How Patriotism, The Kardashians And A$AP Rocky Took The Impeachment Hearings By Storm | MSNBC

How Patriotism, The Kardashians And A$AP Rocky Took The Impeachment Hearings By Storm | MSNBC 1


In this special impeachment edition of “Fallback Friday,” an irreverent segment on the news show “The Beat,” journalist Josh Marshall and comedian Chuck Nice join Ari Melber to discuss the highlights from this week’s historic impeachment hearings. Marshall and Nice discuss how A$AP Rocky became one of the stars of the hearings, and how the Kardashians even made their way to Capitol Hill. Marshall also discusses Trump aide John Bolton, and if he expects him to testify. Aired on 11/22/19.
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How patriotism, The Kardashians And A$AP Rocky Took The Impeachment Hearings By Storm | MSNBC

29 Comments on "How Patriotism, The Kardashians And A$AP Rocky Took The Impeachment Hearings By Storm | MSNBC"

  1. “Words can be like x-rays if you use them properly–they’ll go through anything. You read & your pierced.” Aldous Huxley

  2. That is why America are more powerful country, because immigrants bring their experience.

    • True the country is mostly German thank God we have something called operation paper clip WE LEARNED SO MUCH FROM THE NAZI SCIENTIST WE LET COME OVER AND GAVE THEM CLEARANCE TO MOST ANYTHING THEY WANTED so yeah immigration is good thank you U.S.A. or is it AMERICA

    • @Tim Gatte Racism such as yours cannot be tolerated. You have been reported.

    • Tim Gatte Ruessian troll GRU, or KGB which one are you. I know you are not a true white Germanic.

  3. He learned from his boss. Trump

  4. Trump tried.

    Failed miserably but nonetheless tried.

    • Maybe it is just me…. but I would prefer to have a POTUS that doesn’t constantly try to break the law — even if he is too incompetent & disorganized to successfully break the law — I don’t want him to keep trying on a daily basis.

  5. Whats creepy is to hear a white person saying play the race card.

    • So….only White people an be raist? That’s just stupid. And racist to say that

    • What’s creepy is what is actually a race card maybe you meant race car they go fast YES THAT’S AS DUMB AS SAYING RACE CARD get over it white will always rule the world and that’s not being racist it’s just the truth slice it dice it cut it like you like it but it’s still truth

    • White people we do not have to apologize for who we are I’M SICK OF IT

    • @Tim Gatte No one asked you to apologize but you should have some humility and your comment shows you have none.

  6. John Bolton should fulfill the moral obligation of his testimony of the Facts, A$AP! to prevent things from getting rocky for him, instead of him [only] promoting his book.

    I enjoyed this video, fun trialogue, quite funny!✌

    • And his hotel business, amongst other worldly POCESSIONS!!!
      He bought a seat to be an ambassador,for a million dollars,
      And didn’t get jailed for it.
      However, Jesse Jackson’s,
      Son TRIED!!!
      To sale a seat, and had to go to the JAIL/PRISON,
      The big house 🏠
      Not the WHITE HOUSE.

  7. I love this panel — bring back Chuck Nice and Josh Marshall for more! 😍😍

  8. Paul Thomas Shepherd | November 23, 2019 at 11:27 AM | Reply

    “Divide and “Conquer,” The UN Globalist love it and and the way the Democrat Party is doing their work for them.

  9. Kimberlee Pearson-Kinder | November 23, 2019 at 12:26 PM | Reply

    Just you all wait. When the bottom falls out, and it will. you Democrats will deflate and the wind will scatter you into oblivion! Game play over…………

  10. HOW on earth did Ari not bust out in laughter?

  11. Île-de- France | November 23, 2019 at 3:09 PM | Reply

    Dont just impeach, annul his role immediately.

  12. Île-de- France | November 23, 2019 at 3:09 PM | Reply


    👉 *Lev Parnas Helped Rep. Devin Nunes’ Investigations*
    Lev Parnas, an indicted associate of Rudy Giuliani, helped arrange meetings and calls in Europe for Rep. Devin Nunes in 2018, Parnas’  lawyer Ed MacMahon told The Daily Beast.

    Nunes aide Derek Harvey participated in the meetings, the lawyer said, which were arranged to help Nunes’ investigative work. MacMahon didn’t specify what those investigations entailed.

    Watch *”Devin Nunes Caught Working With Rudy Giuliani And Lev Parnas”* on YouTube

    👉 *More than $35 million of the roughly $400 million in aid to Ukraine that Trump delayed, sparking the impeachment inquiry, has not been released to the country.* 👈

    👉An appropriation with expiring status: Expired funds are no longer available for new obligations. Expired funds are available for adjustments and payments to existing obligations only and cannot be used for new obligations or charges adding scope to the contract. These funds stay in “expired” status for 5 years😒
    Lordy, this administration is one hot mess😬

    👉 *‘She wouldn’t hang my picture’:* Trump again hits out at US ambassadorPresident continues attacks on impeachment inquiry witnesses in Fox and Friends interview

  13. random commenter | November 23, 2019 at 4:49 PM | Reply


  14. Everytime! Haha MC Ari

  15. Joanna Brinkley | November 23, 2019 at 7:43 PM | Reply

    I’m guessing Holmes won’t be at the Nov 27th Show?

    Most folks just salute the flag or simply-hand over 💙=there’s no “escape plan” for the Stars and Stripes! Scratch that, I stand corrected, the “safe word” is IMPEACH✌🏻🇺🇸
    My heart swells with these folks representing The States-I wanna be Yovanovitch or Hill when I grow up!

    Star Talk-is it anything like PBS-keep looking ☝️let’s talk about the Pleiades 🌌

  16. Håkan Bråkan Kråkan | November 23, 2019 at 7:45 PM | Reply

    As a Swede, I am glad that things happening here unintentionally could help.
    Trump also tried to push our PM to do things illegal here. No QPQ though. Asking the PM for releasing A$AP from jail. Our PM isn’t even allowed to express an opinion about a specific juridical case. It would be an impeachable act. That Sundland as an Ambassador hadn’t researched this, makes him a fool.
    Then planning to play the “race card” is as ridiculous, as we have accepted among the most refugees per capita of all EU nations.
    Trump & Co should know that in a PM-system, the PM often has no powers on his own. The Government also doesn’t have very much powers. But the Parliament have almost all. And no… the King has also no power… he isn’t even allowed to vote.

  17. I am from Japan and can see America from outside which gives thorough assessments. I live in America so such people will never betray own country however, Trump did.

  18. Listen up libs….
    According to new confirmed evidence, Hillary Clinton, who was given the authority, by Obama, to decide on needed action during the Benghazi attack knew that there was still time to rescue, but still SS Clinton/State Department issued a “do not rescue” knowing full well there was time. NOT simply the order to “stand down” admitted to, but, rather a “do not rescue” order, knowing there was still time to rescue, AND THAT friends makes her (someone) guilty of murder because she/they knew there was time left to save Christopher Stevens and the three others, but Hillary, or someone, allowed them to be killed, MURDER!!

  19. MSLSD is on dope, ratings dope.

  20. Family of Benghazi victim killed says new evidence shows it was clearly murder.

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