How are Canadians feeling about King Charles? | New poll on King Charles and his coronation

CTV's royal commentator Richard Berthelsen reacts to a new poll about the feelings of Canadians towards the monarchy.

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  1. cant speak for the rest of Canadians but this one lost all respect for the royals when the queen died !

  2. Nothing against Charles in particular, but i think having a monarchy in this day and age is ridiculous.

  3. When I learned the royals had a hand in the atrocities against Indigenous Peoples I was completely over them. Charles being King is a joke. Watching their treatment towards Diana and now Harry, Meghan and children bothers me a lot. I wish they had no part of Canada. I also feel Camille should have no title.

  4. Not worth the effort to change anything unless the crown does anything in the future that would be at the detriment of Canada. It’s just a figurehead and we have such bigger issues to be working on in cabinet.

    1. @S. it would require a rewriting of our entire constitution with unanimous consent. There is a big difference between Barbados and Canada. Do you really think unanimous concept is possible?

    2. Spending over 60 million dollars a year for the crown is not just anything and I feel it is a detriment of Canada. That money could be paid towards our deficit. It won’t make a huge difference to our 90 billion deficit but it all helps.

    3. @No Info the cost of changing if far greater than than not. Time is money. $60M is throwing nickels to keep status quo.

    4. @J.T. Pilgrim I understand the cost would be a lot. However, the longer we wait the more expensive it will be. They are not just figureheads. They have caused too much damage to our country to allow this to continue.

    5. I will always support Indigenous Peoples over the monarchy. Especially, when they won’t apologize at the very least for their part in the atrocities.

  5. Why is a FOREIGNER in charge of Canada? Does this make sense to anyone…as in an actual Canadian cannot ever truly lead this country (CANADIAN PRESIDENT)

    1. The crown is not in charge of Canada per se. We are governed by our government leaders. They advise the crown which listen to our government leaders.

  6. “A new Angus Reid poll”


    I’ve no desire or need to see/hear what fished for answers to loaded questions(with unrepresented non voters) have to say.

  7. If he cared about the institution, he would have given up his titles and position decades ago. Down with the King.

  8. Canada could use many tens of millions of dollars for issues in many public areas instead of sending funds to monarchy every year. Monarchy is rich with many billions in funds, but we have to add to their piles of billions. For what? Yeah, I am going to get bashed by royalists here, as it happened before, but what is RF doing for Canada, apart from using more of our tax dollars whenever they deign to visit their Commonwealth land?!

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