House Republicans launch probe into chaotic Afghanistan withdrawal

The top Republican on the House Foreign Affairs Committee on Thursday requested from the State Department a vast number of documents related to the Biden administration’s withdrawal from Afghanistan, marking an official launch of the newly Republican-led panel’s investigation into America's exit from the Middle Eastern county.

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    1. @D yeah kinda like the classified doc stuff. One sidr told on themselves and is fully cooperating… The other side well…

    2. @Count Klimov It was BIDEN who did not listen to all his Generals’ advice and pulled out HIS WAY…resulting in the loss of 13 of our soldiers He just left them behind. This was DISGRACEFUL!! Trump had started negotiating and that’s it. Biden did it his own way.

    3. @Count Klimov My lawyer doesn’t clean out my closet, desk, or garage…..and then reveal it 2 months later. In fact, Biden’s lawyers didn’t even reveal it. CBS broke the 1st story and NBC broke the 2nd story. ABOUT TIME the press quit covering for Biden. Get your facts straight!

    4. @Count Klimov CBS and NBC??? They have reporters…that is what reporters do. But, the Dems could’ve leaked it. It could be the Dem’s way of getting rid of Biden so Kamilla can run. The man behind the curtain makes the decisions. (Obama most likely. But still waited 2 months. hmmm.)

    1. @Jordan Addison I’m not in a tribe. I served in the military. Biden Fu*ked up the whole withdrawal. Although he never served because he faked asthma, he seemed to think he knew more than his Generals. Biden has gotten a free ride from the media, but NO MORE!!

    2. @Jordan AddisonBiden also pulled out American troops during the night without even telling a single ally of his plans. Trump had negotiations about a possible exit but only iff conditions were being met which they clearly weren’t after trump left office. Biden was given classified information for months that the taliban were taking over the country but instead did absolutely nothing and changed nothing. He’s the president of the United States for crying out loud It’s HIS call, HIS office. Biden only wanted political points for the 9/11 remembrance day and nothing more. He still blames trump til this day and the media have brainwashed everyone into believing it.

    3. @UCYKpOsgt6YPqLS-KqBDVLrQ Whatever, man. I’m getting tired of repeating myself to willfully ignorant ppl. I’m sure if Donald Trump the God King had pulled out *months sooner* than Biden did that it would’ve been a perfect withdrawal. Tremendous. The most beautiful withdrawal you’ve ever seen. I’m sure he would’ve had the best withdrawal the likes of which the world had never seen. 🙄

    4. @Connor Jacobs Trump released 5000 Taliban members, many of which are back in power today, & already had a date set for the withdrawal. It’s well documented that he just wanted to create a clusterfuck for Biden to deal with.

      Keep believing wtf ever you want. Your willful ignorance is astounding. You should read the reports instead of listening to the right wing spin of the reports.

  1. I guess they have nothing better to do…what exactly do they think they will find. It’s Trump who agrees to withdraw.

    1. They have to fill the next two years with a few smoke screens so their true agendas aren’t found out too soon. They don’t intend on governing, only grievance politics and power grabs.

    2. @Kiss My Axe Let’s also open a investigation into why Trump made a deal with the Taliban to free thousands of Taliban prisoners? And why he sabotaged that withdrawal before he left or refused to leave?

    3. It’s not the withdrawal that’s the issue, it’s how it was done. What kind of idiot withdraws the soldiers first without getting civilians, secret files and billions of dollars of equipment out first!!

  2. Its too bad they only can think about this, Hunter, and any other form of revenge ~ instead of health care, medicine, food and gas prices, the border…

    1. It’s too bad all you think about is trump, Ukraine and spending more trillions. All those issues you just named were doing great till Brandon came along btw. And yeah a little revenge is definitely in order. You people need to be held accountable for all of your bs

    2. These problems can only be solved by smart people. That is why we have never heard about those things for republicans, if it’s not tax cuts for already rich private companies that they them self have stocks in. care about people is samething they can’t do. Attacking democraty, burning books, workers unions and womens is their preferenses. Or blame it on others, even do they can vote for laws…

    3. @Fletcher Reed Maybe you can ask some of your daddies to explain how right wing nuts are narcissistic liars who would rather die than create fair opportunities for all.

    4. Too stupid to comment that the GOP house only investigate the corrupt Brandon , watch on tv to know what all they do only in a few days for the American people !

  3. How about they investigating the W admin for how we got in there to begin with?
    Because that’s the day it all went wrong.

    1. ​@George Lenny actually go after the nation that was responsible for the attack. The vast majority of individuals were from another nation entirely.

    2. @George Lenny how bout hold the psychos accountable, it was an inside job. Planes physically couldn’t have taken down those buildings

    1. @Win Big with Lena & Mike LMAO impeachment for what🤣🤣 well wait buddy. You got the mic (dont trip over your drool)

    2. @TheAssassin2332  The constitutional text covering impeachment requirements includes the phrase “high crimes and misdemeanors.” The generally accepted viewpoint is that this describes any serious abuse of power, including legal and illegal activities. Any civil officer can be impeached for misconduct, violation of oath of office, or serious incompetence.

      Joe Biden, in the early days of his presidency, issued executive orders stopping the construction of the border wall and the Keystone pipeline. Regarding the pipeline, this order put Americans out of work with the justification being the claim by so-called environmentalists that pipelines cause irreparable harm to the landscape, the animal kingdom, and the climate. This argument was used decades ago regarding the Trans Alaska pipeline. One notable claim was that the West Arctic caribou herd would be endangered. The fact is that since the pipeline was completed, the herd is now four times larger. While this fact alone may say nothing about Joe Biden, it does tell us that his reason for killing American jobs is based on lies. I would say this qualifies as serious incompetence. We will call this Article 1.

