House GOP holds hearing in New York on crime after Trump indictment | USA TODAY

The House Judiciary Committee held a hearing in New York City on crime rates after former President Donald Trump was indicted on fraud charges.

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The House Judiciary Committee held a hearing Monday in Manhattan to highlight what they claim is rampant crime in New York City. But Democrats say the hearing's real purpose is to interfere with the Manhattan district attorney after former President Donald Trump's indictment.

"We're here today in Lower Manhattan for one reason and one reason only: The chairman is doing the bidding for Donald Trump," said Rep. Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y., the whose district includes Manhattan.

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  1. Keep in mind these unfortunate crimes that these people have suffered are not solely confined to NY. These crimes and crimes in general of all categories have sky rockets since 2016 when Trump tool office. Sadness, Depression, suicide, hateful behavior, murders, you name it and crime has gone up since Trump ( fact) because people thought it was ok to be mean and nasty, jerks, because the president was. CRIME IS UP EVERYWHERE!! PERIOD!. My nephew was killed in prison by prison guards while being there for a non-violent crime. Not in NY but in Florida. Crime in Florida has gone up in all of these republicans ( on thr panel states) and from all over the country moving here. All of these states crime rate are higher than NY. So when you get gun control then maybe we can really be considered the United States of America. You can’t ignore the stats although I know republicans don’t like facts.

    1. I agree and so do most Americans who voted trump out of office. Glad to see some of us are finally getting out protesting against these GOP bullies! Jim Jorden is just one of his henchmen.

  2. Thank you, Source Father God. Finally, Judgment against evildoers and justice for the victims and their loved ones in NYC. Especially, President Trump. And So It Is. ❤️ 🇺🇲 🙏 ⏳️🌊🌌

  3. 7 of the top 7 states with the highest homicide mortality rate? The Republican-led states of Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Missouri, Arkansas, South Carolina and Tennessee. 9 of the top 11 states with the lowest per capita state spending on law enforcement? The Republican-led states of South Dakota, West Virginia, Alabama, Mississippi, South Carolina, Iowa, Arkansas, Indiana and Kentucky.

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