How does Canada proceed with David Johnston’s recommendation? | Power Play with Vassy Kapelos

The Front Bench panel discusses Johnston's strict timeline to decide a public inquiry, and what happens after a decision is made.

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  1. So he is going to make a deciision on a public inquiry. When csis has already said they recommend one! He is suppose to be such a big voice and stonch Canadian. Yet he will shame the csis decision and not support the function of our own govt body! Wow I’m not impressed by him already!

  2. Does he have experience in investigative work or will he only be the name and how many will be doing the work? As our finance minister no basic accounting course. She is running the countries finances

    1. For the World Economic Forum. Because she sits on the board of a group of billionares, who have taken over Canada. Her grandpa, and Klaus have a shared alliance.

  3. He will review; determine there absolutely should be a public inquiry but will recommend that the PM and PMO doesn’t do one because it will implicate him in being complicit.

  4. Canada is broken. Time for the Liberals to step aside so the conservatives can start to fix things.

  5. Lol, an insurgency? Maybe CSIS didn’t detect it because they said it was largely peaceful. This clown doesn’t sound bias at all.

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