House GOP says they have evidence that Biden family received millions from foreign entities

House Republicans say they have evidence that members of the Biden family received millions of dollars in payments from foreign entities in China and Romania. CNN’s Sara Murray reports on a press conference held by Republican chairman of the House oversight committee James Comer. The Biden administration has slammed the investigation and Comer’s claims. #CNN #News


  1. Did they work for the admin like Jared and Ivanka did? Does Hunter have a security clearance like they did? Otherwise let the committee bring out proof of a crime and get a grand jury together.

    1. Hunter can’t pass the security clearance with the rehabs, prostitution and guns.


      Please keep the likes at “45”

    2. BTW. Your attempt to deflect to Jared and Ivanka is hilarious. 2 people who were always in business, versus a family with no business who was being paid for influence based on their last name.

    1. They don’t but they need to make a lot of noise right now – their orange daddy just got tagged as the sexual predator that he is & Santos is locked up. The only way to make ppl look the other way is to muddy the water.

    2. @W. Graham Which part of bank records do you not understand? Records for millions of dollars sent in numerous transactions. Btw — they could cram the records in your face and you would still deny any wrongdoing so what difference does it make?

  2. Laundering foreign money from one LLC to another, then another, then to multiple family members and then not paying any taxes on it IS very much illegal.

    1. Let’s wait for them to present some actual evidence rather than spreading their usual bullshit.

  3. Lets prosecute all of them as long as it is true. This applies to all reps in power. I am sick of them being untouchable and not held accountable. This includes all house and senators.

  4. It would be so freaking nice if you actually reported the TRUTH just one time!!!! Yes they did say it was illegal

    1. @Terri Kyle, what was illegal?? He was not a lobbyist, he was a legal advisor on the board of Burisma, a company in Ukraine. There are many Americans who sits on boards and work in foreign countries. That’s not illegal. What about those persons who are working in embassies.

  5. I lean left but I’m tired of the corruption. If anyone in office commits a crime prosecute them.

  6. Proud of this comment section full of people not defending any sort of corruption despite what side they are on. People coming together on having a uncorrupt goverment is a great thing.

  7. If anyone is guilty of crimes, prosecute them. However, don’t use the law to harass people either for political reasons. The law should not be mocked. I’m open to any outcome if it’s true, but I doubt this will go anywhere. Hunter has already pleaded to income tax evasion.

    1. if there were actual consequences for people who made baseless accusations, we’d see a lot less of them.

  8. I find it suspect that the House GOP says they have evidence. If they have evidence it needs to be brought to the DOJ. Anybody who has committed an actual crime should be held accountable.

    1. Is that the same guys who have the laptop? And who were the guys who wrote letters on request before the election stating it was Russian disinformation which is a proven lie? Correct me if I’m wrong but aren’t they all ex top gov officials?
      They have to do the job for them I think under these circumstances this is the only way, start an open public investigation (and let’s not forget this is the start not the end) and reveal what they find every step of the way and then hand it over so that the doj and relevant bodies cannot shelve it and are forced to act.
      And before ppl bark about trump the same applies if he’s done wrong hold him to account! While we’re all so desperate to make it an us against them thing and desperate to write the smartest comment to bk their “side” the law, the constitution, politics, the country is self destructing and America has become a worldwide joke.

  9. Red herring. If they had evidence of illegal or criminal activity, they would use it before the door closed.

  10. at least now we know how a senator with no other income can afford 4 multi-million dollar mansions

  11. If any politician is compromised, Republican or Democrat, they should be tossed in the pen for life.

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