House Judiciary Set To Debate The Two Articles Of Impeachment | Deadline | MSNBC 1

House Judiciary Set To Debate The Two Articles Of Impeachment | Deadline | MSNBC


A significant moment in Donald Trump’s impeachment comes as the House Judiciary Committee is set to begin markups on the two articles of impeachment: abuse of power and obstruction of justice. Aired on 12/11/19.
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House Judiciary Set To Debate The Two Articles Of Impeachment | Deadline | MSNBC


    1. His staff has kept him rallying for 3 years now to avoid it as much as possible. Once they got their wealth class tax cuts they were pretty much done him. After that he became a figure head and a bumbling military hazard.

    2. No Just  bribing, extortion, raping, golfing, wasting money and tanning.  He has not kept any of his campaign promises.

    1. @Saynoto Socialists Sure, trump hasn’t done anything that other presidents haven’t done. But, being trump, he’s done MORE of it than any of them did. Quantity has a quality all its own.

    2. @Saynoto Socialists I used ONE “but”, you used THREE. I would say you like your” buys”, however I would not say that you can not lie.

  1. Impeached, first term.

    They’ve got a committee to send hi to the block
    Because he commits high crimes, and commits them non-stop
    Abuse of power is what he’s all about
    Made it to the White House just to get kicked out

    1. markj6700 you are a moron. I will bet you any amount of money that trump wins the next election ? How much marky if you have any balls . Let’s go for a grand

    1. @cameshit, I’m all for that however I’m pretty sure there’s some countries such as China and Russia wouldn’t want that cause then they can’t do under the table business together anymore.

    2. @Mai Truong why would you lump china in with russia!
      1) china didn’t hack into america system or spread misinformation or interfere with any country’s elections.
      2) is china getting hammered by trump’s trade wars and is china getting any good trade deals from trump!
      3) yeah china is getting away with expansionist policy in south china sea but not because they are getting under table deal from trump, it is only because trump is diminishing american international presence and responsibilities! unlike russia which is getting trump’s approval of their invasion of ukraine and snatching of territory of crimea from ukraine!
      stick with the facts mai truong!

    1. Like the Impeachment Farce is really going to hold up…please…It’s only to turn the public’s attention away from the leftist coup against Trump.

      Former Justice Department official Ian Prior said on Tuesday that U.S. Attorney John Durham’s investigation is not limited in scope to the existing DOJ or FBI officials.

      “Durham can subpoena former employees, former DOJ members; Durham can go and look at what the CIA was doing, what the [National Security Council] was doing, what foreign countries were doing. Durham’s scope is so much bigger,” Prior said.

      In short, his purview is as big as his choppers.

  2. Watching the Judiciary Committee opening statements, from the hearing and from the Debate on Articles of Impeachment, the thing that struck me most was that Modern Day Republicans seem to need to get both loud and sound hysterical. Surely that isn’t what they want Americans watching to notice and remember the most. But I honestly cannot listen to their words when they sound like spoiled brats who have been told what they are doing is wrong and that they can not have their way. Can we please start electing Statesmen again? Not entitled little cry-babies?

    1. Dex: “Surely that isn’t what they want Americans watching to notice…” Isn’t that precisely what they want Americans to focus on? Isn’t that how Trump won last time? By getting the votes of people who are freaking out because they are not going to have quite all the advantages they now have (whether they’ve earned them or not) if the Dems take control of the House, the Senate and the White House, because in 25 years they are going to be a minority in the country, and for some unknowable reason think that if that happens, the country is going to have a Mugabe-type government. These are people who moan and groan that they are being discriminated against, though they had/have no problem when other Americans were/are discriminated against. They fail to recognize that the 1%, like Donald Trump, are the ones who are really screwing everyone else over, and intentionally dividing everyone else into feuding groups, while they keep raking in the lion’s share of the wealth of the nation, produced by other people. Donald Trump doesn’t build buildings. Other people do. Has he ever held a trowel in his little hands? Why should he be richer than a construction worker when he doesn’t actually construct anything?

    1. @Crazy Hondamom Maybe, maybe not. Gotta consult the magic eightball. My statement is conditional. When he’s removed, he’ll deny it along with everything else he doesn’t like.

  3. Love hearing the Republicans crying like school girls. Oh, the injustice. But no one is to blame but Donald J Trump. Shameless obstruction of Congress.

    1. George Watanabe Silly Georgie. Is it really? George? Like George of the jungle, Boy George or George Bush. That’s hilarious

  4. The Bidens have no reasonable expectation of testifying. They arent on trial, and they arent witnesses to what Trump has done. Even if Trumps reasons were legit, they will get their own trial. This isnt about them.

    1. If Bonespurs wanted the Bidens investigated he should have gone to the FBI and shown them evidence of how they were breaking the Law.

  5. I am watching this right now. Fox News is the only channel not showing this. Instead they are telling their viewers more made up crap about the Bidens.

  6. I’ve been wondering for almost 2 years now, how long was it going to take some of America to see this preZ was working with RUSSIA.BY TIME ALL I CAN SAY.

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