How countries around the world have responded to Covid-19 1

How countries around the world have responded to Covid-19


As coronavirus continues to surge throughout the US, many countries around the world have managed to contain the virus or avoid it all together. CNN's Max Foster reports.
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    1. trump is a puppet to the feds you knuckle head and wheres the proof that this virus is sooo dangerous hm? did the tv tell you to be scared?

    2. @Trae Thibodeaux US is banned to enter the EU and other Countries because it failed to flatten the curve. But who is allowed China, because they did and are doing a grate job, that is why not them but America is the epicenter. The worst Country that keeps failing to flatten the curve.

  1. Common sense things you know, the type of thinking we hate in America..smh we have become the idiots of the world

    1. Sorry, you were the idiots of the world looooong before Trump. Your Mindless Consumerism, Calculated Misinformation, Bubble Society and Propaganda Self Delusion assured that.

    2. Lone Panther… quite true. When they are raised on a Hollywood diet, told that they are the best as they have a larger military than the next 7 countries combined, told that their Constitution is sacred… what can we expect?
      Unfortunately for decent Americans, Bunkerboy has exposed the true US to the world…. corruption, racism, low levels of education, national polarisation/division… a population that would put politics above national healthcare, a government and people that can’t separate themselves from injecting religion into every action (“our thoughts and prayers…”), pay-to-play politics that mean gun-control is impossible…
      A view from afar

  2. Republic of Ireland: complete and total lockdown, social distancing, staggered reopening of country and economy over months, not weeks (and still incomplete), with travel at a local, domestic and national level both initially banned, then curbed, then eased, but international travel banned. Face masks now compulsory on all public transport, bars and pubs still restricted from reopening, etc. End result: infections and deaths down to single-digit figures, with curve significantly flattened.

    America: angry MAGA people shouting about their “rights” and “freedom”, as infections and deaths rage out of control.

    1. @Solstice of Snow The regions of the BLM protestors around the world do not correspond with the spike in Covid-19 cases. If they did, most major centres in Europe (London or Bristol in England for instance) would be showing the same kind of rise as Alabama, Florida and Texas but that is just not the case. Nor are the American spikes across all the states as they would be if the BLM protests were the cause. It is a simplistic blame game you are playing and does get to the core of the problem at all.

    2. Wrong. Much of europe had BLM protests. I went to several. ALL THE BLM PROTESTS FOLLOWED THE CDC!


      Totally diff things.

      BLM are already at increased risk of infection and avg age was prob 25-35 yrs old

    3. @Solstice of Snow There shall be room for idolatry. May all the statues fall before our lord and saviour Jesus Christ.

    4. From Newfoundland, Canada. We locked down, masked up and stayed apart. Just had our first new case in 42 days. It was travel related. A man came back home from…da de da…Texas. Thank you America.

  3. The biggest reason we’ve done so well here in Canada, is that we stayed closed until cases had gotten to a place where we could then contact trace adequately. Our Prime minister was very supportive, both emotionally, and financially not to mention when listening his daily briefings he portrayed as sense of security, and trust. The US will not be able to make a dent in the numbers as long as they stay open. If you can’t do contact tracing, you cannot beat the virus.

    1. Sherri Brawn the important thing is that we stuck together. We were terrified together. When the PM and the Premiers said we have a problem and they weren’t taking potshots at each other we knew we were in trouble. When they said we need to save the healthcare system we listened. We did what they said.

    2. Sherri Brawn whaaaaaat? Our prime minister was very supportive???? Our prime minister is f*cking controlled by China and scared of his f*cking shadow. We did good with covid because all we do is follow what they told us to, like slaves. It’s not about covid, never was and we all know that. The country I love, Canada is on the straight path to socialism, and after that will be on a straight path to communism. And before you realize we will have strict communism like in China. You people are so damn brainwashed I can’t believe

  4. I would like to think that the American’s have learned their lesson of electing a moron as President but I will not feel safe until I know for sure in November.

