How A Country Serious About Coronavirus Does Testing And Quarantine | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

How A Country Serious About Coronavirus Does Testing And Quarantine | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1


Donald McNeil, science and health reporter for the New York Times, talks with Rachel Maddow about how China handles a person who may have contracted the novel coronavirus, with an eye on breaking the chains of transmission and protecting hospitals from being overwhelmed, and with a process that stands in stark contrast with the U.S. for its competence. Aired on 3/12/2020.
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How A Country Serious About Coronavirus Does Testing And Quarantine | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

107 Comments on "How A Country Serious About Coronavirus Does Testing And Quarantine | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC"

  1. I’m a doctor from SF and cannot, in good conscience, maintain my silence. They are censoring us and preventing the release of the following information:

    1. Masks DO protect. It is only that we have run out here in the US. The gold standard is N95. But any mask can provide some form of protection
    2. Testing criteria is relaxed now for everyone. But no test kits are available now so don’t rush over to test. Call up your hospital first if they have test kits. We are refusing to buy Chinese test kits approved by WHO just because that would mean a humiliating acceptance from Trump that China produces superior goods, in larger numbers at a fraction of the price than America.
    3. President Trump and his close advisors/family may be infected after contact with Bolsonaro’s commerce secretary, resulting in test kits being diverted away from hospitals to test them and their families first.
    4. News reports are censoring any mention of China’s successful measures at containing the virus. If you want to find out how to defeat and contain the virus in a SIZEABLE country (pop>100 million), read WHO Task Force in China Report by Dr Bruce Aylward. This report has been pushed down search algorithms to conceal the truth. Smaller countries like Singapore/ Korea are inadequate examples (but still useful)
    5. If you think the problem of corrupt government will end just because Trump is voted out, you are wrong. The media is the greatest influencer of elections, and they are not democratic, but owned by Oligarchs that push their own agenda. They distract the people with foreign threats while denying democratic elections to select their own CEOs/ editors. They do not answer to any court for slander or biased reporting or telling lies/ misrepresenting facts. The key to democratic reform here is democratisation of our corrupt media companies.
    Spread the word people and protect yourselves and your family. Be responsible and avoid large social gatherings.

    (I’m posting this on behalf of a whistleblower in SF whose identity cannot be revealed to protect him/her. This doctor is not Andrew Smith. Please do not get that doctor into trouble thank you.)

    • @Andrew Smith Exactly one week later, what you said have come true. How are you dealing with the situation right now as a doctor?

    • @K ok updates:
      1. Testing has ceased in California (and parts of New York) as kits and the reagents to manufacture them have run out – the true numbers will be much higher than reported officially. Do not come to the hospital for testing. Call first to make sure we have test kits. Otherwise you risk exposing yourself to the virus unnecessarily.

      2. Based on logarithmic projections and even assuming a total China style cutdown as of yesterday- logarithmic projections show we will almost certainly see at least 200 000 cases here in the US easily. We are going to be the next epicentre.

      2. In the coming days, expect deaths to rapidly shoot up. We are talking about hundreds dying a day. I know it is difficult to imagine now, but that dreadful future is arriving sooner than you think.

      3. Some hospitals already have run out of PPE and the government is forcing healthcare workers to work without protection. It is akin to the Soviets forcing labourers to clear up radioactive debris with minimal protection. It is atrocious and a gross violation of human rights. Worse still, medical benefits are inferior to Wall St bankers and Senators/congressmen.

      4. Expect no vaccine. We are dealing with an RNA virus which inherently has a higher rate of mutations compared to DNA viruses (already we know of at least 2 strains of the virus at this point – and this happened in the span of weeks). It has been 17 years since the last coronavirus hit us (SARS) and no vaccine has been discovered since..and even if it did, hopes that such vaccines may provide lasting immunity is doubtful.

