How To Keep Kids Safe From Covid As They Go Back To School

One of the biggest concerns moving as kids return to school with the Delta variant surge, is how to keep them safe from Covid-19. We discuss what needs to be done with our public health expert Dr. Irwin Redlener.
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    1. Why don’t you care about children with pre-existing health conditions? Do they not matter? I thought all lives matter.

    2. @Sarah F. 4.2 everyone promoting the Covid19 US Military’s bioweapon will be executed for crimes against humanity.

  1. Thank you, Dr. Redlener……❤️Dr. Doom at the moment, but that’s not on you! Thank you for being out there speaking truth this whole time to people who don’t want to hear it, or who ignore it. Courageous and consistent, you pull no punches❤️🤓😷

    1. This news media just tried to make doctors look, standing together to protest in the betterment of America 🇺🇸 and its citizens look like they are lying yet YOU, TRIED TO MAKE IT POLITICAL? Against 1 governor? All was a lie and 2 days later the video has been deleted. As a freedom loving and God fearing American…..HOW DARE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! Millions seen and Millions will never forget your fakeness…..🖕

  2. Schools should have never closed. Had schools stayed open since March 2020, we’d be done with this pandemic by now.

  3. I have three and half years old who will start JK in September here in Toronto. I am thinking about delaying until after the new year.

    1. I’m not going to lie. I find the fact that conservatives are homeschooling their children in blue States while liberals are homeschooling their children in red States kind of funny. Maybe everyone should just homeschool, LOL!

    2. Why? Vaccinated people are spreading the virus. In Massachusetts where we have 64% of people vaccinated. Yet in July 74% of cases were vaccinated people. This is because often times you become asymptotic. But since the vaccine doesn’t work, you can still spread it. So basically you are spreading it without knowing. Where as a unvaccinated person will know they have it so they can stay home and not unknowingly spread the virus. And this is coming from my sister, who works at Beth Israel, the 3rd best hospital in the world. Science, not politics.

    1. Why?
      Because they are giving parents the option to place that pseudo protective thing on kids faces?
      If you “followed the science” you would know that the kids don’t get severely sick. Less than 400 deaths out of 70+ million kids. And that’s according to your ever so trusted CDC.

    2. @Ja Loux They don’t care about the science. They’re just worried about their agenda. All the science has gone to show none of what we are doing works, including the vaccines. They don’t care. They’re just going to keep bowing down anyways.

    1. You’re so misinformed. The vaccinated are SPREADING the virus because they’re asymptotic often times. Most states covid cases are all vaccinated people cause they go out and spread it and have no clue they’re doing so. Your vaccinated children are more dangerous!!!!! An unvaccinated child can stay home and wait it out till the feel better and not spread it!!!!

    2. @No Show Joe asymptomatic carriers and general stupidity and refusal to admit the virus exists and is serious is why there are masks mandates, dude.

  4. Everyone Injecting children with the HIV Covid19, US Military’s bioweapon will be executed for crimes against humanity.

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