How overturning Roe v. Wade could be a problem for Republicans

Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves gave unclear answers when asked recently about the possibility of banning some forms of contraception in his state. In today’s episode of The Point, CNN’s Chris Cillizza explains why Republicans are tip-toeing around the issue now that the Supreme Court may overturn Roe v. Wade.

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  1. If you want to ban abortion, but ask your mistress to get one, you might be a republican congressman

    1. This already happened a few years ago in the UK with a conservative politician, IIRC.

  2. The Republican vision for America is that the rich get richer, corporations pay less tax and everyone else just does as they are told.

    1. @Albert Green Sorry Al.Trickle down economics are the biggest failure in modern politics. Hopefully it won’t cost both of us our retirement.

    2. Trump lost over 2 million jobs and had one of the highest unemployment rates since the Great depression, and it wasn’t his policies but Obama’s policies that where responsible for the economic growth under Trump. The current inflation is much higher than it would have been had Trump not lost two economic trade wars, and had his Steel tariffs backfire causing the price of steel to skyrocket, and the price of steel affects everything. His tariffs on produce also backfired causing the cost of foods like rice to rise dramatically as well, the current inflation is partially 45’s doing, we would have had inflation but not this bad. As for the high gas prices you can thank the oil executives like Rex Tillerson price gouging due to Republican deregulation. And Putin. And a global pandemic- which caused most of the inflation around the globe.

    3. @David Guelette
      What you call trickle down economics is called something else in reality. It’s called economics. If a poor person needs money, they must go to a wealthier person to get it either through loans, investment, or employment. There is no other option.

      This makes them more wealthy which in turn allows them to hire someone to do what they need done.

      Someone has fooled you and it wasn’t by mistake.

  3. But why ban birth control? Half the people who are anti-abortion say “well, they should have used two forms of birth control.” It makes no sense to increase the number of unwanted pregnancies through limiting birth control to decrease the number of abortions. It’s completely illogical.

    1. Because an IUD is a form of abortion. The egg is still fertilized but the IUD prevents the fertilized egg from attaching to the uterine wall. If they believe life starts at the moment of fertilization, then using an IUD could theoretically abort a “life” every month. Unlikely, but theoretically possible.

  4. Yes He Would Sign It,
    Because He Is A Puppet.
    He Will Do What Ever He is Told To Do.
    Understand and Over-Stand This.

    1. “Understand and Over-Stand This”
      I like this. I’m not sure what it means directly, but I think I get what it implies. In any case, good words.

  5. Well, by golly, if the gov, state or fed, is gonna claim jurisdiction over the reproductive behavior of its citizens, then I suppose it could by the same token make it illegal to bring a pregnancy to term. And that anyone aiding or abetting such an unauthorized reproductive event could be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Now I suppose, practically, the thoughtful legislators would want some reproductive activity in their constituency. They might even perceive some advantage in promoting some genotypes over others, or profiling potential parenting ability as prerequisite for reproduction. In any event I, for one, see an urgent need to expand this conversation into every corner of its implications.

    1. @Kyle Ayres an unborn baby is not alive though. It’s still attached to the mother so therefore it’s part of her. It’s a women’s right to choose if she wants to have child

    2. @Kyle Ayres A newborn is not a citizen until it is issued a birth certificate. A government is constructed on documents, starting with a constitution. A citizen is not a citizen until either it is issued a birth certificate or naturalization papers. A corporation is not a corporation until it incorporates and files the paperwork with the government. Insisting a viable fetus is a citizen and needs protection of the government is like insisting that a dead citizen can vote after a death certificate for that citizen has been issued. Only weirdo theocracies like the Taliban pull in supernatural gibberish to support the law of the land. That’s what I’m talking about.

  6. The situation of overturning Roe vs Wade is that dangerous surgeries done by questionable and dangerous means will return and instead of saving a fetus, the woman’s life is in danger or lost. The question that has been voiced and not adequately answered is if the woman cannot legally get an abortion, who will support the baby into adulthood? The thing is that adulthood doesn’t necessarily start when a child turns 18. The human brain reaches maturity (adulthood) up until the age of 23-25. Then there’s the situation of children who don’t have people who can adequately care for and raise them. That situation is dire already but forcing women to bring a child to term then raise and care for the child until adulthood is an even more difficult situation. If a child cannot be properly raised and cared for aren’t they being brought into an environment that doesn’t support them and can damage them? To truly save lives it isn’t just about bringing babies into the world. The word life, in the basic term, means being alive, but having a life is about quality of life.

    1. @Darryl Dunmore Actually, it’s been shown that in countries where abortion is free and legal, crime rates drop significantly. So, yes, that study has been done.

    2. That’s why we need to start teaching virtues, monogamy, and abstinence again. We are a lost society, though. Probably too lost for that.

