House Chairs To Subpoena White House To Turn Over Documents On Ukraine Call | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC

House Chairs To Subpoena White House To Turn Over Documents On Ukraine Call | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC 1


The chairs of three House committees just released a memo and draft subpoena to compel the White House to turn over key documents about President Trump's call with the president of Ukraine. Aired on 10/2/19.
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House Chairs To Subpoena White House To Turn Over Documents On Ukraine Call | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC

32 Comments on "House Chairs To Subpoena White House To Turn Over Documents On Ukraine Call | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC"

  1. This White House will never be compelled to do anything.

  2. Trump’s lying about everything & going after media. Who did Nazi this coming?

  3. It’s sad that people are still going to back this man & vote for him. They will say, it’s just a conversation..

    • @Crazy like a Fox I see it in the name FOX.. What will they be going to jail for exactly? What crimes are you speaking of?

    • @Crystal Giddens how can you talk about sin, when you have a sinful president

    • @zevi kramer yes he was because they wanted to question his son and yes the are documents on that fact. go check out john soloman and rudy gulliani. your in the dark

    • @Eric Rich who’s stopping the investigation? Go ahead investigate Biden & his son.. If he’s done wrong then charge him accordingly. Nobody is above the law or constitution, not even Trump! Stop drinking the Trump juice.. Be a real American stop listening to FOX or any news station for that matter and all the other BS and think for yourself for once! How hard is that to do. If Obama did these things you people would have been all over him! FACTS!

    • @zevi kramer msnbc has been caught lying all the time. they don’t want the truth out there. 4 dem congressmen have went to ukrain since the phone call trying to strong arm ukrain into not investigating everything and yes that on record to

  4. Constitution and democracy does not exist in the usa

  5. Trump’s a insane too much his mouth. He’s bad man.. impeach period

  6. That’s ok it’s gonna be bad about trump. Because he’s dangerous

  7. The Modern Dictator | October 2, 2019 at 12:00 PM | Reply

    October 25th. Mark it down

  8. Who’s going to enforce the subpoenas? Barr thinks that the President is King and is not bound by Congressional laws.

    • Real Talk76: If anyone refuses to comply with a subpoena, the Dems will add each refusal as evidence of obstruction in the impeachment case. One of the main articles in Nixon’s impeachment was exactly that kind of obstruction.

    • @Trumpocalypse That’s gonna be a LONG list of incidents. Plenty of evidence on that front.

  9. Hi Hallie.👋☺.
    Exceptional reporting, Hallie.👍☺👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏.
    Keep on digging, Hallie.👍.
    👉👉Proceed democrats, proceed.👍☺👏👏.

  10. ObamaisnextLincoln | October 2, 2019 at 12:12 PM | Reply

    *White House going to start feeling it soon enough…*

  11. Remember when our goverment fought over what’s best for our nation

  12. Thank sounds like Congress is finally playing hardball! It is about time….Adam Schiff teal…you go guys: go get trump! He so needs to learn about national parameters..what is legal and what isn’t….trump doesn’t recognize boundaries and that may indeed land him in prison hopefully!

  13. Donald Trump thanks for your big mouth and phone call, this made me very happy.

  14. What happened to the pee tapes in russian hotel?

  15. Capitol Hill has a police force and a prison. Time to fill the cells with crooks until they comply with Congress.

  16. But…. butttt… buttttttt its was Hillary on the phone.

  17. Only idiots still vote for pure Evil traitor criminal man….. lock him up

  18. Cindy Carroll-Baxter | October 2, 2019 at 12:30 PM | Reply

    If they don’t comply obstruction of Justice to come and then impeachment. 😁 Fast and furious 2020

  19. Shawn Goodfellow | October 2, 2019 at 12:32 PM | Reply

    I just want to grab them and shake them, ” they are not going to cooperate with your investigation! ever!”

  20. Shalom Viva Obama.Politics is dirty game.

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