How affective will David Johnston be as special rapporteur? | Power Play with Vassy Kapelos

The Front Bench panel discusses their take on David Johnston's appointment, the timeline of his role, and if a rapporteur is even necessary.

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  1. Johnston was a family friend of the Trudeau family. They grew up together and was a party of the foundation… It’s gross..

  2. What we needed is someone like Jody Wilson Raybould, someone with integrity and can’t be bought.

  3. Considering he is a family friend of the Trudeau’s, he will be very effective in the role of a biased Liberal.

    1. Also works at the Pierre Elliot Trudeau foundation, got millions of $$$ in grants from Justin…

  4. Affective describes something that has been influenced by emotions, is a result of emotions, or expresses emotion.
    Effective describes something that produces a desired result.

  5. He also Sits on the trudeau foundation. There also life friends. How is this not a conflict of interest??

  6. How’s Kathleen Wynne still walking free? I thought she would be in jail by now with all the money she stole

  7. Why would one unelected person decide whether or not we have an inquiry?
    Our elected bodies certainly have more of a mandate than the ex Governor General who has exactly no mandate.

  8. A family friend ?
    Absolutely ridiculous.
    We want a Criminal Trial by Jury .
    Nothing less.

  9. Having the least ‘independant’ investigator possible…. exactly as can be expected from our fascist dictator.

  10. Cathleen just underscored why her political career ended a long time ago and will never be reinstated.

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