Houses Demolished, Residents Homeless | Protests in Guys Hill | TVJ Midday News – Oct 6 2022

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  1. The government should work out a payment plan for those persons who are law abiding and not the ones harboring criminals. Some of those structures are permanent. Why citizens would put up those kinds of houses on land they don’t own?

    1. They could have put a mortgage against those homes built for the cost of the land, surely something better than this outcome could’ve been worked out? Where do these people go now? No, government don’t care about the little people.

    2. Are you living under a rock?…all over jamaica people just build as they feel now they will consider the consequences when they do…Is not your land lef it alone kmt

    3. @Nola B
      I get to understand that the only female PM Jamaica had , had said if those who owned home weren’t living in them then those who chose to take them over could do so. At least these try to build for themselves!!😁🤣
      So so sad to see the mentality of some our people!!

  2. This is trauma. It took the Security Force 10 years to do research and figure this out? Are they demolishing the homes of gangs? These appear to be desperate people who need vital resource. They couldn’t work out something with these people man! Just brute force them can think of. Sad, sad!

    1. They will all have to answer to the MOST HIGH. They will surely pay for their wickedness. I am telling you, I am ashamed to be a human!.

    2. The houses cant stay because they are illegal.The people building on these lands do not have titles and should not be there in the first place.The land has been taken over by gangs and allowing these people to stay will encourage the gangs to continue operating in the area.

  3. Well…are those same residents throwing all that garbage in the gully? What are they doing collectively to help prevent all that garbage from entering the gully? We cannot possibly be nasty and expect the government to clean up everything. Not saying that all residents are, but many of us are incredibly disgusting where getting rid of our garbage is concerned.

    1. Would you like your house to be demolished? If you were in that position! So don’t base it on garbage. Because the situation is way bigger than collecting waste.🤔 Sometimes I wonder why crime can stop. Our Prime Minister should do better than that. Smh so what do you think going to happen to the people who do going to buy the lands over there? It only escalates the problems worse for those who going to live there in the future.

  4. In a bid to get these lands for his colleagues and jlp friends the government will do anything, poor people always suffer at the end and as election come them same one gone vote jlp

    1. If this has anything to do with politics trust me, it wouldn’t have anything to do with the current party because that area is a strong hold PNP area.

    2. @KeepMovingJa that wasnt mention i listen to it and no such thing was said uno gwaan like andru a uno GOD them wrong its not a pnp or jlp situation they went about it wrong…

    3. @Fitz-Roy Pinnock all of little put in MOBAY was squatters land what they did was to allow the people to buy the lands they are on they could have done the same here… btw u talking about land all when u buy piece a land if u dont pay u land tax government come for it buying a piece a land is mor like u borrow it

  5. Knocking down these ppl homes doesnt affect the Gangs it more affect the ppl as they lose money and home. Why not regularize those who already start building and out a cease and desist order in place preventing anyone else from building

    1. They should do that but they dont care nothing more than they have some plan for the property itself and the people being on it would deter that probably will give it to some associate for farming, apartments, etc

  6. Greetings.
    Ladies and gentlemen, as painfull and upsetting as it was to witness the demolition of those structures close to Portmore, it was absolutely necessary. As a people, as a country we must aim to do everything right. We must be respectful of the law and we must not use being poor or being poverty stricken as a crutch or excuse to engage in illegal activities/break the law. Let’s consider the following;
    1. Informal settlements are known hotbeds/incubators/hideouts for criminals. Yes, we know they are on both sides in Gordon House and they are in high numbers uptown and elsewhere. But when we build haphazardly and in areas that are not approved by the authorities it is highly likely to have unfavourable short and long term effects/results example: flooding, poor sewer system which will affect the environment resulting in health hazards etc.

    2. Having a title for a property is an asset that one can use to acquire additional assets that can be gifted to your children etc. Hence breaking the cycle of poverty in your family. Why would anyone want to pay these scammers your money and have absolutely nothing on record/title as proof that you are the rightful owner of the property? ….that’s being penny wise and pound foolish. Think long term, think wealth accumulation for yourself and your offspring.

    3. Informal settlements often do not have legal JPS, NWC connections. This is a problem not only for the utility companies, those of us with legitimate utility connections are forced to pay for those illegal connections. That’s not right! This idea of being a good decent citizen and the concept of citizenship is totally ignored mostly by Jamaican who say they are poor. These are the same people who wear expensive weaves, do weekly manicures, wear expensive faux designer outfits and handbags. Such persons need to revisit their priorities immediately!

    4. With crime and criminality as disturbingly high as it is, we do not need another informal settlement where it’s difficult to police the area and provide decent social amenities/services. We want each house to be on the record at the National Land Agency where the authorities can legally determine/ascertain ownership of a property anywhere in Jamaica. We want a gate number, with well defined unobstructed entry and exit points (no Don to dictate who can enter/leave) – not some little crawl space or zinc with a peep hole. We have too many of those already islandwide and the government needs to start demolishing them!! Our people must desire, demand and do better. Many people want to move uptown with their market, zinc fence mentality. People make communities, not buildings!

    5. In terms of solution and appeasement, I think it’s reasonable for the government to offer a stipend to the residents whose structures were demolished. This is intended to offset the costs incurred to find new shelter. Those affected should also be encouraged (give an incentive…e.g. 6 months of complimentary NHT contributions) to start contributing to the Housing Agency of Jamaica and the National Housing Trust. In as little as 52 weeks many of them may qualify for a modest unit or service lot. And don’t tell me that they have no money, they do…I know because I see the lavish caskets when their loved ones pass, I see the weaves, eyelashes the Clarks, expensive tag to buy alcohol and party!!