    1. @Jason Crosby “all our numbers were in decline until the riots”….utter nonsense.
      USA Covid deaths 26th April – 44,053.
      2nd May USA Covid deaths – 57,406
      11th May USA Covid deaths – 75,364
      16th May USA Covid deaths – 82,119
      26th May US Covid deaths – 95,863.
      You need to keep up with the facts and stop following faux news.

    2. Just love the comments. While everyone is arguing about fact/fake and politics, the death rate is creeping up again

    3. @鄭明耀 Americans will just keep fighting among themselves. Blaming each other ,Republicans blaming Democrats , Democrats blaming Republicans forgetting that they are Americans and that the people who are dying are Americans.

    4. @The Breakfast Clubber There are about 35% of people who will follow any idiot. They are called authoritarian personalities. They need someone to tell them what to do. They need a boot on their neck. To them, Trump is Godlike. It isn’t surprising that almost all Evangelicals and Fundamentalist Christians are authoritarian personalities. There have been studies and books written on the subject. The Authoritarians by Bob Altemeyer is a good one.

  5. Winston Churchill said it best with this quote,
    “Healthy citizens are the greatest asset any country can have.”

    1. N to think Trump tried to emulate him n other crisis leaders when he had his photo taken at the church lol

  6. It all boils down to the leadership. That’s what we are missing in the US and Americans are paying the price.

    1. @Newdark Neoss State don’t have to listen to much of the federal laws. The only time the Fed has jurisdiction based on the Constitution is when something goes interstate. So technically the Fed could take control during a pandemic but it isn’t automatic they have to want to, choose to. Best example I can give is guns. In the U.S. the only reason the Feds have any say about guns is because they are sold, bought, and used interstate. If a gun manufacturer makes a gun in a state. It is sold in that state. Is purchased in that state. Used by a person in that state. The federal government has NO power as to how that state regulates those guns. Nor does any other state. Only that state can.
      The meeting of unity I believe was not the fed taking control. But rather them giving guidelines to the governors of the states. They don’t have to follow any guidelines. If the Fed took over then they would have too. But for political reasons, and maybe budgeting reasons the Fed may not want to take control. And hasn’t during this pandemic. They have left it up to the states to do as they want.

    2. @Jim Patriot “That’s funny since Trump stopped people coming from China back in January,”
      acutlly no over 40,000 came from china over the next few mothns.

    3. @snoop alert ” yeah well you’re Obama bankrupted 127 businesses on the taxpayers dime” uh no. are you referring to the recession he inherited from republicans?
      obama had better economic growth than trump and a lower deficit.

    4. Not really no. If you tell people not to spread the disease and while 90% of the population are indoors, a few nutters go out spread the disease and tear down all the country’s history. That’s not about leadership, that’s because of a critical mass of nutcases.

  7. I’m in Italy, i was staying in my house in Northern Italy from January until early July until i could fly back down to my parents house in Sicily just a few days ago. One thing that was most important in our response, besides how rapid it had to be, it was how united a front most of our government and the medical experts took when giving out information. Masks are not a matter of debate, social distancing was not a matter of debate until measures were relaxed, hygene was not atter of debate and the seriousness of the disease, albeit it took a while for everyone to realize, is not matter of debate. We all know how serious this situation is, we all know what we must do and i’m glad the government didn’t politicize the matter. Seeing how bad and badly handled the situation is in the US made me appreciate way more my own country, our National Health System and our pm Giuseppe Conte, not perfect but definetly not the worst.

    1. Our hearts were so broken to see Italy going through those days. We wept with you all here in Germany. Your leaders were doing the right thing. Not to be compared with US leaders dealing with the virus. We can’t wait coming again to our favourite Holiday country. Missing it so much beautiful country with beautiful people.