      4. ” Cures” like hydroxychloroquine or Kaletra are not an answer (and their side effects may not justify their use). The trials are not done, and some initial evidence shows Kaletra to be not effective.
      Research on the treatment of ARDS has been going on for at least 30 years and no cure has been discovered

      5. Expect the economy to tank. Trump knows this too, hence his inclination to restart the economy as soon as possible. He tried to argue to stop the shutdown/quarantine by 15 days despite medical expert opinion. Doing so anytime within 1 month is likely to result in a resurgence in viral spread.

      6. As usual as with all corrupt regimes with revelation of their ineptitude and gross mismanagement, they will find a scaepgoat. Trump, Pompeo and his cronies would be expected to on a media overdrive to blame the Chinese and the Europeans (and then the Iranians and possibly even the Mexicans) next. Oh yea, and blame the Democrats. It is classic distraction strategy.

      7. In case you haven’t heard already , hospitals have run out of PPE. Please donate them to any hospital you see. Masks, gloves. All are appreciated and protect lives. Infected healthcare workers will set off the next wave of infections that will devastate our country

    • @Yu Chen look at the numbers 1 week from now. Note it down this number. 100 000.

      The number of infected will exceed that. Mark my words

    • @Andrew Smith 你的思维方式和中国人比较像,所以有些人会对你的言论产生质疑。

    • @陈宇 sorry I don’t really do Chinese. U mean my theories are suspicious Chinese theories? I don’t quite understand.

      Anyway whatever it is, look at the figures next week and see who’s telling the truth again. I’ve already been warning everyone for quite a while. It is going to get worse (despite what the media is telling us). We will see more Americans killed by Trump’s coronavirus mismanagement than Osma B Ldn ever did

  2. most importantly, for coronavirus testing and TREATMENT everything is paid by government in China. No insurance no copay nothing out of pocket… this is important

    • In China ,no matter you whether have social medical insurance or not. The ER visiting is around 5 USD (If you feel unwell during off duty time, you go to ER ), The pre hospital first aid fee is around 20 USD / time, the ambulance starting fee is 1.5USD (within 3 km), and the part beyond 3 km is 0.3 USD / km. Rescue cost of cardiopulmonary resuscitation: 15 USD / person time; rescue cost of massive hemorrhage (including rescue materials, instruments, excluding special hemostatic materials): 8 USD / person time.   

      The social medical insurance is around 100 USD (Company pay 70% of the fee) / month to get a 90% medical expense coverage within 70,000 USD a year. The social average income in major Chinese city is around 1000 USD / month

      In major Chinese City, people use mobile app to reserve a hospital visiting in recent few years, so people won’t need to suffer from long queue (Thanks for the technology). Even for those busiest hospitals which deal with more than 10,000 patients daily.

    • That’s also very smart to do. Because money may be one of the reasons that stop ppl go to Hosiptal. In some cities in China, in order to encourage ppl who has symptoms to go to the hospital do the virus test, the local government will give like $400 allowances for ppl who received positive result.

    • feeling necessary to update this. since china is getting better since mid Feb and Europe North America are going down, some that initially stayed in the US or Europe, Chinese nationals or EU/US citizens, are now returning to China due to their work or simply trying to avoid Italy’s national lockdown. So now there are 250+ imported cases in China. Most recently just came from Italy. Those people, who do not have Chinese health plan , have to pay the bills themselves during the 14 days quarantine and perhaps the following treatment. I can see that Chinese government is more or less upset about those new imported cases. Some provinces were once clear but now again have 1 or 2 cases because someone just returned from Italy or the UK…

    • @CLV Jesse It’s not the highest cost, but surely it is not happened on most of the covid19 patients.

    • @james Sean What a great success of great liberalism ideology! And another great story of blinded people.

  3. This guy speak out the truth about China, but not too many will believe him.

    • Yes,just tell that from the lady’s reaction

    • @World React I am also a Chinese civilian in wuhan. You would rather believe in an unconfirmed message than in our government. At least in this matter, I believe the efforts of our government. These are what I have seen with my own eyes. On behalf of my infected relatives, including my mother, thank you Chinese government. In the end, they were cured and discharged. All the costs of their hospitalization are free.

