How to make the fluffiest pancakes for Mother's Day | Problem Solved 1

How to make the fluffiest pancakes for Mother’s Day | Problem Solved


Make mom proud with some clever ideas for Mother's Day.

PROBLEM SOLVED, featuring Kristopher Juniel, shares the surprisingly simple solutions to life's common problems. These aren't just hacks. They're helpful techniques you can use every day. Check back every week for more clever, simple and inspiring solutions.

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  1. Yum ! … I’m going to have to check that out but I also heard decades ago from someone’s mom who was from Germany and she made the best pancakes … a little bit of flat beer in the batter .

  2. Btw , let’s said you needed super fluffy egg whites like a meringue for example … the way they did it in the old days was not to whip them in that kind of bowl but instead it had to be COPPER made them fluff up even more .

  3. How to make the best pancakes for mom: Don’t make them, your mom would rather have a new smartphone these days.

  4. I Love Pan Cakes!! I Make My Pan Cakes Like Perkins Pan Cakes!! And I Hop Pan Cake House.. Put I Didn’t Know That A Drop Of Bleach Can Prolong Garden Plants And Grass As Well.. Nice Video.

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