      It is clear to everyone that a completed border wall will go a long way toward the goal of stopping massive illegal entry into our country, a goal shared by all sovereign nations that understand the purpose of an established border. The prime responsibility of a president as head of the Executive branch is to enforce federal laws. Failure to do so violates the oath of office and is clearly an example of serious incompetence. Here we have Article 2.

      Also, on day 1 of his presidency, Biden issued an executive order requiring everyone on federal lands or in federal buildings to wear a face mask. Daniel Horowitz explains that masks are designated as experimental medical devices. Vaccines and face masks have only been allowed for use by the FDA via the Emergency Use Authorization. The law covering these devices states, “Federal law governing the conditions of authorization of unapproved emergency medical products (21 U.S.C. §360bbb–3(e)(1)(A)(ii)(III)) requires the secretary of HHS to “ensure that individuals to whom the product is administered are informed,” among other things, “…of the option to accept or refuse administration of the product.” Stated simply, masks are experimental medical devices and as such their use cannot be required. I am fairly sure that violation of federal law qualifies as misconduct, violation of oath of office, and serious incompetence — a trifecta and Article 3!

      Most recently, the president announced his desire for a guilty verdict in the Chauvin trial saying, “I’m praying that verdict is the right verdict, which I think it’s overwhelming, in my view. I wouldn’t say that unless the jury was sequestered now.” So, the head of the executive branch, whose job is to enforce the laws, (and to leave judging guilt or innocence to a different branch) has entered judicial branch territory by deeming the verdict he is dreaming about to be the correct one. This is misconduct at the very least, with oath of office violation and serious incompetence thrown in for good measure.

      We could also go into him making his family rich with corrupt dealings and him keeping classified documents without proper authority to disclose now.

    3. @Win Big with Lena & Mike yeah, remember who started the withdrawal pal, *whispers* it wasn’t Biden….lol

    4. @Maxwell Stewart Trump was only negotiating. Biden pulled out HIS WAY against his General’s advice. This is pathetic. But you still defend Biden after he left our soldiers behind to be killed??? I guess you never served, but I did.

  4. It was an order my trunk that was carried out by item so the chaos was caused by weather failures so instead of being children investigating everything the other person does for an eye-for-an-eye about starting to legislate

    1. NO! BIDEN left OUR soldiers behind and they were KILLED!!! His Generals had suggested a different way to pull out. BIDEN DID IT HIS WAY!!

    1. only usa rats thinked that backing mujadeens like bin laden and haqqani who built and help al qaeda to grow , will not backfire .lol,9/11. fun fact usa killed bin laden in pakistan another country who supported the mujaheeden,read operation cyclone

    2. Isnt it intresting that McCarthy is about to release ALL the security footage of Jan. 6th? Thats exactly what a guilty party would do right? Release all the information and let the people decide. Oh wait you still think Pelosi’s J-6th commity was honerable and not trying to push a narrative. 😂

  5. What in the let’s waste time in money to investigate air is going on? This is crazy. And this helps how? What’s the end result?
    The American people need to understand who they are voting into political office. There is no time to waste on political agendas that waste time and money.

  6. and another reason why Independents won’t vote GOP….. they are not personally accountable for what they say and do.
    Trump was too busy trying to grift an election to manage foreign policy.

  7. Start with the beginning, when Trump released the five thousand prisoners from Pakistan, and never pulled any of those people out of Afghanistan for 11 months that he was in office. And why Stephen Miller refused to vet any of those people.

    1. @RAD I got news for you they’ve been coming in since the 1980s. Go back in time and see what Ronald Reagan said immigrants. And while you’re at it you Christians need to follow the teachings of Jesus I would think, maybe read that their Bible you hold up.

    2. Not only that every president since Reagan has doubled the amount of border patrol agents, until Trump, and now Biden.

    3. @Gustov “I got news for you buddy!” shut up Gustov. I don’t care when immigrants have started to come in. The numbers right now are too much. I don’t care what Ronald Reagan said. He wanted cheap labor for businesses. And I don’t agree with him. I don’t care what it says in the Bible. Immigration policy doesn’t hinge on the Bible.

    4. @Gustov its intresting i didnt know back during the Regan days or back in the Trump days 2.2million illegal immigrants jumped the boarder. 😂 by the way, the bible has nothing to do with illegal immigrants not following the laws of the country. Its funny how you try taking moral high ground yet you cant even identify what verse of the bible your talking about. Maybe you should think before u speak

  8. Here’s the number of Republicans that actually care that the Afghanistan withdrawal was poorly executed: 0. And the number that think they can score political points: all of them.

  9. Why would they investigate. It’s no big deal when they gave the taliban 80 billion dollars of military equipment.

  10. Make the investigation public so we can all see that it was already in progress due to an agreement signed by trump, while trump didn’t even start the process.

    The question is, how will they spin it for the public? Will they hold out until they have a good story or will they just flat out lie right off?

  11. Biden is so far gone he doesn’t know the difference between the salvation army and the secret service. 🤣🤣

  12. It will be interesting to see how they react when all documents point to the military and administration doing all they could to mitigate the premature withdrawal because Trump foolishly made the bad agreement

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