1. Had the tables been turned and one of our air balloons entered China’s airspace, you know DAMN well that they would have shot it down too.

    1. Yes Alec . And they would have done it faster than we did. It just happened to wonder off course then linger over the US. LIARS.

    2. The USA flew U-2 spy planes over the Soviet Union during the Cold War at 70,000 feet. Despite what people may believe there is no international agreement to the upper limit of a country’s airspace. You can’t shoot down satellites flying over you.

    1. @Avoke Designs yes they’re very interested in your weather and destroying the climate so that Americans can have NERF guns

    1. @Keisha Monk Because this is a balloon in pursuit of freedom, it is wrong, and it has paid the price of life for it

    2. @980ssb Bearcat are you sure? the Chinese fishing boat cut the sonar of the US warship in the South China Sea and the US military didn’t fire on the fishing boat. You can advise the US government to attack Chinese airliners and see if your country dares

  2. If it really was a mistake and all… China would have called up the US and said that one of the balloons was off course can you help us get it back?

    1. I happen to be a personal friend of Xi Jinping and he told me it was purely an accident. I believe him cause he saved my life once, and got me out of the Hanoi Hilton.

  3. If it was really accidental and they knew about it, why didn’t they call Canada and the US up and be like “hey, one of our balloons flew off course, so if you see it, that’s what happened, instead, they say it’s accidental after it was spotted.

    My ex was a better liar than the Chinese government. Lmao.

    1. One possible reason is that they were no longer monitoring it and really didn’t know where it was, but I doubt that. I think it’s minor harassment by the Chinese. Anyway, China is not going to declare war with the US over a balloon.

    2. you american do not completly understand you face communists. ballon would be shut down befor reach canada and us. unless china and russia bolsheviks have a dock about crime in Ukraine of biden son

    3. I happen to be a personal friend of Xi Jinping and he told me it was purely an accident. I believe him cause he saved my life once, and got me out of the Hanoi Hilton.

    4. @Dwart55 Oh, that’s okay because it is the US doing it. The Soviets shot one down so did they stop doing it, no they just built a bigger and faster plane that they couldn’t shoot down, Hypocrites.

    1. @Jetmir Metaliaj don’t start bashing on our president. He’s done an remarkable job. Send your hate towards our adversary.

    2. Hint, hint: Other countries that discover such should do such to those balloons, too. 🫣😉😅😂

  4. The proper response to show goodwill would be “Oh our weather balloon was in your airspace, yes shooting it down is a completely reasonable response, we are very sorry for this intrusion and it won’t happen again. Thank you for your kind attention.”

    1. If it was a US balloon entered China’s space, I’m pretty sure Americans would just be as arrogant as the Chinese counterpart if not more, that is how big powers behave, always like that, every side needs to feed their domestic audience with nationalism.

    2. Ok, so I’m not trying to argue or anything, but the actual correct response would be notification that the object is off course, as soon as it was recognized that it was heading for a foreign power’s airspace.
      Hey, we have a rogue balloon. It’s headed your way. We expect it to enter your airspace in X amount of minutes.

  5. If your balloon blows off course, you immediately contact the country involved & tell them.
    You don’t wait until it’s found and make up an excuse.

    1. I happen to be a personal friend of Xi Jinping and he told me it was purely an accident. I believe him cause he saved my life once, and got me out of the Hanoi Hilton.

    2. If you don’t know, China is not a person. Instead it is a country, with billions of people, millions of companies. Why you guys always assume the China government knows every action of every person/every company in the country? That is a very absurd assumption, and I don’t understand why you and your media always make the assumption. Other absurd assumptions include `all voices from a chinese or chinese company represents the attitude of China`, `Only bot likes China`, etc. I have to say, the western media is very successful to manipulate people’s mindset.

    3. @Jago Sevetar No I’m not, but it’s not totally up to me though, what I can do is to increase the chance of my survival, I live in a remote mid-west small town, near mountains, waters, plenty of trees, few human, I think I have a better chance to be alive.

  6. – They didn’t say anything about the balloon until it was noticed.
    – Even if it WERE really for weather purposes, analysis of weather patterns is necessary for nuclear fallout measurements and more.

    1. My guess China is preparing to invade Taiwan. This was done to measure the USA response. I think Biden was a fool for not immediately destroying it over Montana and even the South America one.

    2. It sounds like a set up for justification to attack Taiwan air…..read china’s words closely: “we express protest against the move to shoot down Chinese aircraft on US soil/airspace AND reserve the RIGHT TO USE necessary means to DEAL WITH SIMILAR SITUATIONS”

      China basically: you shotdown a foreign aircraft on your soil, that means you have created a precedent for china to shoot down foreign aircraft on Chinese soil/airspace……..AND China claims Taiwan as Chinese soil therefore Taiwan airspace is actually Chinese airspace…..therefore China reserves the right to shoot down Taiwanese aircraft in “Chinese airspace”(Taiwan) due to the newly created precedent set by the USA that we have formally declared “china has reserved the right to use necessary means to deal with SIMILAR SITUATIONS”.

      This is crazy. I knew there had to be some other significance or goal to china doing something so blatantly obvious and unacceptable.

      It is to establish a precedent and create justification to their war goals.

    3. Yh well inform the country to which the “weather balloons” are entering first. I don’t believe Chinas govt for a second even if it is just a weather balloon

  7. When someone loses something very important to them, what methods do they usually use to retrieve that item back?

    1. @el plagai wonder if the chinese have ever found a u.s balloon- because it sounds like they have.

      in other news- a u.s. secret mission included strapping usb drives of the james Franco movie “the interview” to balloons and flying them over north korean airspace.

  8. *Right. The balloon blew off course and just by sheer luck, by a work of the divine, by a force truly unexplainable, ended up over our nuclear silos and military bases. A happy accident was all* 😂😂

    1. Interesting that it was shot down near Myrtle Beach SC because inland about 45-50 miles is a missile silo. We drive by it about once a week. And about 35-40 miles south of that is a small airbase. Their jets occasionally fly over us.

    2. It did! Believe that th gf Watts was in on the murders & the Hoodie guy & Dylan crafted all the murders 😵‍💫

    3. China’s satellites already know the locations of all U.S. Nuclear Silos and Military Bases ,…..and we know all theirs !!……🤔🤔….spy vs. spy …..it’s a game we play .

    1. Why shooting someone else’s stuff that was accidentally blown off course is an act of war . Just watch u shall see how far this “small” incident goes . Could b final war of the world . Sounds extreme huh . This is chinas goal

  9. “The whole secret lies in confusing the enemy, so that he cannot fathom our real intent.” ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War. There are more important things taking place than this – distraction for these events.

    1. @Reverend Boaz Also Sun Tzu, actually. The quote may be Napoleon, but the principle was taken directly out of The Art of War.

    2. Unfortunately, the enemy is us. The balloon is ours. And so were the ones during the Trump administration in 2019. Does no one remember those? It was in the news that we have domestic balloons spying on the midwest.

  10. Just like a retired US general has said, this has more to do with China finding out what an American response is. Truly “floating a balloon”.

  11. they think we would be upset if we had a spy balloon in their area shot down? We would just be like “yeah that’s fair” lmao 😂

    1. if Biden sent a balloon over China it would be full of classified documents so when they shot it down the documents wouldn’t be in his garage but they would still get the information and send him millions of more dollars.

    2. oh you mean like your spy satellite then you got super upsrt when china made a missile system to shoot down satellites and demanded it be made illegal to develop ?

  12. This reminds me of my toxic sister. “I’m gonna treat you like crap, and it you defend yourself in any way, you are being an a**hole”

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