How To Reach Out To The Vaccine Hesitant And Convince Them To Get The Shot 1

How To Reach Out To The Vaccine Hesitant And Convince Them To Get The Shot


Denise Taylor, clinic operations manager for the Delta Health Center in Mound Bayou, Mississippi, talks about the techniques she has used to convince hundreds of people to get vaccinated against Covid, talking with people in person, individually in their own communities.
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  1. There is no “vaccine hesitancy”- there are people refusing this *specific* vaccine for various reasons.



      *Literally Kamala Harris*

    2. @George Lux and who exactly decides what “misinformation” is??? There are medical experts/scientist who have given opinions that are the opposite of the other’s opinion! Both sides have shown “facts” about the vaccine.. Democrats want everyone to think that they are right.. fake Fauci is the one we should listen to… we’ll guess what?? The only misinformation, in my opinion, is given by Biden and the rest of the clowns that work for him so those are the ones that I CHOOSE not to believe and no one can tell me otherwise!

  2. Just so I’m on the list officially, I will not be taking these “vaccines” under any circumstances and there is nothing you can do about it

    1. How come it didn’t die 45 years ago when the Church Committee hearings exposed Operation Mockingbird, where the CIA was planting operatives in the MSM?

    1. @Rich Thompson Precisely. This pushy method has never been seen in our history so it’s so suspicious we’re seeing it now. I’m so confused how people advocating for this truly feel daddy government genuinely care whether they live or die, we’re their guinea pigs.

    2. @Humachine that’s exactly what we are if this vaccine doesn’t prevent you from getting the virus I feel it has another purpose. Look at dark horse youtube chanel they talk about some of the side effects that the media doesn’t talk about and how 48 hrs after getting the vaccine is concentrates in the ovaries and bone marrow.

    3. @Rich Thompson that makes 0 sense. Viruses depend on spreading between humans to survive. If we the people used our nation’s massive unprecedented wealth to stay apart for a few weeks then we could eliminate the common cold/ flu. Thousands die every year from communicable diseases.. it doesn’t have to be this way.

    4. @Humachine Are you very very new to this planet? War has been around forever.. People always sacrifice their freedom for security during wars. The deadly enemy is just microscopic this time.

    5. @Rich Thompson did you really just recommend a media source and then claim that the media talks about how the media doesn’t talk about side effects?? That’s.. um.. idk what to say to that tbh..

  3. Ah, the State Media using some loud blatt woman to tell me to take a poison cocktail…I am gonna just go ahead and pass on that, comrades.

  4. My Body My Choice. Despite the media blasting The Wolf is comming . I have nor seen any evidence . Just a bunch of words

  5. I am over 60 years old, live in metro Detroit, never wore the mask, never vaccinated and still haven’t gotten sick from covid. No need for the vaccines because my immune system works better than any vaccine

    1. Same here I had a bartender serving me who was sick he thought it was something he ate turns out it was covid I never got sick and he isn’t healthy and he said it was like a cold

    1. Yeah, like worse the the virus itself. Unless of course you lie about the death count like they have been doing. Everyone in 2020 who dies, was practically labelled as a covid death. Complete propaganda!!!

  6. Speaking of covid, our little cowardly losers from TX were JUST
    found to be positive! I guess their ‘mask delete plane charter’ didn’t
    quite work out for them. Maybe now they’ll be forced to stay home
    so the actual TX legislators can get the work done.

  7. I hope she takes responsibility when the same people she convinced to take this poison have problems.

    1. @kohl cooke YET! Ever watch TV late at night and see all the commercials suing medicine? This isn’t even FDA approved!

    2. @kohl cooke no problems yet? Wow on a BRAND NEW vaccine? Where there hasn’t even been enough time to Study side effects and long term effects?

      And you just took it even though Covid is 99.97% Survivable?

      And you would be Immunized from getting Covid in the first place?

      Genius Plan.

      Guess who had Covid 19
      Me, guess what happened?
      Did I take a vaccine? Nope

      Is getting Covid dangerous to me in ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM?

      All I’ve seen are people having Reactions to the Vaccine

      What do you THINK would happen if you take something brand new that has only existed for a year and is LITERALLY LISTED BY THE FDA AS EXPERIMENTAL EMERGENCY USE ONLY?

      Lmfao nothing happens to people getting sick with Covid.

      80% of the deaths had CO MORBIDITIES and the hospitals listed them as Covid 19 deaths to secure more funding

      99.97% survival rate

      I wouldn’t even take the Covid 19 vaccine if it was just 99.00% survival

      In fact, the virus would ACTUALLY HAVE TO BE DEADLY TO MOST NORMAL HEALTHY PEOPLE, Which it isn’t.

      I’m 26, nobody my age is getting touched by Covid 19 unless they’re Obese or Immuno Compromised.

      So EVERYDAY NORMAL PEOPLE aren’t at risk

  8. The 9 most frightening words in the world are “I’m from the government and I’m here to help” Ronald Reagan

    1. so you’d rather die from covid because your liberty says “I can do what I want” when you’re 60 instead of living another 20 years with your family? you bet I dont understand that

  9. You know how to NOT reach them?

    Call it the “virus of the unvaccinated”

  10. I would take the vaccine when more than 80% of the WHO, CDC and the US military takes the jab. If not, bug off…

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