House Set To Vote On Forming Of Capitol Riot Commission | MSNBC

The House is expected to vote Wednesday on creating a commission to investigate the January 6 Capitol Hill riot, which Rep. McCarthy came out against this week. Reps. Bennie Thompson, D-Miss., and Abigail Spanberger, D-Va., join Morning Joe to discuss.

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House Set To Vote On Forming Of Capitol Riot Commission | MSNBC


  1. Why would you vote against this? Unless your trying to cover up your involvement. Wow this is so disturbing.

    1. Because if we’re being honest, this is a biased commission. The reason against it is because the democrats and the leftist media choose to ignore all the attacks and fires set to federal buildings WITH EMPLOYEES INSIDE. If we’re being fair, there are two sides to this coin. Can’t act like there hasn’t been a revolution happening inside this country from the left on a regular. Have a commission, let it be fair then. Seems like the only “domestic terrorists” comes from the right according to these lefties. Not true. They label the right as terrorists, but the actual revolution is labels as “mostly peaceful protests”.
      Foh with that noise tho..

    2. Should chief of Homeland Security be the one to decide on how our nation was attacked? And bring those responsible brought to,justice and to guard for it not to h happen again,

    3. @hexalone Probably because they see the hypocrisy of forming a commission on this, but not on the BLM and ANTIFA riots that ended with a lot more casualties.


  2. There needs to be an investigation into the most serious attack on American democracy since 1861. If this needs to happen without the contribution of the main insurrectionists, so be it.

    1. @Chris ONeill. It is like one of those movies where the 911 dispatcher tells the person in distress “The call is coming from inside your house”.

    2. @Chris ONeill I think what Dani is trying to say is during the election 10% of disenfranchised Republicans did not vote for 45. Many of those no doubt left the party. Former GOP may call themselves Indi, but still very, very conservative which is giving a bad name to those of us who are registered independents.

    3. The Department of Justice should be given a blank check to use about everything they have to investigate and arrest anybody they want from the moment they find something related to the riots.

    4. @Montreal MUFC you mean they will unseal the records of over 200 black lies matters members and have a anifa and blm riot Commission ? Seeing as how they have cost cities 1 billion in damages ??????

  3. Pretty obvious MCCarthy is worried about the dirt of the republican party becoming public. No accountablity.. so sad to call people like this “leaders”

    1. I call people who help Terrorists try to overthrow our government Traitors.

      I can’t wait until this commission starts pointing out all the Trumpublikkkan aid the MAGA Chuds got from the Trump admins.

    1. @Aztec Warrior yeah, I see that. Things are only crimes if a non-Republican commits the deed and so on. Hypocrites is what they are.

    2. What is bad, Democrats wanted it to be independent, fair, and judicious, but it is still being rejected.

  4. Truth cannot be shaded by the big lie. The truth shall stand when men don’t. Facts are facts and can’t be changed to fit into anyone’s political narrative. We must press for the truth for the sake of generations to come.

    1. @Jeanne Lesinski democrats built the fire and lite it as much as Republicans did. Let me guess you fell that Israeli is the victim or that Palestinians are the victim, when in fact thier both guilty 🤔

    2. @Jeanne Lesinski that’s is my point, neither side will see how they are responsible. It’s easier to blame the other then deal with reality, that way they can sleep soundly in their delusional warped perspective of the world. No matter who they are its the same underlying problem of no accountability on either side, pass the blame on so your the victim.

    3. @Joshua Smeltzer Maybe neither side really wants peace. I feel sorry for the children in the middle. Once upon a time one Palestinian alive in 1945 came to the US where he told me of his childhood starvation in Gaza. I also have Jewish friends ready to escape persecutors at a moment’s notice because of their history. I cannot solve their problem.

    4. @Jeanne Lesinski only they can, as long as the anger and valance remain they will never find a path to peace. As long as out side forces influence, fund and arm both sides there is no path to peace. The saddest thing of all is the youngest among them are trying their hardest to make a path to peace and pay the highest cost. 😥 😔

  5. This shouldn’t be something that needs to be voted on. It should be a given. All the insiders are going to vote against it in the senate obviously.

