1. @DecayingWill seems like a stretch to me to call an embryo (one indistinguishable from a pig embryo), a child.

    2. @Jimmony Billybob oh honey! Oh dear! Did you you drop out of highschool before learning basic biology???

  1. Seriously, wtf is happening? Did we really enter an alternate dark dimension at some point in the last 10 years? Things are awful to say the least.

    1. @Verbal Spaghetti Gaming *Thank you for the correction. And wasn’t pretending at all. Not sure who you’re referring to as Yuri though… be blessed.*

    1. @Les Bendo You don’t think if every teacher had a gun and was trained to use it that shooters wouldn’t think twice about entering a school

    2. ​@James Ryan Then why is everything and everyone that is protected in this world, protected by security with guns?

    1. @Magic Rooster Demanding the right to control the use of other people’s bodies has everything to do with religion. It’s literally what religion does “best”.

    2. @csm lmao you guys treat pseudo science as religion so you’re on to talk. This is coming from a non religious person.

    1. Exactly how unthinkable to take the life of a human just because they cant speak or protect themselves .. a life that can be such a wonderful gift to humanity

  2. 1:27 what in Elmer Fudd hell was that?! Is that what they call “a glitch in the simulation”?

  3. What if those women were raped by some extreme psycho, or something very, very bad would happen to them and their families, they would not be so happy and smiling.

  4. A voice to the voiceless? I didn’t appoint anybody when I was in the womb… Can I sue the pro life movement?

  5. “Down, let’s take it down
    Raise up the heads on a stake
    We will show no mercy
    On evolution’s mistake
    Change, will have to wait
    If we can’t decide on a fate
    Self-appointed prophets
    And a doomsday charade
    You preach about love
    And teach about fate
    But all your beliefs are still rooted in hate” Viking Death March – Billy Talent

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