How China’s spy balloons have avoided detection | CTV National News

Authorities are divulging what they knew about China's alleged spy balloon and how others may have avoided initial detection.

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    1. Canada couldn’t even provide its own soldiers with air support in Afghanistan; Canada had plenty of mefloquine for them though…

    2. @Youtube music thats the thing about teamwork, everybody brings something. we brought infantry troops and m777′ s which is artillery. i agree with you about the mefloquine…why in a country with no mosquitos do you worry about malaria? lazy pmed cutting and pasting recomendations for you.

    3. @Beagles are numero uno Canada promised its soldiers a 6 pack of cf-18s, however, for some reason, they didn’t show up; when relying on another country for air support, you get in line….

      “we”- You were in Afghanistan?

      Are you familiar with the mefloquine affair?

    4. @Youtube music yes i spent 33 years in the service. i always wondered why they told me to take mefloquine when all of my deployments were to places that had no mosquitos. its because a group called preventive medicine is too bloody lazy to do their job and they just cut and paste a generic recommendation to ndhq.

  1. They didnt avoid detection. They avoided MILITARY detection. Civilians detected it just fine on their ANDROID PHONES.

    1. So what? IT’S A BALLOON.

      Stop letting the fools in charge scare you into hysteria about a stupid balloon.

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