    • Molly McConnell maybe you should know a gvm cannot represent a nation in total.. you can read some history about any country… I am sure your grandparents love China every much~ right now, we just talk about the measures to prevent the spread of virus. You can criticize the gvm, but you cannot deny the effort of a nation or Chinese people. China is China, only Chinese people can represent a nation.

    • @World React where did you see the number 24589 from? where did you see “china been cremating living people” happened?? Posted by which “civilian” in Wuhan??? My father is working in one of Wuhan’s most centre hospital for this virus RIGHT NOW, and I can assure you the number of deaths (RIP) is real and authentic. Your statement is stupid and actually not even worth debating.

    • 国民党余孽就别在这逼逼了,你快看看你们国民党,在大陆干不过共产党,在台湾干不过民进党,你先人跑美国你就老实地在那呆着,记住,别戴口罩啊,要不人家歧视你,谁叫你长了一张亚洲脸

  4. the american government had 6 weeks to prepare. ignorance is a sin.

    • @Sergeant NPC sounds like you are getting crack news from Taiwan and English speaking media. China tried to “play calm” in Dec 2019, but had to quarantine whole city in Jan 2020. The disasterous outbreak in Europe and North America happened in March, at least a month after China shut down all cities. China bashing folks have a super weak case now, you only have to thank to those princess cruises, thousands of transfer flights with no basic checkpoint, and a lack of proper protection equipment for front line healthcare workers.

    • @文字松之 You’re literally commenting on a western media video pushing the CCP propaganda directive from Winnie the Pooh. Don’t give me this crap about western media when that same media called Trump racist for restricting travel to china.

    • @Sergeant NPC u r calling a foreign leader Disney cartoon character which is actually freely published and traded in Communist China. This is the problem with China bashing folks, always make sth stupid and weird s@#$ up to attack a fast growing military and economic power thousands of miles away for what? So you could feel slightly better about own failed political systems, or unstable elected officials? And to what end?

    • @Sergeant NPC Trump did restrict travel to China, let’s give him credit for that. But it was a failed plan to begin with. There were tens of thousands American citizens or non Americans who fled from China to North America in late Jan and early Feb through transfer flights. Their arrivaling flights did not show China, in some cases, not even showing any countries in Asia. They passed through customs with no temp check, possibly spreaded virus to more people at the airports or on flights, then there was no quarantine period after they landed. How many people are gonna believe you these are all China’s fault?

    • Not ignorance, but arrogance.

  5. America could learn a lot from China, but too many Americans will be too vain to accept that

  6. This is more info in 6 minutes than I’ve heard elsewhere in the last 6 days

  7. US wasted more than 2 months laughing at china

    • @Pub Comrad 谁规定了这是英语对话?youtube下面评论什么时候规定语言了?这是美国专家给民众提供医疗建议的地方,想撒野就去其他地方,真是跪久了烂泥扶不上墙

    • @Master Super China announced the new virus outbreak in Jan2020 when it could no longer cover it up. China must have known about the virus months before Taiwan closed the flights from Hubei in Dec2019. So, China must have known about this virus months before Dec2019. A good guess would be 4 to 5 months.
      This coverup is the direct cause for more than 5 millions people from the Hubei province to spread massively to the world, causing this pandemic.

    • @Pub Comrad Cover it up? wtf are you talking about? Your western daddy spent 2 months and still didn’t believe it! 5 millions people? Do you know what you are talking about? Fix your brain baby

    • @Pub Comrad Go heal your HIV first before naming it “Wuhan” virus

    • @朴萧圣 He does not have it.

  8. I have to say that a lot of Americans are just too brainwashed by anti-China fake news and propaganda to learn from China and take China’s experience seriously. American friends, we Chinese are not perfect, BUT hatred narrows your mind and will do harm to yourself eventually!!!

  9. I want to clarify one thing here. MOST of the Chinese DO NOT eat bats, dogs or whatever wild animals. We also blame and hate those who ate them and spread the virus. Eating those wild animals is forbidden by law but some people are just crazy.

