House Dems Pushed Toward Impeachment: “We Couldn’t Stand On The Sidelines” | The Last Word | MSNBC

House Dems Pushed Toward Impeachment: "We Couldn't Stand On The Sidelines" | The Last Word | MSNBC 1


Democratic Rep. Angie Craig tells Lawrence that while she had been hesitant to support an impeachment inquiry, the facts of the case changed after news came out about Trump's call with Ukraine. Lawrence discusses that and Nancy Pelosi's formal impeachment inquiry with Rep. Craig, Rep. Ben Ray Lujan, and Rep. Abigail Spanberger. Aired on 09/24/19.
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House Dems Pushed Toward Impeachment: "We Couldn't Stand On The Sidelines" | The Last Word | MSNBC

98 Comments on "House Dems Pushed Toward Impeachment: “We Couldn’t Stand On The Sidelines” | The Last Word | MSNBC"

  1. One whistle blower couldn’t do it. It took a free press to expose. Well done!

  2. I want Maguire to go to jail for openly breaking the law like this, and his attorney too. Neither one of them have the right to “determine” the law! They both must be held accountable. #MaguireResign

    • Nadia Silvershine | September 25, 2019 at 5:36 PM | Reply

      @Barbara Arndt Sean Spicer looked pretty bad on Dancing with the Stars, next job for him is bagging groceries!

    • @Nadia Silvershine Sorry missed that. I do live in London. What a sad career.

    • Another indoctrinated communist Democrat Another who believes the tel-lie-vision.

    • @First Last you are not aware. Congress found no evidence of hatch violations. If she was guilty she would have been arrested. Congress found her not guilty.. Mueller report no collusion no obstruction. On Trump. The special counsel does not exonerate anyone. That is not his job. Mueller trying to make himself look important. By writing that sentence in the report. Stop believing in the tel-lie-vision.

  3. It’s ridiculous that the acting DNI has shared this complaint with an outside lawyer, but won’t release it to the only people he is actually required to. I hope this is the next Trump puppet to go to jail

    • Another who puts their faith in the lies of a media. That has not been credible since late 80! That is common knowledge. How come you are not aware of this. Stop believing the tel-lie-vision.

    • @George Dunn you have zero evidence. All hear say. For someone who thinks they are informed. Stop spreading disinformation. This is how rumors start. The corrupt media list credibility in the late 80,s. Nobody believes what the tel-lie-vision tell them. Media is not a credible source. They all got sued for lying. They lost trust of the American people. The Americans never trusted the media. To this day. They didn’t learn their lesson when they paid millions. They never stopped their lies. Media will go down too. They know this.

    • @Amanda Gardner you do not know how the branch of the presidency works. Federal laws are different than state laws. Another who believes in the tel-lie-vision. Its not real. The tel-lie-vision was made for entertainment only to include the news. A 5 year old knows that everything that comes out of the tel-lie-vision is lies, not real.

    • @Laurie Huntley How did Jim Jones get 900 people to commit suicide? It is a mystery.

  4. David-Alexandre Laurent | September 25, 2019 at 2:16 AM | Reply

    Trump should be so happy. He will have a “distinguished honour”, somthething that even Obama didn’t have, the honour to be impeached. I’m so glad for him.

  5. Funny side note; is anyone suprised? Really? That this is the way he’s conducted himself in office. For goodness’ sake; this snake can’t change his stripes.
    No matter how many times he hugs the flag. Hypocrisy in the First Degree

  6. Bill Barr just sh1t himself today.

    • harpsicord paaka | September 25, 2019 at 3:06 AM | Reply


    • Hahahaha 😅

    • Here comes the sun | September 25, 2019 at 3:16 PM | Reply

      Bowel obstruction?

    • No the communist party today exposed themselves wide open that’s why they have been bashing character assassination on Trump. That’s why they want to get rid of of him. He is exposing them and the communist party followers. That’s you. This is a war against communism. Instead of fighting you join the communist Democrats party. That is a crying shame. At least the military is backing Trump. You are what you speak. Learn how your government is run. Do not embrace communism. Hitler/ Germany. That’s the communist party have plan for America. Don’t you see it?? Look how this 4 communist freshman senators who were voted in. They ate in congress making our laws. Obama put in 100 communist czar in 2009. We known now who are on the communist Democrats side. They are supporting the communist. Can you not see the situation America is in. If the communist Democrats win. Then America will be a third world country. This is about your freedom.

