House Intel Member To Dems: ‘You Need To Stand Up Right Now’ | The Last Word | MSNBC

Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney, a member of the House Intelligence Committee, has a message for voters who delivered the House majority to the Democrats and led to the impeachment of Donald Trump. Aired on 12/18/19.
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House Intel Member To Dems: ‘You Need To Stand Up Right Now’ | The Last Word | MSNBC


  1. Donald Trump will try to stay in office even when he’s voted out in 2020. The republicans are party over country with their support of him

    1. @Jefryt 67 Even if he wasn’t voted out, he will only be able to serve 2 terms, and I will bet you 50,000 dollars that you will support him declaring martial law because you Trump turds hate the United States, it’s constitution, it’s laws, and democracy. You want to turn it into North Korea.

    2. Trump for Prison 2020
      Actually no… at the point the republicans are literally traitors aiding & abetting harm to the world!

    3. @Jefryt 67 look at yourself you voted for were stupid enough to believe Mexico would pay for the wall…stupid enough to believe that he would actually fight big pharma to lower drug prices…better watch how you throw that word stupid around!!! STUPID!!!

  2. Right after this impeachment tRump needs to be impeached again & again until he is finally removed from office & sent to prison!

    1. If one more southern Republican senator slams the ‘evil’ Dems I say, ‘Will you please go dig up your dead democrat grandmother and ask her what she thinks of Trump, because I am sick of it!’

    2. “Right after this impeachment tRump needs to be impeached again & again”
      I don’t think so. Nancy will not send the articles over under these conditions. If she has to she will hold them until after the election. If Trump don’t win then the Senate means nothing. If Democrats take the Senate and Trump is reelected he will face an impeachment trial upon swearing in a second time.

    3. The orange one has been impeachable since day one.
      He manipulates the legal system by any means necessary to keep himself from being held accountable to the rule of law.
      He’s not going to stop. This is what he does.
      Republicans in Congress will continue to blame the others in the same way as their fearless orange leader.
      While he continues down the path to a dictatorship.
      Until they all start losing elections, they will continue to lie, deny, deflect, and project.

    4. @Raging Monk Y’know, I never thought of that. I’ve been making a lot of comments griping about how Pelosi seems to be undermining this impeachment process as much as she can, despite her rhetoric. I was appalled that she (I suspect it was her) wouldn’t let the House bring articles of obstruction of justice and campaign finance violation/bribery, ie, Clifford and McDougal, along with several other articles. If you’re right, boy do I owe everyone, especially her, a huge apology!

      Thank you for pointing that out. I won’t be making those comments any more. Even though there’s no proof that she’s doing what you suggest, it certainly is a likely possibility.

      I really appreciate your comments. Looking forward to crossing paths with you again.

    1. @For Paws I bet you believed that trump would give you a huge tax break,…that trump would give you cheap affordable healthcare…look at you …just another ignorant trump parrot!!!

  3. Where did the money come from, for Rudy Giuliani’s Ukraine investigations? This investigation had better just be getting started(Dems!).

    1. coolmodelguy oh this will reveal ugly sides for both sides. You’re naive if you think either party isn’t corrupt. These people are elite, different morals.

    2. @Neutral Guy – No doubt. Epstein is in many pics with people from both political parties, lots of corruption going on. We need third parties, so I say bring on the ugly, lets see it all.

    3. Rudy has been running around picking up big checks for giving speeches to the same Russian Federation officials who had their assets frozen as a result of interfering with the 2016 election.

  4. Will the real slim shady please stand up. We got you. Im ready to vote. Lets make this a good year. My birthday is on the 31st. Hes right. Lets not let impeachment or an individual prevent you from the pursuit of happiness. I want my sticker. I voted 🇺🇸! Did you? Lol.

    1. And, very unfortunately, in this strange, fractured country they work. Let’s hope that continues to change.

  5. Gerrymandering, voter roll purging, electoral fraud and foreign interference are tools Republicans have and will use again against Democrats. It’s voter suppression and the south has been using it since 3/5ths a person days.

    1. Great comment. And most people seem to have no idea what the 3/5th’s person issue is when talking about the Electoral College. It’s direct connection to slave owning states is abominable.

  6. We need to get rid of the Electoral College and let the Popular Vote decide general elections. Time to turn this country into a real democracy, instead of the dangerously compromised version we face right now – where Russia gets to play a role in our choices, (I resent any dictates from Mr. KGB Putin and the Russian mafia, which controls Russia’s economy – Trump’s benefactors), and the scientific community is ignored by top officials in our gov’t due to big, big corporate money (mostly the oil companies) which sponsors climate change denial propaganda.

  7. Well said, Mr. Maloney. I would add not just Democrats but the remaining principled Real Republicans need to stand up. #LincolnProjectPAC

  8. Those “Democrats” that voted against the pig’s Impeachment need to be named nationally and VOTED OUT and replaced with real and worthy Democrats!

  9. It is astounding how corrupt to the core, lawless repukes think that they can twist things, put them upside down and blame Democrats for things THEY are guilty of❗

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