  10. I am living in Sichuan, China right now, you can go no where without test your temperature, but there is no panic anymore, most city function is back online. Last two month Chinese actually sacrificed a lot to get this virus under control. During this time,the rest of world watched it like its somebody else misery,they talked about human right violation and foolishness of Chinese. But they do not realize that virus is not a human. It doesnt care about ideology. It dosent ask question on Quora before taking next move. Western media can not manipulate it existence by writing words or limiting its video views.

    • I am also living in Sichuan is like what you said but now I am in Europe I feel like no one really take it seriously and laugh at people who is careful about virus that’s really make feel said . What they think and do is just speed up the transmission

    • i guess they didnt contain it well enough to give it to the rest of the world though?!?

    • Thank you for telling everyone the truth

    • Thanks a lot! Finally something people can’t manipulate, yet! It better enjoy its freedom while still available to!

    • megha singh plz correct yourself, communism is all about control the people

  11. Finally, someone told Americans the truth..

  12. Michael Murphy | March 15, 2020 at 4:47 AM | Reply

    I’m in China. I’ve been here through the entire outbreak. I’m an hour and a half by train from Wuhan. He has his facts dead on. He’s the only person I’ve found that knows what he’s talking about.

  13. I am in CHINA.And he is telling 100% the truth.Not only the authority but the People here have a very strong will to overcome the virus.

  14. Brainwashed people cannot believe that is the truth of China. All truth of China are words of Media and anti-China Politician.

    • Yeah china is great guys. I love china. Especially how they have treated the Uigures and all organ theft. It is the best. I do not trust what chinese ppl say about their own country. your government is lying to you and you are speaking with false or incomplete info. ppl in the west m know this.

    • Then u need to go watch a video of the Wuhan wet markets.

    • @Yu G Taiwan numba 1

    • Absolutely right, the western media are the real brainwashed master but the most people do not know that.

    • Twelve 12Oaks | March 19, 2020 at 2:45 AM | Reply

      Anti-china attitude make people have no brain and eyes.

  15. colas therfea | March 15, 2020 at 6:00 AM | Reply

    When we know that a “authoritarian” country cares more about people’s lives and health, and a “democratic” country president cares more about his vote and re-election, it seems that you really doubt who is lying in the world. Language can change black and white, but action tells you the truth.

    • I’m Chinese, I’m telling you that you guys are United by 💰, China have 5000 years history, we know what’s happening right now! 200 years is really a little compare with 5000. Truth is you guys controlling by rich people.

    • @WorldPeace I did not mean China in my comment, I meant current Chinese govt/authority, its their behaviors and ways of rules at fault. China is a great country with great culture history and people as in any other cultures/nations.

    • @Mag Ocean You just simply don’t understand China and CCP or you just brain washed by western medias. I’m telling you CCP means all of Chinese in China, if someone blame CCP which means they’re blaming all of Chinese in China. If you really wanna know what does CCP means for Chinese I suggest you read some REAL Chinese history.

    • @WorldPeace Agree to disagree. Apparently you are also brainwashed growing up which is understandable. I am sure history will tell us otherwise. Just like dynasties of China empires in history. current regime does not equal to the country itself.

    • colas therfea well if associate authoritarian with “bad” and democratic with “good” u been brain washed since birth. The structure of the system doesn’t dictate if it’s “good” or not the people who are in charge do!

  16. This Donald is much more better than that Donald.

    • Achilles Z – When in crisis, people are unit to the leader who works 7 days a week to resolve. Yet, the media and you are nihilistic traitor. This is how one nation fall.

    • xiaoyi sun – I disagree. How could the Chinese govt let this dangerous virus releasing to the world?

    • Tien nobody wanna that virus spread all over the world, they lock down Wuhan, shut down the whole nation, don’t you see it? If keep complaining China will help us, then keep doing it.

    • Achilles Z – In hundred of years of Chinese government existence, they’ve made promises to help the people. Their way of helping is starvation or concentration camp. America have greatest President in Donald Trump who is working 7 days a week bringing down this crisis. Nihilistic DemonRAT Americans and mainstream media have done a good job as Chinese propaganda.