  7. It takes a very special kind of stupid to go through the Mueller report and then still think it’s a good idea to then explicitly ask a foreign country to help you win another election.
    Lookin’ at you, Stable Genius! 😄😆😅😂

    • Catfished, hahaha

    • It takes a kind of stupid who puts their trust in the corrupt media, who lost all credibility in the late 80,s. Nobody believes the media. But folks like you who would believe anything as truth. It does not matter your opinion. Because in the end when the truth comes out. You corrupt leaders will be rounded up. Gitmo here we come! They are freaking out. Because they know everything that the corrupt media are lies. You folks will see. You are not ready for what is going to happen. You have no clue. You made your decision to trust the media. Now you do not know exactly what is going on. This is a fight Communist again America. The communist are fighting hard with lies, misinformation. They have been trying to overthrow the govrnment and overthrow a sitting president. The communist will not win notice how the Democrats embracing socialism is it the same as communist. Obama appointed 100 communist czar in our government. The communist have been infiltrated in our government. Look at the 4 communist freshman senators. AOC a communist took charge of the house. NANCY CAVED. black mailed? Threaten?
      The communist always said they would take over America without bullets and with bloodshed. This not Democrats versus Republicans. This is real. We are trying to get this communist out of our government. They are fighting with everything the have. Impeachment is all they have left. That too will fail. You want to believe the corrupt communist media. You are only hurting yourself. The Truth is Right in front of your faces. If you vote Democrats. You will be part of overthrowing our country. Then the constitution Democrats will make America a communist third world country .

    • @tRumpet troll Killer you are so delusional. Ha ha ha. The Republicans are wide awake. You are stuck in the year 2016. 3 years has gone by. You still believe the lies. have you noticed how President Trump and other countries are ready to get the communist out of our country. Why do you think the communist are bashing Trump. ITS called character assassination.
      You are so blinded. You are being decieved. Poor you!! One day you will wake up from the indoctrination. Hope its quick. Everything is going to start happening fast. More lie. More assassination attempts. This the MAGA Boom we have been waiting for!!
      Lets see what the communist Democrats are going to do now. Another school shooting. Another accident??
      As the world turns. Stay tuned. …

    • @Bandele Ganiyu you should learn what a special counsel does. If you knew better you would know a special counsel job is not to exonerate anyone. The Mueller report was a flop. This too will be a flop. Everything the communist Democrats throw out there always fails. Patriots are you tired of winning yet!!

    • Ro G The Mueller Report just emboldened him. There were no consequences. His supporters make him feel appointed by God. He’s always had this God complex. It’s a compensation for being ordinary but being unable to face that.

  8. not to mention, try to change the story… I thought the aid was being withheld while the Chosen One discussed Ukrainian corruption? now its because other European countries are not contributing … and all on video… oh, I forgot… don’t believe what you are seeing and hearing, its not really happening…

  9. transcripts released by the WH mean nothing… they will probably be Barr’s version of the transcripts… Congress needs both the whistleblower’s and the IG’s reports.. nothing that comes out of the WH or the DOJ can be trusted

    • @Harold Lebo there was nothing democratic about it… he got elected because the system is flawed… face facts… oh sorry, you people thrive on alternative facts…. he is a criminal… if that is OK with you… then there is nothing can be done about the immorality that is now the United States of America…

    • @Mark Gor I know, you guys will never let 2016 go and in some weird way that’s OK, we have for the first time a real nationalist in the white house who isn’t tied down by party loyalty or international norms, hopefully he will pull us out of the dreaded U. N.

  10. The Liar King needs some clothes,
    cause it’s cold in Alcatraz.

  11. harpsicord paaka | September 25, 2019 at 3:07 AM | Reply

    Sit back folks…over the next few days there’s going to be some good TV

    • @Ancel Rick The transcript is out now and it fell flat as another nothing burger for the Nth time, the hunters will become the hunted, enjoy the show… PAIN

    • @Raul Aquino tasty breadcrumbs to nowhere !!!!! AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN. you people are hilarious. (btw: Is obama still in GITMO? ) oh wait , big announcement next week? I can’t wait. 😂🤣

    • Enjoy your fake news on Tellalievision.

    • @David Lafleche Biden stole? Hahaha, how about Trump? what of the lies he tells and the stealing he does on a daily basis? Trump is no holey man worthy of your blind obedience. He courts religious nuts like yourself because because you are useful fools. You go ahead and take his 30 pieces of silver. I wish this god of yours existed so you would have to answer for your ignorance, but he is not real. Your god is dead.

    • Wewazkangz Shieeet | September 26, 2019 at 10:33 AM | Reply

      Dave S nope trump didn’t tell me anything but it’s gonna be awesome so liberals heads explode when trump wins in a landslide in 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸maga

  12. fRump sez: The oath of office? That’s like expecting me not to use the Trump Charity as my own private slush fund. It’s like expecting me to get The Best healthcare for everyone. I say a lot of things just to get ahead.

    • @DataWaveTaGo That’s my view and that’s exactly why I’m voting for President Trump besides Tulsi Gabbard there is not 1 other Democrat I’d vote for they all flip flop on almost every policy . If one candidate says health care for all then they all jump on that band wagon it’s a f**king joke and I believe there making America look rediculous with all the lies accusations ,enough already do what you got voted in for not waste our taxes on fruitless investigations

    • @R .H.1017 Good for you! You understand fully that Trump never lies. He simply makes statements that are gibberish so there is never any substance to hold him to. Brilliant!