  7. Funny how GOP claims to be the “freedom” party except when it comes to this issue – let Uncle Sam decide for you…..aaah, let’s see – we call that hypocrisy

    1. @Jack of all Trades If you don’t like rape, then don’t rape. If you don’t like murder, then don’t murder. Sounds pretty stupid doesn’t it?

  8. Here is what the governor is thinking but can not state publicly. This law does not effect me or my family. If my wife, daughter, or mistress need these services we will just fly to California or New York. If the American Taliban (i.e the religious right) ban it in the whole country. Off to Europe will go. We will make it into a vacation. The only people this law effects is the working poor and they don’t vote for me so I do not care.

    1. “I have to push this thing I don’t actually care about at all or I can’t get voters to the polls.”

  9. Officer: She claims to have had a miscarriage, but she didn’t respond well to questioning so we’re taking her and her husband and mother in.

    1. A woman was in jail for a miscarriage in Texas. $500,000 bail. Then the case was dropped.

  10. It’s no wonder the Republicans aren’t talking about it, it’s their own constituents who will suffer the most. Teen pregnancy is already higher in red states. People are also poorer, so a lot of them simply will not be able to travel to another state if they need an abortion. Many of them who are experiencing serious complications from their pregnancy will be forced to simply die. And as blind and selfish as those people can be, having your daughter, mother, sister die because of this ruling can be a pretty powerful impetus to take it more seriously.

    I think it will happen, but I’m worried it won’t happen soon enough to stop the extremists in November.

  11. Part of why they’re being vague is b/c they haven’t polled their state voters on this yet.

  12. The interviewer is not pushing his question relentlessly and actually allows the intviewi to dodge the question and not answer.

  13. Gov. Reeves explains his stance as well as a kid explains stealing from the cookie jar.

  14. The effect this will have on privacy, and the right to it, is going to be profound and incredibly harmful to all citizens, not only women.

    1. @BJ Rosen First of all, those cases are very rare. The vast majority of cases of abortion have nothing to do with the mother’s life.being in danger. You are using edge cases to justify abortion as a whole. You can’t use edge cases to justify abortion as a whole.

    2. @Tony the vast majority of birthing people are, so it is reasonable to mention women in regards to this issue. I don’t recall them discriminating against other birthing people or saying that it wouldn’t affect them. They simply mentioned that this will have a large impact on women. Honestly, I don’t think OP meant the comment as malicious or discriminatory, but I could be wrong. It didn’t read that way though.

    3. @Bradyn Lotterman Ectopic pregnancy is not what I’d call rare. I’ve known many people who’ve had to terminate because of that. It’s also not rare to find out after pregnancy, usually pretty far in once it can show up in an ultrasound, that something may be seriously wrong with the fetus, the kind of birth defects that not only impact the life of that fetus once it is born as a human baby but also could literally chain the birthing parent to it for the rest of their life. That’s something they should have a say in, whether you like it or not. And I’m not sorry in any way to say that the life of a developing fetus simply is not worth equal rights to a living, sentient human being. It’s just not. Obviously we should seek to do things in as safe and humane a manner as we can if termination is desired or deemed medically necessary, but the person whose body and resources are being used for the development of that fetus should have total rights to decide whether or not they want to allow that development to continue. Banning all abortions is a terrible idea with untold loss of birthing human lives. Banning most or many after a very restrictive time period that isn’t nearly adequate for most pregnant people is a close second for how many lost lives it will cause. Banning it won’t make people need it any less. They will just end up dying in back alley abortions or with a coat hanger between their legs, and the blood of those many deaths will be on the hands of people just like you, who considered the complex needs of those living, breathing, sentient human beings lesser than the fetuses developing inside of their very own bodies.

    4. @Bradyn Lotterman As much as 1 in 3 pregnancies naturally miscarries. There are thousands of women who experience this every single year. What’s supposed to happen to them, in your estimation?

  15. He is not answering the question just like those Supreme Court judges did before they were confirmed.

  16. John Dewey:
    “Talk of democracy has little content when big business rules the life of the country through its control of the means of production, exchange, the press and other means of publicity, propaganda and communication.”

  17. I love how a guy who looks like he’s been laid a total of three times in his life thinks he’s an authority on banning contraception. It’s not like it’s Johnny Sins up there. If it were Governor Johnny Sins saying he can’t rule out banning contraception, then I think we’d all have to pause and maybe hear him out.

  18. “The law itself is the instrument of the ruling class; hence it is a logical impossibility for another class to assume power legally.”

                                     –Oliver Cromwell Cox

  19. Doctor: the pregnancy is putting the mother at risk, so we need an abortion to save her life.
    Republican: noooo, the fetus is more important. Let the mom go…she had her chance at life.

    Lol how is that pro life? And thats only 1 example…sigh

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