    1. @The Lonely Shepherd your a troll because you still could have pulled the breaks on this by simply explaining what you originally meant yet your choosing the dumbest crap to respond to and with. Instead of addressing the core issue here and explaining what you mean and shutting me down immediatly and proving your not a troll. You choose to respond with that. A continuation of the spin off argument. Trolls don’t actually want to have discussions they just want to see how many times they can get you to reply.

      Prove me wrong. Explain your initial comments with out the use of Wow or trying to be cryptic or use few words or vague broad statements that can mean alot of things.

      Actually explain your comments and I’ll eat my words that your a troll. But something tells me you wont… meh who knows I can be wrong about you, maybe you will respond with actual responses this time.

    2. @The Lonely Shepherd whats your point? Or do you even have one?

      This started because you responded to me to begin with. I asked you to elaborate and you have spent the rest of the time running away. Run away little girl… run away…

      If your feeling harassed them maybe don’t but your head unto situations your not fully prepared to handle?

      And why bother replying instead of walking away? Its almost as if you like it =0

    3. For the record, it’s “you’re”
      you+are= you’re- not your.
      How can you demand my attention, when *you’re* clearly struggling with basic grammar? You showed me who you are, that’s why I chose to disengage. And yet you persist and insist on my attention, despite my numerous refusals. I imagine how many Women have told you no and received similar treatment. Learn to accept the wishes of others to be free of your nonsense. @deamonomic

    4. I think the only danger is The Patriot Act 2.0. We have no idea what wide ranging implications are in this bill. The government are masters at using tragedies to strip rights away from law abiding citizens. Aka 9/11= Patriot Act and NSA spying. Other then that, who wouldn’t say an investigation is warranted?

    1. Gonna be some great footage of sleeping/doodling GQP Traitors for the video reel they’ll use in 2022 and 2024 ads.

      I can’t wait until they start digging, and it really doesn’t matter if the GQP decides to unanimously vote against it. That would be a seriously stupid move for their party, but so was inciting an insurrection, and then unanimously voting against Covid relief.

    1. Even most of the supporters admit they were there for Trump and not Antifa. I think it is more a case of who started the planning and finding out was it just the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers, or did it involve members of each party?

    2. I don’t think just Trump supporters will be implicated and that is what gets me, it was not just Trump supporters because one man there was black and not a clear Trump supporter.

    3. @Mike Pudder that’s literally all they have. They don’t even care that it isn’t based in reality, they’ll say or do anything to drag Black people through the dirt- because they know “certain people” will agree

  6. Pelosi totally played McCarthy – he thought he was playing her, LoL. She gave him *everything* he demanded to create a bi-partisan commission. He still bailed. That’s obviously an admission of guilt on his part!

    1. @Sarah Shah thank u, thank u, thank u. So sick of this fake q anon audit. Even ARIZONA REPUBLICAN LEGISLATORS have had enuf of this cult BS.

    2. @Charles Bronson Really… the real Charles Bronson…I’m communicating with the real Charles Bronson?

    1. If he didn’t have so many zombies brainwashed, the GQP would have ditched them ages ago. Pandering to white nationalists eventually bit them in the 🌰s when Baby Cheesus emerged as the champion of their bigotry.

    2. I no longer think it is fear of the orange baby! They have the same mindset! This is the true face of the Republican Party! They are embracing the dark side with glee!

    3. @Pam Johnson The dark side is a pathway to many behaviors some consider to be…treasonous.

      This is in no way a new area of study for the GQP.

  7. Not only will a Jan 6 investigation expose who is involved in the insurrection, the election lie conspiracy will be front and center.