    • Trust me, democrats are not what is making America look like a joke to the world. It is, quite literally, the clown show your president and his “croonies” are into. The fact he has conned so many people to believe and follow him, and the fact that you think democrats saying Healthcare for all us a joke whst most of the repub guys (especially Moscow mitch) don’t want to regulate guns or prescription prices, or things that would actually save lives. The way you are OK so often with the racist crap and the bullying of your pathetic excuse for a wanna be leader. He most be drugging his supporters or they are quite possibly the stupidest mofos on planet earth. You are allowing rights to be stripped for people of colour, or lgtb+, or women, or Muslims. You are listening to one or two sources instead of researching via bipartisan news media. (look for the word liable in fine print, that’s how you know its not a Republican or democrat publication.) this is why you are a joke and it’s a sad sad thing to see.

  13. Trumps fixer was in jail so he sent Guiliani to Ukraine.

  14. DOJ under Barr has become Department Of (dirty) Jobs. Discusting…..


    • @David Hollensheadand your conclusion is put more communist in our government.? That is not a smart decision.
      Communist are already here. Infiltrated in our government. This is a war Americans against communism. Its not Democrats versus Republicans. Its not about Trump. You are too decieved you can not see clear. Impeachment not going to happen
      The communist Democrats have been promising false hopes. They are ready to implement a score system like china. They want to make America a third world country. All this in the media is a distraction for the decieved. they got you. Does that mean you are going to turn into communist too. To follow your communist leaders.

    • @Kevin D. Herlihy all your dreams are based on communist ideas. They got you too. Another American choosing the communist Democrats party. This is sad.

    • Charles McCarthy | September 26, 2019 at 4:27 AM | Reply

      @David Hollenshead You mean willing to swear allegiance to Trump over their oaths to the nation. I can picture him setting up the situation where they get to say, “What’s in it for me”. Corruptions favorite words.
      The few men with integrity, like Comey, resisted and passed their test. Only those who failed became Trump lackeys.

  15. The whistleblowers complaint was filed August 10 and overdue by August 11, no?
    People need to take to the streets.

    • Mickey Mouse Park | September 25, 2019 at 8:01 PM | Reply

      @Greg Gammago

      “And since Liberals don’t ever vote even when they claim “this time we’ll come out in droves and it will be a blue wave”,”

      Are you referring to the blue wave in 2018?

    • @Mickey Mouse Park It was barely a ripple. If Trump is going to be stopped, a lot more Democrats are going to have to cast their votes compared to the turn out in 2018.

    • @Patricia Manzi another American turn communist. This is a war Americans against communism. The communist are inflitrated in our government. You blindly believe the lies and deception. You believe in the tel-lie-vision. Yup another one joined the communist party.

    • @KBtube you mean not elected communist party. The Democrats have embraced the communist party. They are not Democrats anymore. They have a communist agenda. Only those who are awake can see through the deception. All others are backing and supporting a communist party.

  16. Now…..
    Trump will really start acting crazy !!

    • @Pixie lite that’s when they get dangerous. Caught and facts don’t matter and that’s when you need to really worry

    • mermaid madness I so agree. As an old mental health nurse have been worried for some time. As the stress builds he becomes more and more unstable. Acting insane? No act, he is.

    • Hes going to start a War and get a lot of people killed to stay in office He was for the Iraq war People forgot about that

    • pretty sure at some point they’ll have to get him away from all public microphones and his spawns will darken the podiums with probably some bogus illness (distraction) or a slew of 1 %_ers will swim in from the swamp

  17. Nominate Whistleblower for The Noble Peace Prize, everyone, for saving the world by taking down Donald J trump!

  18. Trump ask in public already in 2016 for dirt on Hillary from Russia. Its not a big surprise!

    • You have zero proof. You believe in the corrupt media. The media lost credibility in the late 80′ CNN had just come on the scene. First network to have news 24 -7.
      CNN and other media networks got sued. They all settled out of court. Stop believing the tel-lie-vision.

    • @Jerry Vida
      He still ask about Hillary emails, on this his second act of corruption, breaking the sanctity of the presidency.

  19. Speaking on Fox News, Giuliani told host Laura Ingraham that he was working on behalf of the State Department.
    “You know who I did it at the request of?” he asked. “The State Department. I never talked to a Ukrainian official until the State Department called and asked me to do it. And then I reported every conversation back to them.”

    The State Department pushed back:
    “Mr. Giuliani is a private citizen and acts in a personal capacity as a lawyer for President Trump”
    “He does not speak on behalf of the U.S. Government.”

  20. Hey Pinocchio at least Obama Never was “Impeached” ha ha ha

    • A the presidents should have been Impeaches not President Trump.

    • @My ra wow. Still hanging on to that. Just ask why he is not in prison. He committed no crime. AG Barr failed to find a crime. Just let it go. Makes you look a little nuts.

    • No he was not. But he will be in prison the rest of his life. For spying, trying to overthrow our government and overthrow a sitting president givening money to Iran uner the table. . The evidence will come out soon. Obama will go to Gitmo. Ha ha ha ha ha! I would prefer a shooting squad for treason.

    • Where’s Obama’s birth certificate? who is he? haha

    • @Jerry Vida Aren’t you tired of spouting nonsense ? OBAMA ISN’T PRESIDENT TRUMP IS….sit back and watch…you’re in for the shock of your life..the rich old white men who really run this country….they’re also tired of Trump…he’s served his purpose….he’s out

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