House GOP Poised To Replace Liz Cheney With Trump Loyalist Elise Stefanik | MSNBC

Jake Sherman analyzes Rep. Stefanik's chances of ousting Rep. Cheney as GOP conference chair.

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  1. Can the McCarthy’s just go hunting with the Cheney’s? Sort it all out… πŸ˜‚β€

  2. Cheney will definitely win this vote if the voting is anonymous and she will definitely lose it if the Members’ votes are publicly attributable to the Member.

    1. @Nadia Silvershine She only had “guts” because she expected a bigger political fallout from Trump’s insurrection and was trying to ride the wave to GOP stardom, except she gambled and failed. She doesn’t have an honest bone in her body.

    2. Sorry but it’s really amusing watching the GOP eat their own. She literally voted with T***p on almost everything except the impeachment and NOW she’s a RINO?

    3. @hunterrgntr No, she was always a RINO, she’s a political animal, she voted with Trump until she saw an opportunity to turn on him and get away with it, but she miscalculated and now it is biting her.

    4. @hzuiel Liz Cheney a RINO? πŸ˜‚ Liz Cheney has a perfect (100%) “CONSERVATIVE” voting record since she was elected to Congress. Now “conservative” means “you must believe in massive piles of bullπŸ’©.” She failed the new “conservative” test, gets a RINO label and has to go. Cult45 is insane. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    5. @hunterrgntr “RINO” is misspelled because it lacks an “H”. DINOSAUR, on the other hand (Senators Sinema and Manchin), is an actual real correct word. (Democrat In Name Only Supporting Avaricious Unprincipled Republicans).

    1. Plain and simple, the election winner is living in the White House. President Biden! How stupid can ReTrumplicans be? RIH GQP.

    2. @Il Was look at all that hate in your comment lol
      Bro like it or not any future Republican needs an endorsement by Trump to win anything. It’s just what it is. And in 2022 Republicans are set to win big based these last few months of dem control

    1. It depends on how you define bad.
      Trump has said good things about Ron Desantis. Ron has fairly high approval ratings among his state and his leadership has created a state where more people want to move into than move out of. On the contrary states that are badly run such as California and New York have far more people trying to move out than move in.

    2. @Eternalwarpuppy You are wasting your breath on people who think cuomo is a great leader and bought his book on how to murder the elderly during a pandemic.

    1. Something will awake you in 2025. All republicans will be voted out in the next election .

    1. And yet their sub numbers grow by leaps and bounds. Curiouser and curiouser…

    1. @LeChina james really? Because Trump is the one following Goebbels playbook, and Trump is the one who is pushing fascism and not democracy.

    1. You can’t be democrat and a Christian. Sorry, God doesn’t condone the slaughter of his unborn children like you do. You have been tricked by Satan and msm.

    2. @Matthew Thompson and yet the GOP wants kids to suffer once born, and literally were worshiping an golden idol of Trump last year just months after you asked seniors to sacrifice themselves for the economy. Guessing you never read a bible before, but worshipping a false idol and human sacrifice are both against the Christian bible…

  3. GOP want to outs Liz cheney for tell the truth for the first time in her life. Then we will outs the GOP by our votes. American citizens is stronger then any lunatic in politics. Same way in is the same way out except ours is more of a lasting effect and we will keep it that way.

  4. haluburton has become the object of several controversies involving the Iraq War and the company’s ties to former U.S. Vice President . Cheney

  5. This is simple. If there is a commission to investigate January 6th, Kevin McCarthy would be forced to testify under oath and he is doing WHATEVER it takes to avoid that from happening.

    1. Ahh yes. Jan 6th. The half day riot the left will never let go of. Just ignore the 100 days of rioting from the left. Stay sheepish.

    2. @Helen W Who lost a loved one? The officer who died that day didn’t die of a beating and died hours later from possibly completely unrelated medical complications? Meanwhile dozens and dozens of people were killed with THOUSANDS injured and billions in property damage all throughout 2020 but those are justified. Give me a break.

    3. @FortNGrant 02 why would we let go of an attack on our country only 4 months ago? Mitch and Rump can’t let go of Obama 5 years ago, but you complain about something this year?

    4. @hzuiel you mean when pepper spray is known to activate cardiovascular problems? And the other 140+ officers injured? You celebrate their pain and suffering from defending the capitol from you lunatics.

  6. The liars are ganging up on the truth-teller. Get rid of her, replace her with another liar. Birds of a feather. Waiting for the cooking of the geese, I am. When push comes to shove, there will be a stampede of the rats to abandon the sinking raft, and claim they were never aboard.

  7. “That Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., is a wimp is not news.”
    – Amanda Marcotte – SALON

  8. Not a fan of hers but mad respect for her standing up against a lie. Lady got strength! The other one looks like a horrid high school hall monitor.

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