    1. @Now Now Because they recognize it for what it is…another way for democrats to keep this in the news trashing the GOP. It’s the same reason nancy had the national guard waste time around the capital….just so the slanted, biased liberal media could have a gate way news story about the “capitol riots” for the umpteenth time. This is Stormy Daniels, Christy Ford, Russian Collusion , just branded under a different name. Just a waste of time and diverts the news away from bidens blunders at the border crisis, gas crisis, inflation, unemployment, crime etc

    2. @mark price So you’re pretty much ok with the Jan 6 insurrection then. Maybe you missed it altogether. Shall I catch you up?

    3. @Now Now It’s gotten 10 billion times more coverage than the riots and looting that went on during last summer by biden voters. And part of the reason you and other liberals need to keep this fire lit is to offset the narrative about the out of control looting/riots that went on under the ruse of “peaceful protest” and BLM.
      Did you know there was 3 other investigations going on now about these “capital riots and already had senate hearings? Many of us see the double standard of coverage by the media, of concern by congress, who over looked and dismissed the 100 days of anarchy that went on last summer. And it’s even more an outrage that those who were seen on the capital floor(with no evidence all of them broke in…just being seen there) those folks are in solitary confinement while none of those who burned and looted their cities were held more than a day. So yeah, this is a silly stupid continuous display by nancy/chuck that they have control of congress and plan to abuse that every day they have control.

    4. @mark price Why won’t you just focus on one incident at a time? Besides, busting down the doors of the Capital while in session in order to stop the orderly procession of the people’s business is pretty outrageous and criminal is it not? Let’s focus… yes?

  8. 33 Benghazi Investigations, but not an investigation for this? The GOP loves winning the Crooks of the Year Award.

    1. Ben Ghazi was not even in America really and we had so many investigations. This happened in DC and only one party wants the truth, this is sad. Even Democrats wanted Hillary to be investigated for Ben Ghazi.

    2. @John Walker well consider there are thousands of BLM protests, you are correct..

      but Jan 6th was a singular event.

  9. Georgia Republican: “But it was just another tourist day at the Capital… a little murderous perhaps, but nothing really serious…. how’s that vote recount doung?”

    1. @Cheryl Walters Closer to stupid QAnon troll. Attempting to blame the Speaker for Trump’s siege of the US Capitol is as far-fetched as the government being run by a cabal of Satan-worshiping, child molesting, cannibals from government and the entertainment industry.

    2. @Pro’ se Kim You mean her laptop that was stolen by a Trump cultist during the insurrection?

    3. @Nick Lawson you mean her laptop taking during the planned riot to make trump SUPPORTERS look bad yeah that would be the one

  10. New American Justice system – criminals can determine whether they are investigated or not.

    1. @NoChance WithoutPasta well I dont disagree. Alot of the arguments I have seen on the right about owning guns is to stop the government from taking over. But truth is we are not allowed to own the kind of weaponry that could actually pose a threat to the military.

      In order for the screechers to win they would need the military to splinter and join them in the rebellion.

      But even then they still wouldn’t win in the end because neither side will win that fight. The next American Civil War will be a decades long affair as every country turns America into the greatest and longest lasting proxy war in human history

    2. @deamonomic You’re vastly overestimating the south, and how much of the military would join the Traitors. It wouldn’t take decades, if they actually broke away and started another war, it’d last a month, tops.

      The majority of the country, military, and our allies, don’t want America becoming a fascist banana haven run by Russian puppets. The only tragedy would be the amount of life lost against the FAR superior technology of the military against civilian militias.

      This is all assuming of course, that Russia and China don’t secretly aid the disillusioned idiots they’ve been creating with their media infiltration for four years straight.

  11. In any half-sane country Kevin McCarthy would be tossed straight into prison on charges of high treason, just for attempting to block this investigation.

    1. I am getting so tired of defending the US to my friends outside this country. Let’s stop the corrupt GOP by voting them out!

  12. If someone has done nothing wrong,he has nothing to fear !!! The TRUTH will set you free !!!!

  13. Grand Q Party : “we want equal representation on any committee”
    a few hours later after speaking with an adult
    Grand Q Party: ” we want nothing to do with this committee and formally reject all it’s future findings”
    McCarthy: “can i go hime now? i hungy”

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