuser? That would be you, claiming that there is fraud. The burden is not on me. None of the opinions you just posted would constitute evidence of fraud. I’m wondering what the rant is about, and you are claiming evidence of fraud because of Trump’s dumps and covid controversies? You are entitled to your own opinions.
      What if I claimed, “Trump wears pink underwear” . The burden of proof is suddenly on you. ok you can’t disprove it so you must believe me. Therefore it is true that Trump wears pink underwear. that’s your line of reasoning.

      “Biden got millions more votes than both but won half as many counties” if that’s true, then what’s the matter with that? In which state are you talking about? It makes perfect sense to me because counties come in all sizes and many states have the biggest counties in the urban areas.

      “court findings mean absolutely nothing if you’re talking about billionaires and politicians, there are agendas. ” Do you realize that about half of the judges were life-long republicans and that many of the judges involved in the Rudyfraud cases were appointed by trump? With a 6 – 3 majority on the SC, including 3 trump nominees, and you want to claim that they were bribed? And after all of that bribery and mischeif went on, no one has come forward to reveal it , in 9 months?

      Cough up the evidence, we need proof.

    1. @Sophie Robinson Smile…it always help…..well most of the time !! Remember they have to build an “air tight” case so none of the slime can slither out of it, as they have in the past…esp. Dump !!! To plug every “loophole” that they’re infamous for.

      Keep strong.

    2. @Devon Holmes That would be another gem to nail him on. I think it might even persuade a few of his cult to see reality….but I’m not holding my breath. BTW I’m not clear if they are pursuing anything from the Mueller Report. Does anyone know ?? B/C I thought it looked like a pretty easy win or are there too many gov’t officials involved & scared ??

    3. Mo is a gruesome name I associate with Morticians, thugs, hitmen and the demonically possessed. My ex wifes nick name was… Mo… and she was a soul sucking Succubus… after our divorce five of her boy friends all died once she was finished with them.. for real.

  1. You can’t recork a champaigne bottle. He set this rocket off and he’s realizing he is f-c-ed. Its fun to see GOP reps fall on their faces.

    1. @Joni Beehive ….. after carefully reading your comment, I said to meself, this dude seems to be “projecting”….

    2. @Ken Albertsen ….Lol.. I thought that was the wind blowing in from the mushroom factory down the road….

    1. @Guy HOFFMANN mmmm, no! not in history books. because goebbels never said that, and according to what he actually wrote and said, didn’t agree with that statement

    2. @evertvdb000 you are right it is attributed to him but was never really confirmed. Does also not seem right to what he wanted tp give as image of himself. Even being one of the biggest liers pf all time he want to be seen as trurhful person. But Hitler disn’t say it neither.

    1. @Constantino Lallo – Him and Clara Petacci. My grandmother was like the sixth person to spit on them!

    1. Brooks, to his wife, privately, after the rally, “Jeezo, you’d think those folks are anti-science and illogical.” Wife rolls her eyes and looks away.

    2. Yeah I live in Minnesota probably 20 min away from Minneapolis and see Trump stuff in a lot of places I thought maybe it was older folks just left the stuff up from the election or still a lot of hardcore fans.

  2. He knows he will not be allowed back into decent society. All he has left are Magats. He made his bed, now he can “lie” in it.

    1. ….or like the White House dinner when Obama was giving his speech then laughed at Trump and told him to run for President. I’m guessing that dude gets motivation getting laughed at

    2. @rattnroll84 I guess it’s true, even intelligent people make mistakes…in hindsight I bet President Obama would rescind that offer

    3. @TJ Pav if I had to guess you aren’t planning on getting the vaccine or wearing a mask so it’s kinda like the Darwin Awards if you know what I mean…but I’m guessing you don’t.

  3. Congressman Brooks better be careful; that crowd seems the kind to support lynching. Same crowd that was ready to “hang Mike Pence.”

  4. In German there is a saying ” Die Geister die ich rief” roughly translates to: the evil sprits which I called upon. This applies to Trump and Brooks here

    1. Not only Trump and Brooks, look at Mitch, Graham, Marjorie and the complete cowards of the Republican party.

  5. Playing for the judge and jury in his upcoming criminal trial for sedition. Put a fork in him, he’s done.

    1. We hope, ….but he’ll likely slip away from any serious recriminations for co-inciting a deadly riot on Jan 6. He’s white. He’s got a lot of rich friends, ….essentially untouchable, like the Trumps and all other rich white anti-democracy shouters. Or, to quote Jr’s shouting g.f., ‘THE BEST IS YET TO COME !!!!!’

    1. @Jame Exxem 10,000 idiots aren’t that much. There are monsters in this world but far too few to be a threat. I’m referring to the people you were talking about. I’m on your side

    2. @Jame Exxem when you start talking about Jews you have my attention. Please continue. With my full respect

    3. @YouTube King …. and finally, we say that there are too few monsters in this world to be a threat huh?…. I don’t know if YouTube is going to allow this, but, tell that to the woman that has just been dragged off the jogging path by a monster and is even now about to be horribly misused and torn to shreds by him once it’s all over.

  6. Well, to be fair, these are people who still venerate the Confederacy. “Looking forward” isn’t really in their pedigree.

    1. That comment just gets better and better. Another tip of the hat on my second time through. You just nailed the whole story.

    2. @Tattle Tale Naw, it’s doesn’t. How can you get “fraudulent” right and screw up “it’s”? Are you using a cheat sheet?

    3. @Steve S So you saw a comment yesterday that was heartbreaking, and you are throwing over half of America under the bus. Come back to the table, Steve. We can do better, and so can you. (Wanna virtual beer?)

  7. Wow, that was impressive with his instant walk back of his walk back. The guy is quite the contortionist.

  8. “Im just going to say some words and if they like it I will keep going. Otherwise I’ll just say something else”-GOP members at Trump events

  9. “I am alone and miserable. Only someone as ugly as I am could love me.”  ― Frankenstein / Trump

  10. “That we but teach bloody instructions, which, once being taught, returns to plague the inventor: This even-handed justice commends the ingredients of our poisoned chalice to our own lips…” Macbeth

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