1. @boston mass LMAO scares there viewers? With what? That there is no evidence? I seriously can’t believe people still fall for propaganda these days seriously how stupid do you have to be to believe the clown news network lol wow

    1. This mouthpiece slave is just mad and miserable cause FOX gets more viewers on the weekends with their reruns then they do with their prime time trash cast…

    1. @Mary Turner
      I’m having trouble interpreting the words of many today. What exactly are you trying to say?

    1. Pandemics don’t start as millions of people simultaneously falling ill… They start by one, then 5, then 45, 159, 1300, 50000, and so on. Which is what we are witnessing, more or less. And, markets don’t crash that fast either. Remember how long it took for the subprime crisis to manifest itself? You just wait…

  1. Hi Chris, I was wondering if the Covington case has hurt America in regards to bias and agenda reporting in the media?

    1. @The Duffman Considering the amount they were asking and the fact that CNN settled, the amount was likely significant. That said no one is saying what the amount was so I’ll amend that and say he’s “richer”.

    2. @The Duffman Maybe it was the doxing and the death threats. No, I’m sure your answer is the correct one everyone who doesn’t agree with you is a crybaby. In fact, I’m almost certain that is WHY they don’t agree with you. I wonder how many Trump supporters asked Clinton signs to be taken down at college campuses because they felt threatened… I can only guess very few since there were no reports on that.

  2. its a good sign that most people dont trust the media in generel.they think and choose for them self.welcome to the new and free world..

    1. Sure. You get rumors through social media, with no one caring to research what actually happened, nor taking any responsibility about the “information” they shared. There you learn that Trump is a successful, learned and polite businessman, that cancer is cured with bicarbonate, Elvis is alive and the Earth is flat. Welcome to the era of Idiocracy. (Take a look at the movies All the President’s Men, and Spotlight. So you can learn why now you know what you know).

    1. This guy trump says 4 wrong things everyone goes off you know we all have accidents or we could talk about the wrong things Obama said

    1. I don’t get why you made this about CNN. He’s citing MANY other different news sources. If anything, MSNBC is is worse for Trump than CNN, but Trump loyalists constantly go out of their way to bash CNN.

    2. CNN has touted the good economy under trump. Now start watching regular news. ALL news are bias, but cnn doesn’t flat out LIE. Whenever they make mistakes they correct it and retract stories like you’re supposed to. Sean Hannity has lied to the uneducated for his millions. He’s sold his soul. Sean knows better. He knows how to manipulate the angry uneducated masses. I only wish people would stop letting conmen use them. All politicians lie but trump is on number 16, 242. There are levels to this my man.

    3. @Larry Klooze The improved economy, the low unemployment, trade negotiations with China and an improved trade deal with Mexico and Canada…. all come to mind.

    4. Larry Klooze well the unemployment’s at an all time low, but you’re gonna say Obama did that because there’s no finding common ground with you people…

  3. 0:59

    “Many Republicans turn to Fox for their news, and for some the only news source they trust!”

    *Fox News isn’t even on the Lean Dem/Dem side*

  4. I can’t stand any news that starts their news with “new bomb shell revelations” then two days later it has no meaning and because they look stupid abandon the story all together.

    1. @none none If you only knew that the South doesn’t give a damn what ‘people’ think… southerner raised in the midwest.

    2. @none none I’m from the midwest and I don’t know anyone who thinks that the south is a joke. If we are ever going to make a difference in this country, we won’t do it by being divided. Lay aside parties, we are all Americans. We don’t have to agree on everything but, we should always love one another and show respect. I think one thing that both media outlets have managed to do is divide us. It takes courage to stand up and see people as people and not political agendas. I disagree with everything that Chris is saying in this video but I still love him as a person. I’m not going to degrade him because he believes differently than I do. Shannon Allen, you matter and you are loved- the Midwest

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