House Passes D.C. Statehood Bill; Outlook Is Dim In GOP-Controlled Senate | MSNBC

House Passes D.C. Statehood Bill; Outlook Is Dim In GOP-Controlled Senate | MSNBC 1


    1. CALL TO ALL PROTESTERS IN KENTUCKY! Please register to vote! VOTE BLUE IN NOVEMBER! Booker is better than the BIGOT turtle neck orang turd eater!

  1. District of Columbia is 47.1% Black. Of course Republicans are against them having representation.

    1. @El Ram All you need is 60,000 people so the US should have hundreds more states….. Dumb’s wanna push it, we can get her done…. Just a giant waste of time, money and resources….. but dumb’s are terrific at stupidity.

    2. @El Ram I got no narrative…. I got common sense…. Something y’all can’t even fathom…. Need to be told like children what to think… Ef’in pathetic sheep.

  2. The Republican way. Cheap and obstruct. I can’t imagine being a part of any organization where you know you have to cheat because you know how unpopular you are. 🙄

  3. Mitch is NEVER going to allow a bill in the Senate that would gain the Dem’s 2 additional Senate seats. So we shall see what happens in 2021…

    1. @SinBae The military? Reinstate the rule of law, you mean! You just contradicted yourself! Remember – bring to justice! Don’t install a military dictatorship to root out autocracy, that’s adding gas to the fire!

    2. @Soren Ingram, I understand what you mean. But I think our duty is this year in November. What happens next year, I believe we can leave to our new congress and president.

    3. @Jakob Peter Raahauge Haven’t you read? Use the military to bring Trump to justice, on an international level, to have as little poltiical biases that any american court could have

    4. @Kealii Oh It’s 200 % effort in Nov !
      then 2021 pres & senate can make rational decisions for the whole community

    1. If taxation without representation is such an important issue to people, then why are so many moving to Washington, DC?

    2. DC is well paid for with taxpayer dollars…. without us, DC wouldn’t even qualify to be a hicktown…. Like maybe Washingtonville.

    3. @Freedom & Liberty Bot DC pays federal taxes, but doesn’t get a vote in the Senate or House. Let me know if you need help tying your shoes too. 😄😅

    4. @Ro G They’re overpaid political hack jobs paid for by me….. I say get rid of them, we’d all be better off.

    5. @Ro G I’m from California and I’m not represented at all…. ALL my tax dollars go to illegals while are streets are in shambles, most homeless and drug addicts on earth and literally human feces all over the place. If we can split California up too, I’m all for it.

  4. No worries, we’ll get it done in 2021. And then we will make Puerto Rico the 52 State. It’s long overdue.

    1. @CLEO D’POTUS Same can be said for red….. I see at least 23 new red states in California alone.

    2. @James Price Makes sense seeing dem’s love keeping them poor….. I wish they would of gave up on slavery but it’s still alive and well thanks to the democratic party….. More illegals, more drugs in their current push which does nothing to raise anyone out of poverty.

  5. Taxation without representation for DC and US territories abroad. I thought this was what started the Revolution. Does not seem to aply to people of darker skin tones. Pity.

    1. @CITRUS KNIGHT Why do you folks post your ignorance on a public forum when a couple seconds of research would enlighten you?

    2. @CITRUS KNIGHT Right. However they  pay federal taxes such as Social Security and Medicare; in the Virgin Islands their taxes  are paid to the local government but these taxes are “mirrored” from US taxes, i.e. they are the same, they just go somewhee elsee.   And all this without representation.

    1. DC pays more in taxes to the federal government than most red states who receive more government money than they send back to Washington.

  6. I can hear it, the sound; it’s faint, but it’s there and it’s increasing . . . Ah ha! It’s the GOP death rattle.

  7. Why didn’t they pass this bill when Obama was prez and the house and senate was ran by Dems? These people just play games on both sides of the aisle

  8. Off Topic: Leigh Ann looks like the creature from the 80’s movie The Dark Crystal.. not in a bad way
    🇺🇸Vote Blue🇺🇸

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