How significant will the indictment of ex-president Donald Trump actually be?

CTV's Joy Malbon breaks down the reports of the New York grand jury voting to indict former U.S. president Donald Trump.

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    1. ​@GoHabs 89

      Maybe he should have studied Justin on how to accept bags of money from the PRC. 🙃

    1. @Anna Pheby  Record Inflation, housing crisis, drug crisis, Ukraine is losing the war, high food prices, banks are collapsing…

  1. I’m sure arresting and imprisoning the leader of the opposition party will have zero negative consequences!

    I mean I’m sure countries around the world will definitely take the USA’s criticism of how other countries run their elections seriously from this day forward!

  2. Imagine if they would investigate the biden family what they would find.they ignored the laptop

  3. Certain factions will utilize any means to proliferate their agendas. History has shown , on many occasions, these events can have the opposite effect.

    1. Yes, obviously! That’s why they’re doing it. The people’s champion and now a persecuted martyr – there’s no way he can lose the election this time.

  4. im not a fan of trump but anyone with a brain knows this is a BAD day for democracy. might not even be a democracy anymore. we’ll be seeing more of this to come with political opposition.

  5. This is the least of his evils. Perhaps the worst of his evils is how he brainwashes his followers, many of which evidently need someone that pretends to care about them.

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