    1. @Walt Schmidt Rubbish! We in the Caribbean depend heavily on tourism and just about every Caribbean island is doing 200% better than the US in controlling the virus. Trump is a laughing stock here, ya’ll got a dumbass leader who blames everyone but himself for the poor response in the US thats just facts.

    2. @Ian “Which poor country are you talking about. Do they have 360 million in their population?” lmao like india? you think that our population isnt taken into consideration?

      “Also, poorer countries have less infrastructure to test. ”
      that means that they would do WORSE dumbass/

  8. Trump: ….”and at some point, it’s just going to sort of disappear, I hope.”
    Sure, and at some point, I’m going to sort of win the lottery that I never play, I hope.

    1. And the deaths of all those working on the frontlines. You dont send soldiers into war armed with air guns; yet they did not provide health care workers with adequate PPE.

    2. WTN, not just ignorance. Arrogance played a huge role.
      It was perfectly clear that ineffective response was going to lead to a bloodbath.
      Congress was briefed on this in January. THEY were not ignorant. Instead of taking effective measures to protect American lives, they chose to protect their stock portfolios.

      Murderers all. Including Fauci & Birx.
      130,000 plus American deaths were totally avoidable. This is the blood that is on their hands. We saw how Birx cowtowed to Trump when she defended him after his bleach remarks. We needed health professionals who were willing to sacrifice their careers in order to protect our lives. Instead we have an administration packed with people who praise the emperor for his wonderful new clothes. Instead of falling on their swords to cry out to the world that this naked response is going to turn into a catastrophe. Fauci was on national tv days after Mardi Gras telling Americans that we did not need to change anything in how we go about our daily lives.

      Back during the campaign, Trump bragged about how he could shoot someone in downtown NYC in broad daylight and still have supporters. Well the reality turned out to be far worse. He has killed 130K plus Americans, and there are masses who still want him reelected.

      It is as though the German people in 1945 were shown photos from the camps, and their leader was still doing well in the polls for reelection.

      Wake up.

  9. We have plenty of dummies in Canada who, thanks to your president, think masks are a population control conspiracy.

    1. We had 10,000 people refuse covid tests in Australia because they thought there was a tracking chip on the end of the nasal probe, due to American conspiracy theorist too. They still refused even when offered the spit in a cup option. How that was going to chip them I don’t know!

    2. Mask don’t work lol, when someone farts it goes thru your nose, your still gonna get it

    3. @Lilac Lizard yes with respect Australia has a reputation of being xinophobic many are with India on social media. Is not all there are millions that think like you.

  10. I am German with strong ties to the US. I am shocked and appalled by the country, which always claimed to be the “best country in the world” and was leading in so many fields (yes, I am talking about the US). Get your act together right now!

    1. @Victory1981 you know trump alone doesn’t explain your lack of masks & ventilators right? They should have been in stock for decades!

    2. @Lilac Lizard He dismantled pandemic teams and pandemic supplies years ago when he took office. That’s why we started off with nothing, and he waited months after the coronavirus hit before he finally started to do something, and it really wasn’t enough

  11. Well when everybody else can move around the World freely and Americans cannot…I guess that answers who got it right…sad truth.

    1. Trump did want America to separate from the rest of the world. Looks like his wish came true.

    2. You have to be some kind of idiot to think other countries are being truthful, oh wait they’re, it’s just not as serious as Democrats think, November it will go away if Biden is elected.

    3. @Leonie Romanes American used to be isolation ism, but became global due to tech advances. We are worth more than others due to massive land. USA couldn’t develop a cure immediately, so it requires experiments to determine the practice that could cause a high chance for changing it permanently to remove the vulnerableility.

    4. The End sooo u think the entire world is behind some kinda global pandemic scam to help biden win? Even those indigenous villages in the amazon too? Geeze bruh

    1. Most advance Asian countries had done a lot better than most Developed Western countries on Covid control. Sadly they would not illustrate their cases, cuz it will make the WHITEs look bad …

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