How Donald Trump changed the meaning of a political scandal

CNN's Jake Tapper explains how former President Donald Trump's many controversies changed the meaning of a political scandal, and how politicians like Georgia Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker hope you ignore their own scandals heading into the midterm elections. #CNN #News


  1. The real problem is people in USA take too deep about the random people talking about their thoughts in the media and they believe their talk instead of actions, do good,make your country safe and secure your worth. Do research your own and differentiate what is right and wrong ,don’t believe everything you see in the media believe what you see in actions ,wake up American and learn your lesson!

  2. How does he explain his son’s intervention declaring his dad as a liar, a father who did nothing for his family , cheated on his mother, and paid for one abortion while he later wanted to pay for 2nd abortion but she refused and he now has a son with her who he refuses to accept him as his son. If Georgia votes for Walker, they have a big problem. Warnock is there to help you, build a state where life will be so much better.

    1. @Carlton Penaloza At least you admit not to be even looking for content that goes against your world view. How you know you are brainwashed. ” I grew up seeing their hypocrisy, so I only pay attention to their hypocrisy even though it is common place on both sides.”

  3. “Totalitarianism in power invariably replaces all first-rate talents, regardless of their sympathies, with those crackpots and fools whose lack of intelligence and creativity is still the best guarantee of their loyalty.” –Hannah Arendt, “The Origins of Totalitarianism” (1951)

  4. “If a candidate is proudly, nakedly, hideously amoral or immoral before taking office, what makes you think that getting control of the levers of power is going to bring out anything other than more of the same if not worse. What makes you think they are going to do anything for the United States, or the least among us, or you! I mean, you cannot shame the shameless.”

  5. *It’s all about “CHARACTER.”* It is the predictor of a person’s future decisions. If they’ve shown bad character, as Walker has on many occasions, you can bet there are more bad judgements to come. Just look at Trump. And vote Warnock. He is an intelligent and caring man who will represent you well and not embarrass you!

    1. He’s gonna have an excuse too cause of his potential brain injuries. I’ve already heard him throw that out as an excuse.

  6. Surprised Jake didn’t bring up the time the entire GOP had a collective apocalyptic meltdown about Obama wearing a tan suit.

    1. And let’s not forget they had another one recently when Biden called the far right out as fascists, even though it’s a word the GOP has used countless times in describing the left

  7. The new CNN Tonight is clever. The no tie, not standing behind a desk, make’s Tapper more relatable. Also, the tone is like an SNL bit, except it’s not a parody

    1. these days even parody is a parody of parody. Mike Myers would get that. Trevor Noah’s departure makes some space. All that and I hate deconstructionism.

  8. To protect the American people and democracy as a whole, all candidates running for office should be vetted, be able to pass psych and intelligence tests and their tax returns revealed before their names can be included on the voting roster.

    1. I have been saying the same thing! They should have to turn in a complete package of all documents which would include psych test, tax returns for last 5 years, served in military, and knowledge of Government. You should not be able to run for any office just because you own a business, reality show/ personal, movie star, or athlete. This is why we are in this boat today! 🥴

  9. “You can raise it by yourself or you can abort it but I won’t help you raise it as a father.” – I fully agree with that sentiment, but then Walker says “no abortions.” The hypocrisy is staggering!

  10. This is an absolutely excellent piece. “You cannot be sham the shameless” is spot in. This video should be, but MUST BE, required viewing for anyone about to vote. Anyone voting who ignores the candidate’s character is shortsighted and idiotic. Moreover this too fundamentally also becomes a threat to democracy. I would suggest to play such a video openly in each and every polling station.

  11. I didn’t hear Tapper mentioning Warnock’s scandals. Where his own wife accused him of physical violence and he even tried to run her over with his car.
    Talking about standards, it’s pretty shameful.

  12. and Walker claimed to be an FBI Agent, graduated from the University of Georgia, then lying about that lie.. then 2 weeks ago he said that his mother just told him that her grandmother was a “full blood” Cherokee. she did not tell him that.

  13. Great report! I wish the entire country could see this quality, investigative account of events. You have provided us with scandalous historical information I’d forgotten about. This is one of the best reporting I’ve seen. Thank you!

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