1. This is being done by design. Before Biden got elected, he said if he won, he’d “transform the country.” When he was in Japan recently, he said the quiet part out loud. He’ll never lower the gas prices… he wants them to go higher until we demand green energy. Our electric grid can’t handle the electric cars we have now though, so this summer when everyone has their a/c on, there will be rolling blackouts. Here’s what Biden said in Japan, “when it comes to the gas prices, we’re going through an incredible transition that is taking place that is, God willing, when it’s over, we’ll be stronger and the world will be less reliant on fossil fuels when this is over.” So, yay! We’ll be reliant on China. I feel so much better!

  1. This is ridiculous. Your big solution to bring down inflation is for me to give you more tax dollars to buy my necessities instead of me just going down the road to the store to buy it myself?? Buy in bulk is your brilliant idea??? We are screwed…

    1. Government issued supplies! Can’t wait to get me some of that GI milk and GI bread with delicious GI ham. Everything will come in a gallon tin can!!

    2. But what is your tax dollars doing for you personally rite now with the oil industries, for them to ramp up production to still price gouge & sell the majority of it overseas since we refuse to naturalized it..🌝🤔

    1. How so??? Blame the Saudis and Big Corporations. Gas is the highest prices in 40 yrs and corporate profits are the highest in 50 yrs.

    2. @Torquemada The Apostate how so because of this current administrations policies, that’s how and why 🙄

    1. @GETCHA SOME The US is still a top exporter of oil. “American” oil companies will sell oil to anyone at the highest price they can get.

  2. Just keep working on that “messaging” and stressing banning guns, abortion, restricting free speech, and making sure confused boys in skirts can shower with the girls in school. That’s what America is truly concerned with.

    Good luck in November.

  3. Well they are getting things wrong about the connection between inflation and hire fuel prices because if you look at 2008 we had very high fuel prices not as high as right now but the Inflation rate was about 3.5 percent! Also if you look at the price per barrel accrued in 2008 was around $140 as of yesterday because of what the Saudi’s just did to everybody is around 120 so prices are not matching the price of crude! But it’s coming down to one thing….Republicans!!they want these high fuel prices they want the high inflation because that is what they’re campaigning on for November so are they telling corporations CEOs to keep the prices high are they telling oil companies executives hey keep the supply low so The market fluctuates so the price of fuel stays high!! Because they just want to get back in power…that’s all they care about even if the country suffers!!

  4. The amount of “Let’s go Brandon” flags and stickers in my city has grown tremendously. They’re everywhere, on yards, cars, shirts, gas pumps and now store shelves. I’ve never seen so much hatred for a political figure.

  5. Obama set record high gas prices. Trump brought gas prices to lows from years past and then Biden comes in and record gas prices yet again.
    Anyone see a trend?

    1. @Mark Jeffreys this one did when he decided to close the Keystone Pipeline and restricted drilling and fracking.

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    1. Maybe a dud of a candidate who said he would eliminate fracing and fossil fuels, and the sheep thought he was lying. Lol

  7. *Everything reeks inflation in the economy…. I don’t know who, however a person desires to pay attention to this, you have to stop relying on the government and saving all of your money . Venture into making an investment a few in case you actually want monetary freedom*

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    5. Tell that to all the inner city blacks that were living from check to check to take what old bottle caps and invest those how quickly the ones who care you sound like a Republican better save that money

  8. How will high gas prices affect the midterms? Is that a real question? Did the geniuses at CNN have an answer?

  9. With the prices spiraling out of control it’s now almost impossible to keep your head above water .

    1. @Jax Stax I was doing alot better under Trump……. infact I was able to save a few dollars each week.

  10. I’m surprised CNN could quit talking about Trump long enough to acknowledge Biden’s epic disaster of a presidency.

    1. @NYCLIBERAL You know that poem that was read when Biden presidency began? Clearly you aren’t the type of person that poem referred to.

  11. “Up almost $2 from pandemic lows”.

    Now tell me they aren’t trying to make back the profits they think they lost during that time.

  12. When you spend years blaming Trump for everything you can’t turn around and avoid taking blame once you’re President.

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