    Also, the housing crisis globally is real. But the price of real estate in Jamaica today is absolutely out of this world – it’s ridiculous!! Prices are being quoted in US$ which only sketchy politicians, shady people and foreigners with deep pockets can afford. Many locals must start looking to rural areas for affordable housing solutions. And the government must aim to build more AFFORDABLE housing solutions.

    You see, when we do what is right, all of us win. And all of us suffer directly or indirectly when we fail/refuse to do what we know in our heart is the right thing. Don’t allow indiscipline and shortsightedness to further erode/ mash-up Jamaica.
    I hope this demolition exercise serves as a strong deterance to those who are contemplating similar illegal land acquisition anywhere on the island. Apply this mindset to crime fighting then we would have a paradise called Jamaica.

    Stay safe and be kind🙏

    1. @ZombieRage Howdy.
      All adults of sound mind must take full responsibility for all their actions and be equally ready to deal with the consequences however harsh or inconvenient.
      Wrong is wrong and we must not attempt to call it or label it otherwise.

      Take care👍

    2. @Everyonehxetezme Howdy.
      My friend, you are directing your wrath at the wrong person. What I think or feel is insignificant in the grand scheme of things. If you were to give serious thought to what I wrote you’d conclude that I’m focused on a solution, not the people’s socioeconomic standing. If you haven’t noticed governments globally do not focus their efforts on the poor or eliminating poverty – instead they use and exploit them. Therefore, it’s the people who must wake up and do everything in their power to not cubble up and romanticize being poor. I assure you I’m not being insensitive to their plight….that’s not who I am.

      Very few Jamaicans are born into well-to-do families which means most of us (myself included) are born into humble/poor circumstances. But you don’t stay there, you make every legal, ethical, moral effort to improve and live better than your parents.

      A major mind shift is NEEDED in Jamaica. This is just one example. Wrong is wrong my friend, any attempt to call it something else is dishonest. And yes, our politicians on both sides are dispiccable and a major part of all Jamaica’s problems!!

      Take care👍

    3. All said n done though💭….. Until all this “logic” is received, accepted n implemented, I wonder where these persons are gna stay until then🤔. just a thought 💭…. Blessings🙏

  7. Is it really that bad of me to say that the owner has more right to his land than the squatters? I mean, seriously think about it.

    1. you look on it as squatters ” IF U LIVE A JAMAICA ” every residential area behind it is a GHETTO all me a say they could have handle the situation alot better… look on the same situation in st.ann about 5 years ago the mp came forward and let the people dem buy the land… u know how had it is to buy steel block and cement… knocking down the house how the hell that stop crime

  8. Why are the authorities demolishing these houses, it is beyond comprehension. While, we know there are laws regulating the sector if people are trying to build homes for themselves, which the government cannot provide enough social housing for, then the government should step in to ensure the structures are meeting the building requirements if not carry out corrective measures, don’t just go in demolishing the houses, where do they expect the people to go. The late Michael Manley who set up the NHT for this very reason, stated at the time the LAND BELONGS TO THE PEOPLE, presently, even if you are a contributing member of the NHT you still cannot get a house. It is terrible, we are awaiting to see if the same faith will be met out to those people in Westmoreland who has be on the land for more than 50 years. So, according to the police officer this a gang issue so, if it a gang issue which he is certain of why does he not take the appropriate action against the gang why is he talking like a politician.

    1. There is a huge housing crisis in Jamaica for decades which is why ghettos formed and the practice of squatting is prevalent its even much worse now with how expensive it is. There are also tons of lands that are tangled up legally and titles for properties that are being processed for a prolonged period so I agree with you that they should not be destroying houses they are not giving people accessible and affordable housing options especially not in this era and with this economy. Its inhumane and very cruel. I do think however people on lands for several years should start paying taxes on the properties they are on as it gives them legal protection when they try things like this and they cant just push them off of the land

  9. The government should sell the land to the people and not breaking them down good government don’t destroy things for people in their country what are they going to do now

  10. Only God almighty himself can fix this situation because I’ve no words due to how I’m lost of words… Mighty God mi belly is so weak just watching these people crying out for help, yes it’s wrong to buy a land without any title but again it’s still wrong the way the government goes about it.. Where those people gonna go mighty God man Jesussssssss helllllp mighty God of Nazareth WI neeeeed your divine intervention 🙏

  11. Then government could have found another method for them to pay for the land legally, instead of demolishing their homes. What a waste

  12. THE LAW MUST BE UPHELD. Yes we empathize but there comes a time when someone has to step in and put foot down. Or what will happen if everyone continue to do as they please? Why do we continue to oppose lawlessness and then throw blame first on government? When is squatting acceptable? Anyone here who has gone to school, you’re taught that it’s illegal. Taking things that aren’t yours is stealing. The norm use to be, ‘we go without’ make sacrifice, don’t eat lunch, join partners to buy a piece of land or pay down on a house. So why is it so accepting of this type of land acquisition also land grabbing which is very common as well. People can’t leave their homes unattended, those who don’t understand the sweat and tears that go into it, but take it over. Why are we sifting out portions of the story that we want to create a hype about and ignore the known fact that they give rise to crime. Bruk down one night near to one of these settlements. These aren’t all bad people and they’ve invested. But explain how else to move fwd when everyone who settles on these lands knew from the beginning it’s illegal. They just didn’t know the authorities would one day really act, as we’re use to cussing out, and bad up everyone when we want, infront of news camera, when we’re wrong. We’re just use to breaking the law then demand ‘ WE WANT JUSTICE’. Only in Jamaica.

  13. How can people purchase land without having any legitimate papers and why did the government allow this to go on for all these years,it tough 🙏🏿🇯🇲

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