    • Achilles Z – Have you checked the timelines? The Chinese hid this from the world when it began in December. They let their people traveled and infected the world. They did not stop or lock down when it was exploding in March.

  17. I’m a Chinese.Some times I feel it’s so hard to explain to the western people that CHINA IS JUST NOT LIKE WHAT THEY THOUGHT. But now I guess I don’t have to explain anything, the truth speaks louder than anything else.
    You know what did I see in the past two mouths? I saw care. Most western people might think that China is a autocratic country (which is definitely not true) , and autocratic countries don’t care their peoples. But now we see , China cares its people more than most of the so called democratic countries in the world.
    I feel surprised when I saw such news as the UK expert suggested to let 60% citizens get infected to build antibody against the corona virus, or the USA gov keeps telling people that the virus is not as dangerous as we think but suddenly declared a national emergency after Dow Jones was off more than 2000 points. Is that all they care about? social stability? Economy?But not people’s life? Come on , People are dying, they are living human beings, not some tools that you use to develop your economy. I feel so lucky that we don’t have to worry about such things in China, the Chinese gov and Chinese people are doing everything they can to protect people from the virus and save people’s life, we sacrifice our economy in the past two mouths, to make the people save from the virus we built hospitals and sent medical stuffs from all over the country to Wuhan to make as more as the infected getting medical treatment , and the treatment is all free to all Chinese people , we don’t have to choose who should be saved and who shouldn’t , because the gov never give up even one single Chinese citizen’s life. Isn’t it funny that Chinese gov is doing as much as it can to save their people while the countries which always slander China on human rights are giving up people’s life. Is that what you called human rights? Civilized? democratic? I’m not even gonna say anything about this, ‘cause is too laughable.
    Thousands of people are dying is not a tragedy , but “a human died” happens thousands of times is. The autocratic , uncivilized China that you always hate is fighting to stop tragedy, and most of your Civilized democratic western governments are just stand there watching tragedy happened. If that’s what you called freedom and democracy , then I don’t need such freedom and democracy.
    Some western people think that Chinese don’t have belief. What I wanna tell you is we do have beliefs, but it doesn’t like yours , you believe in God , but we believe in people, so we care about people whether you believe it or not.

    • @Barry Subscriber before the government step in seriously, chinese people are confused and rumors everywhere and hatred everywhere, wake up, a country needs a government very much

    • Raven S. Liang | March 22, 2020 at 5:12 PM | Reply

      Qian 没用的,他们不相信事实,会说这是虚假信息(或者掩盖了事实);要么就说国内大城市的发展都是表面的,还有大部分人活得不如动物;最好的情况也会说中国的发展牺牲人权和自由,宁可要人权和自由也不要这样的发展。总而言之他们有一套完整自洽的理论体系,你永远找不到一个突破口去说服他们

    • Raven S. Liang | March 22, 2020 at 5:15 PM | Reply

      Barry Subscriber You are wrong to say that. Most Chinese actually credit the government for their well-being and they trust their government in its decision making. For the Chinese, the government is like a trusted leader and good brother, unlike the western world sees their government as being intrusive and has to be constantly under check (which they fail to do anyway).

    • 我都懒得扯了,爱咋地咋,反正现在国内安全的一笔,然后盼着美股继续熔断已经成了我娱乐的方式

    • @又白又大又圆 It’s not outside propaganda, we just want to tell the true stories in Chinese mindsets.

  18. Honestly, Americans have been fooled by the US media for a very long time. Anti-China is a business on Youtube now.

    • Juggernaut UCI | March 19, 2020 at 2:00 AM | Reply

      I believe most of rumors are made by Taiwan and HOng Kong

    • No. I do not think Americans are fools. They are so smart. They just want to crush down China by any means. Rumor and fake news are good one with minimal cost.

  19. Trump won’t like to hear that. He’ll be calling that out as fake sensationalized news.

  20. Sadly, most Americans would rather believe that this guy is being paid by Chinese government than he’s actually telling the truth.

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